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Wondering why this looks different to the rest of my site?  Apologies, but Original Kink haven’t yet transferred all the content across from my old site - so I’ve popped this in here as a stopgap until they are able to complete it.  They can do a much better job than I could!

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Greetings from warm and sunny London!

It's been a while - I've been super busy so far this year, I've been to Australia, skiing in St Anton, a week in Berlin learning rope suspension, and I've had the screening of the first scene of the movie I worked on last year, just to name a few things that have been keeping me occupied!.

So anyway, since the sun it out, I thought I'd give just a few of my devoted worshippers a very special treat! 

** Only for the first 5 kinksters - book a session for July and I'm offering £100 per hour, minimum 2 hours, and the tribute must be paid in full up front.  Strictly limited, don't miss out.... (does not apply to Bondassage sessions).

Must fly, I have a huge day tomorrow :)

Later, my pets!

Goddess Cleo x

Friday 21 November 2014

Hi Kinky Pets

I have a special event to announce!  On Sunday 23rd November Princess April (Miss April Kaye) and I are offering double Cam sessions all afternoon and evening, so we will be starting from 3pm and going until quite late.  Pop by and say hello, you'll find us on AdultWork or email me for details or CLICK HERE to pre-book some time with us - we will be available for group or private cam sessions.

Miss April is one of, if not the world's premier Fetish Cam Model and Dominatrix.  If you haven't already heard of her, you may find more information on her HERE.

In other news....

I have limited availability for sessions between now and Monday 15 September when I head back to Australia for Christmas with my family (first time in 3 years) and New Years in Sydney with my close circle of friends.  If you wish to book a session before I leave, you will need to get in pretty quickly as my time is booking up fast.  See my Diary page for when I'm available to conduct sessions, and text or email me to arrange. I will be available for cam sessions as well, so keep checking back for my availability.

My availability between 17-31 December - Cam sessions in the evening (UK) and realtime sessions in Sydney, but please refer to my Diary page for more details.


Goddess Cleo

Miss April Kaye and Goddess Cleo - Torture Garden Halloween Ball 1-2014

Monday 22 September 2014

Hi All

So it's my birthday next week (hasn't that come around fast!) and a few people have been asking what I'd like for my birthday.... If anything, then actually a contribution towards my trip back to Australia for Christmas to see my family would be most appreciated... 

Also, things are beginning to ramp up on a project I've been working on - go check it out!

The next strap on party dates have been announced - 3pm Thursday 30 October, and 7.30pm Thursday 30 October (yes, two on the one day!).  More details available at

Hopefully my next update won't take so long!

Yours in kink

Goddess Cleo

Monday 14 July 2014

Hi All

Wow what a July - I've been busy! Want to see what I've been up to?  Click HERE to see my latest collaboration :)


Goddess Cleo

Sunday 22 June 2014

Special thanks goes out to my wonderful admirer who bought the Erostek for me - I love it!

We are running another big Strap On event next month, details have been released :)  12 Dominas in attendance, it promises to be a big 'un!

SPECIAL EVENT - Strap-On Party, Monday 21 July 2014

On the evening of Monday 21 July, Dominas Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Von Medisin are joined by Goddess Aviana, The Governess, Mistress Evilyne, Miss Amy Hunter, Madame Asha, Governess Ely, Princess Jessika and Special Guest Dominas Miss Velour and Miss Annalieza for a night of Strap-On (and perhaps also some Forced-Bi) fun!  South London zone 2 venue with dungeon/playspace and fully stocked bar, meeting at 7pm for a 7.30pm SHARP START (no late arrivals).  Prepare for a debaucherous few hours with the gorgeous ladies from Domina Parties and their extensive collection of strap-ons and anal devices!  If strap-on sports with the option of forced-bi sounds like a recipe for a great party, then get ready for the ride of your life!  Attendance is only £150, so don't delay, secure your place today before it books out.  Voyeurs welcome - £100.  More party details can be found HERE!

Please see the Domina Parties website for details and for contact details to apply to attend.

Don't miss out on this party, it's going to be HUGE!!!  Hope to see you there ;-)

Kinky regards

Goddess Cleo

Sunday 8 June 2014

Whoever buys me this (or contributes towards it), will receive session time with me.  Email me for details

Or perhaps you have one at home that you're not using, and would like to donate it to me in exchange for some session time?  Obviously it must be in good condition and working order... Contact me to discuss.  I'm not in a rush, so I will be considering all options for the month of June. 

Goddess Cleo

Friday 6 June 2014


Following the success of her Birthday, we invite you to join us again on Thursday 19 June for another day of DOUBLE SESSIONS!

My gorgeous girlfriend Goddess Alexia and I enjoy playing together so much that we have decided to offer our wonderful worshippers and ardent admirers another opportunity to indulge in a double session with the both of us!  Imagine - two beautiful Ladies, both in the same room, both giving you our undivided attention... 

Goddess Alexia is one of the most exclusive Dominatrices in London.  She is very discerning with whom she sees, so you are particularly privileged to be presented with this opportunity.   of being taken on a journey by not one, but two talented and experienced Dominas. Sessions will be conducted in a super stylish, beautifully equipped dungeon in W8, tribute per hour is £350.

Would you like to be spit roasted by two luscious, latex-clad Ladies?  Or perhaps being sensually teased to the point of no return is more your style.... Specialising in role play, power exhange, kidnapping scenarios, and with a penchant for electrics, strap on, CP and sensual worship, you won't find anyone in London with as many skills, toys and imagination as the two of us....

Are you up for the challenge? Don't delay...

Email to apply, or
TEXT ME on 077 409 72 449  (Please text first, I may not be able to take calls due to being in session, or a lack of network service)

Kinky Regards,
Goddess Cleo

Tuesday 6 May 2014


On Thursday 15 May we invite you to celebrate Goddess Alexia's birthday in style!

My gorgeous girlfriend Goddess Alexia is celebrating her birthday next week, so we have decided to offer our wonderful worshippers the opportunity to indulge in a double session with the both of us!  Imagine - two beautiful Ladies, both in the same room, both giving you their undivided attention... 

Goddess Alexia is one of the most exclusive Dominatrices in London.  She is very discerning with whom she sees, so you are particularly privileged to be presented with the opportunity of being taken on a journey by not one, but two talented and experienced Dominas. Sessions will be conducted in a fully equipped dungeon in W8, tribute per hour is £350.

Are you up for the challenge? Don't delay...

Goddess Alexia of London

Thursday 30 January 2014

Belated Happy New Year!

Lots happening in camp Cleo.  I have my own luxurious, domestic playspace and have been busily furnishing it with all the tools, toys and equipment I can get my greedy little hands on :)

Also, Antonio from The Flying Dutchman has asked me to be involved in his new venture PlayDate which is launching on 15 February, just in time for Valentine's Day weekend. It's play-focussed and you don't need a date to attend, drinks are included in the entry price and it's by invitation.  If you'd like to attend you should make contact through the correct avenues..... More details HERE.

I have so much more news to spill but I can't just at the moment, will be back again soon though!

Kinky kisses,
Goddess Cleo

Thursday 17 October 2013

Greetings from my Queendom!

I'm not sure where the time has gone, it's been far too long since I've updated my news page - a direct result of being so busy recently!  There has been, and still is, a hell of a lot happening in my Domain, this Goddess has gone global - in fact a friend who isn't really on the scene as such referred to me as a Global Goddess last week, and I quite liked that tag :)  I'll give a small update below:


This year I'm helping Master Cosmic from LAM coordinate the BDSM area (The Club Zone) at Erotica 2013, which is super awesome.  It's being held at Tobacco Dock, Wapping and I'll be there all day on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October, so if you'd like to come and meet me along with some other prominant figures in the fetish community, you can find more details HERE.  I am also House Mistress at the Ball on Saturday 26th, which is being held at Colosseum, Vauxhall.

There is also something potentially even more massive coming up for announcement soon - I can't say too much at the moment as everything is currently in development stage.  But I can say this - it's keeping me very busy and it's going to be huge....  I will be announcing a launch date in the coming months, so please watch this space.  If you want to be the first to hear about it, you may join my mailing list.

Back at the beginning of August I took a trip to Marbella for week with a group of both Dominants and submissives through Domina Trips, and what a fun time we had!  The opportunity to do this trip literally fell into our laps, we weren't planning to do much more than maybe overnights, short trips and days out, at least not for a while, but it was so much fun we are considering arranging another one at some point.

Due to a rather fortuitous accident, our regular Toppers venue was double booked with Esinem's Bound, so we turned a potentially sticky situation into a positive and collaborated on what turned out to be a great night.  It was busy all evening, and the Bound crowd completely complimented our regular Toppers crowd, such a fun night!  Big thanks to Esinem and the beautiful Nina, I definitely think we should do it again sometime!

Lots of events lined up leading up to Christmas and New Year, see my diary page for details.

That will do for now - I hope not to be away quite so long until my next update....

Yours in kink!

Goddess Cleo

Friday 12 July 2013


I'm insanely busy at the moment but just had to take some time to share this little gem with you all.... It explains five types of behaviour encountered by Dommes, but in all honesty this behaviour isn't isolated to Dominants.  Personally I've encountered these in vanilla situations both professionaly and socially....  Anyways, take a looksee, it's a good read even if you don't get anything else from it!

Will be back to update properly again soon, once I'm past this busy stint.


Goddess Cleo

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Hello people!

I recently put pen to paper (so to speak) and wrote a little piece on fantasy, reality and submissive's lack of patience.  If you care to have a read you can find it on Fetlife, you may find it rather revealing.... or not!

The fantasy vs. the reality of being a 'personal slave' and more on patience.

Last week Miss Kitty Bliss and I filmed with the gorgeous Mistress Ella Kros at Forbidden Vault.  We had SOOOO much fun with the slaves that day, there was even a slave 'Tug of War' or Tug of Balls as we called it... I'm slowly building my Clips4Sale store so in due course all these clips I've filmed over the years will be added so you can see me in action.  If you would like to film with Miss Kitty Bliss and I make sure you visit for dates and to fill in the application form....

Later this week we are holding our very first "London Lock Up" event.  Miss Kitty Bliss, Madame Asha and I are offering solitary confinement, caging, cuffs and interrogation - if you're lucky!  For more information please see London Lock Up.

If Strap On and/or Forced Bi is your thing, we are holding another party at the infamous Stunners Studio in Limehouse.  Following on from the success of our last two events, this one promises to be a night to remember!  Great venue, Bar, DJ and up to SEVEN beautiful, talented Dominas and two Bulls!  The Domina line-up is almost ready to be announced, to make sure you check the Domina Parties website for details....

Speaking of Domina Parties, we celebrated our first year last week with a big social event held at Stunners Studios and attended by just over 50 people!  Our first year has been one of great personal growth -  not only did we meet a lot of amazing people and show many nervous newbies that BDSM and Fetish didn't have to be such a scary thought, but we also encountered a small number of Dommes who had less than complimentary things to say about us behind our backs...  But we've come out the other side stronger, smarter, more resilient, we've proven our worth to the industry, and we are not going away.  Introducing people to the fetish scene and creating a safe place to play has been our main objective, and one that we all feel we've accomplished well in such a short time.  If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, visit our website.  We hold some of the best BDSM parties in London, and soon we'll be bringing Domina Parties to other cities, both national and international....  To all our supporters, we thank you :)


Goddess Cleo

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Hello minions!

Miss Kitty Bliss and I have launched a new website for our Double sessions, make sure you go check it out   You can sign up to our newsletter on the site, and you can also follow us on Twitter @Double_Domme

Dates for our Double Sessions:

Monday 13 May, 10am til late - in SW9
Thursday 30 May, 10am til late, venue tba
Monday 17 June, 10am til late, venue tba
Friday 5 July, 10am til late, venue tba
Wednesday 31 July, 10am til late, venue tba
Saturday 24 August, 10am til late, venue tba
Wednesday 4 September, 10am til late, venue tba

I'll be launching my Bondassage UK site soon, so watch this space for updates.

Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!

Goddess Cleo

Saturday 2 Mar 2013

Happy Spring!

The days are getting longer as we edge closer and closer to a glimpse of our short British Summer, but even so, it's still quite chilly outside.  Good thing I have my annual Spring Specials to warm you up!  I'll be announcing a few Spring Specials during the course of the season so make sure you watch this space, or sign up to receive my Newsletter to hear about them first!

My Super Spring Specials begin with a bit of March Madness - the first FIVE of you who book and pay for their session up front will get to session with me for £100 for an hour.  No, it's not a typo - £100 for an hour.  Goddess is feeling generous.....  (Does not apply to same-day bookings. May book more than one hour, is held in a domestic setting, excludes Bondassage, Sploshing, Double sessions or Judicial Punishment, and is ultimately at my discretion).  Please quote MARCH-100 when making your booking.

Foot Fetishists - you probably already know I offer my fabulous Foot Worship sessions for a very reasonable price because I simply love my Foot Fetishists, and being based so close to the City means it's very easy to fit a session into your lunch break.  I hold them at Shadwell, which is one stop on the DLR from either Bank station or Tower Gateway station, so if you're coming from Canary Wharf or the Square Mile you can easily fit in a 30 or 45 minute session to scratch that foot fetish itch.  I've received some brilliant testimonials from my wonderful foot worshipers so make sure to check my Testimonials page.

Foot Worship:
30 minutes - £60
45 minutes - £90 (new)
60 minutes - £120

Note:  Same-Day and first time Foot Worship bookings will incur an extra £10 deposit via Amazon gift voucher.

See you soon....

Goddess Cleo

Saturday 16 Feb 2013

The days are slowly increasing in length and Spring is on the horizon... We know what that means!  All you boys and girls get horny!!  I'll be announcing my annual Spring Specials on 1st March so make sure you sign up to my Newsletter if you want to be the first to hear about them!  You can sign up HERE.

Today I am welcoming a new submissive to my team - Miss Teena.  She's a young, very sexy, naughty little minx who absolutely loves to please her Mistress and Masters.  Despite her youth she has amassed a large amount of experience, having been a lifestyle submissive for a few years.  Could you imagine being in a session with me that includes my eager-to-please submissive girl?  That would guarantee to put a smile on your face!

With my 30 and 60 minute foot worship sessions being such a success, I've received some brilliant feedback.  Check out my Testimonials page.  There are very few things I enjoy more than having my feet pampered, kissed, licked, rubbed, massaged and my toes sucked.  I simply love to watch the glazed expression on your face whilst I tease and tantalise you with my delicious peds.  As you can see from the testimonials I receive, my feet are truly spectacular, so don't waste any time.  Half an hour of decadent foot worship is £60 and an hour is £120...

Enjoy life!

Goddess Cleo

Thursday 17 Jan 2013

Belated Happy New Year!

Well I've certainly started 2013 with a BANG!  So much is happening in my world and I don't have time to write about it all....  I will indulge you in a little update though.

During my trip to the USA I qualified as a Bondassage Trainer, which means I am certified to train others in the art of Bondassage.  If you know someone you think may be interested, get them to drop me a line.

Session bookings have started again after my fabulous trip to the USA in Nov/Dec and then a lengthy bout of illness on my return forced me to lay low for a while.  Planning some more trips both within the UK and abroad, so watch this space for more details.  One trip I can divulge I'll be travelling to Marbella for 7 nights in early August with a group of Mistress friends - Miss Kitty Bliss, Ms Nikki, Mistress Chatterley, Amelia TS, Isabella Fuckwell and a small number of submissives.  

*** SPECIAL!!  Who will be the lucky submissive chosen to escort me to Marbella for 7 nights of service, play, sun, sea, partying and of course plenty of relaxation - well, for me anyway lol!  There is a place on the trip for one lucky sub to accompany me for a week in the sun.  For details CLICK HERE, or for more information send me an email to  Don't delay, or you'll miss out! ***

Valentine's Day is coming up, send me something from my Wishlist to show how much you adore me :)

If Needle Play or Medical Play is your thing, I've been practising.... Currently I only offer Medical Play Double Sessions with Mistress Demonic in Kent, and Mistress Olivia in North London.

This year is ramping up to be a beauty!


Goddess Cleo

Thursday 22 November 2012

Lots of news to share!

Well it's all happening - Goddess Cleo is touring the USA!

New York 26-29 November
Miami 29 November-3 December
San Francisco 3-10 December

Limited availability for sessions so get in touch sooner rather than later...!

Domina Parties is coming to Norfolk!  Mistress Ava Von Medisin has invited Miss Kitty Bliss and I to visit her fabulous play space near Norwich for a party on Thursday 13 December.  Start time is 7pm, more information can be found on the Domina Parties website.

The Gate Club and Domina Parties are conspiring to bring you all a combined Christmas Party Fetish Event - Santa's Spanking Christmas!  


Goddess Cleo

Monday 29 October 2012

Coming soon.... Masochist Monday, Cheeky Tuesday, Electro Wednesday, Strap-on Thursday, Foot Fetish Friday, Spanking Sunday and Wet Weekend!  Mwuh ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! :)

It's time to inject a bit of fun into your week....

Goddess Cleo

Friday 5 October 2012

Thank you to everyone who sent me vouchers and gifts from my wishlist, I had a wonderful birthday which was made all the more special by you :)

There are  lot of things coming up as we head towards Year-End, so make sure to keep an eye on my Diary page for additions.  If you'd like hear about everything first then sign up to receive my newsletter - you'll find this on the Home page.  Speaking of which, I'm in the process of updating my site, editing and adding pages, and will soon have a members area and a Clips4Sale page - yes I have been listening to all your requests to start offering these, for now you can view a few pics via my gallery page (these will be updated soon as well).

Until next time, stay kinky!

Goddess Cleo

Tuesday 25 September 2012


I'll be at Club Pedestal on Friday to celebrate my b'day, so come say hello!  I've had many enquiries about gifts for my birthday - if you would like to get me a little something my wishlist has quite a variety of options...... You could hand deliver something to me at Club Pedestal, or you could always send me a gift voucher by email as well :)  (email for this is It's always the thought that counts :)


Goddess Cleo :)

Tuesday 18 September 2012


As you can see I am making some progress with updating the content on my site.  There is still quite a long way to go, but I am determined to get there!

Latest news from my world is the arrival of a large cage - I am now able to offer overnight caged sessions either single or Double sessions with one of my beautifully sadistic Mistress friends.  It can be as uncomfortable as you can handle, so if you want to push yourself then why not give it a try...!

A couple of months back I came into possession of a lovely refurbished antique 24 piece Violet Wand kit - it is amazing!  I also have two E-Stim kits (Series 1 & the Remote kit with two controls) so I am now able to accommodate all you electrics fetishists out there.  I have cock rings, pads, a small butt plug and two sizes of sounds so I am able to offer sessions to all you electro fetishists out there.

It's my birthday at the end of this month, so I will be celebrating at Club Pedestal on 28th September.  Make sure you come and say hello if you are there.  If you would like to send me a little something, you can find my wishlist here.  Feel free to order something and have it sent directly to you so you can present it to me yourself :)

I will also be attending the London Fetish Weekend - on Friday 5 October in the evening I am in a fashion show for the very talented designer Jed Phoenix.  Saturday 6th October I will be at the LAM and afterwards I am House Domme at Subversion's Fetish Ball.

Following on from London Fetish Weekend, on Tuesday 9th October at 7pm Domina Parties is holding an Extra Special Event with Special Guest Mistress Absolute, Guest of Honour Mistress Darcy, and Domina Party regulars Miss Kitty Bliss and Me!  It has been booking up fast and at this point in time there is only space left for 2 more attendees (and one of those spaces has already been earmarked, pending the payment of his deposit).  Due to a cancellation there is also a Service space available for a discounted rate.  If you would like to join this once in a lifetime event, don't hesitate or you may miss out!  Immediately following on from the party Mistress DarcyMiss Kitty Bliss and I plan to keep on playing with a privileged few - we are offering a small number of overnight positions which involve play and sleep (if you can!).  Perhaps you would like to be locked in a cage overnight, or kept in extended bondage or a sleep sack - well here is your chance!  Again, places for this are extremely limited so please email if you would like more information.

Miss Kitty Bliss and I are also offering a Double Sessions Day all afternoon and into the evening on Wednesday 10th October, as well as doing filming and photo shoots.  Masks are acceptable, but if you are a film slave who doesn't mind not wearing a mask we are particularly interested to hear from you.... Please send an email to to register your interest - you will be expected to pay a deposit of £50 for this, we will supply everything else.

Keep checking back, my site is developing and changing all the time at the moment, I'm such a busy bee!

Goddess Cleo

Thursday 13 September 2012

Hi Strangers!

I'm still around - have been on an enforced break from updating my website due to a virus in the server, another migration, a server change, delays, mishaps, frustrating fine tuning and finally when it was all supposed to be fixed two weeks ago I was too busy to get online to test it to see if it's all working properly... I'm finally finding the time to update everything now and guess what - it's not working properly.  Grrr, kick it in the balls!  The fabulous geek who looks after my site is busy ironing out the creases so hopefully regular services and updates will resume soon.  Until then, bear with me please.... Will update properly once it's all fixed - there are a lot of fun and exciting developments coming up!  But I'll just leave you with a taster - CLICK HERE!


Goddess Cleo

Thursday 3 May 2012

Hi Kinksters

Miss Ava Black, Lady Alexia, Miss Camille and I are holding a Multi Mistress play party on Saturday 5th May, it's a great chance to meet multiple Mistresses and experience what it's like to play with more than one Mistress at a time. 

Goddess Cleo

Tuesday 18 April 2012


Miss Kitty Bliss and I  are offering a day of Double Domination on Wednesday 25th April.  We are fully booked during the afternoon and evening but there are some places left in the morning.  Get in touch to book a session.

Goddess Cleo

Thursday 1 March 2012

Happy Spring!

I'm so excited that the days are finally getting longer and the weather is warming up.  London is so lovely when it's not bollox-freezing cold :)

Although it's not my usual style, I'm planning to announce some Spring Specials during the season, beginning with this: Pay for two one-hour sessions up front and get three one-hour sessions.  This offer is valid for March, and must be redeemed by 31 May 2012.

Watch this space for more Spring Specials :)

Goddess Cleo

Sunday 19 February 2012

Hello again...

Just a brief update, I've been  particularly busy these past two weeks so haven't had time to update properly.  Will have more news soon.

Stay kinky.

Goddess Cleo

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Hello players!

After spending a wonderful month in sunny Australia visiting my family and friends, I've returned to cold London town and have jumped straight back into life in the fast lane.... I'm almost fully recovered from my surgery last year, and am back sessioning again so get in touch with me through my Contact Me page to book some time with me, you could even spoil yourself and book a double session with myself and one of my awesome Mistress friends, my gorgeous sub girl or my pretty sissy....

My site has recently been migrated and I am now able to make amendments, add photos and post updates all by myself.... Yay!  Big thanks to the team at "Spank The Web" for doing such a great job on my website, I'm very pleased with it :)

Some features I've added include a new photo Gallery that I can keep updated more easily, this Updates page, a testimonials page (which is currently being put together), and my wishlist page, which is being amended.  There are a couple more things in the pipeline so do make sure you check back for more updates and extra features.

My next fetish night out is Club Rub on Saturday 18th February where I am House Mistress - come on down and say a respectful hello.  Miss Kim is a wonderful hostess and Club Rub is always a fun night out.

Stay warm in this chilly weather!

Goddess Cleo


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