Often I have use for a slave or two in filming projects that I am working on, or multiple slaves for scheduled filming days.  These positions will usually suit those who have masochistic tendencies and/or extreme interests, however I do occasionally film less sadistic clips, as well as sensual sets, humiliation, roleplays, and even some foot worship filming and photo shoots.  All limits are respected, preference is often given to those who have a broader reange of interests and boundaries, especially for the larger filming days, however don’t let that stop you from applying.  A shoot can last anything from one to twelve hours, depending on the style of shoot I am doing.

Be aware though, these are not freebies.  Unless otherwise specified, the minimum filming time is 2 hours and the charge to film with me is £100 paid in advance, £150 if you’re wearing a mask, and if I am filming with other Dommes present there will be a tribute of at least £100 paid in advance, and £150 with a mask.  I occasionally offer Specials for Filming Days, such as my 1hr Strapon Special + Filming.

On the day of filming you will be required to sign a model release form and produce photo ID – this is imperative!  A lack of either of these will result in you being sent home with no filming and no refund.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

** PRIORITY is given to film slaves that will perform UN-MASKED**  And yes, I enjoy seeing the look of ecstasy on your face just as much as those who are viewing my clips.  But for those who require a mask, these can be brought with you.  I can also supply some.

Sign up to my Filming Mailing List HERE to register to be notified of upcoming filming dates and various other opportunities.


Want to take home a little momento from our session?  As an addition to your session, you can opt for a filming Add-On which is £100 per hour.  This does not apply to discounted sessions or special rate sessions.


I offer custom clips and photoshoots for those who wish to see me doing something specific, especially if it involves an activity from my Interests page.  Feel free to send in a script suggestion or sample, a story or an idea for your custom shoot.  The cost of this will be negotiated once we have established the finer details, just fill in the form below and I will be in contact with you.

Name/Alias:  (Yours)
Solo, With a Slave, Multi Mistress:  (Solo / Slave / Multi Mistress)
Length of Clip:  (1 minute and 30 minutes, will consider longer)
Activitiy Preferences:  (Helps to give me an insight into the things you like/have tried/are comfortable doing)
Limits/Boundaries:  (Anything you particularly don’t want to see)
Interaction or Voyeur Style:  (Want a POV with me mentioning your name, or would you just like to watch without being involved?)


More filming dates will be announced soon.

Include the information below if you wish to be considered for any of the aforementioned upcoming dates….

Name/Alias:  (Yours)
Mask Required:  (Yes / No)
Length of Time Available:  (Between 2 hours and 12 hours)
Experience Level:  ( If we haven’t played/filmed together before – Brand new, Novice, Semi-Experienced, Experienced, Expert)
Activitiy Preferences:  (Helps to give me an insight into the things you like/have tried/are comfortable doing)
Limits/Boundaries:  (Relevant to give me an insight into what you are like)
Health Issues:  (A heads up if there are any health issues is always helpful)

Only send when there are relevant dates available, otherwise your email will be treated as a session request: