Below is an inexhaustible list of many of my interests, please click on the activity to see a description.  If you are into something that is not listed, please do enquire with me – the activities I do not engage in are listed at the bottom of this page



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Social Time – Let’s Go Out for Coffee, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, a Drink, or even a Shopping Trip!

Newbies:  Do you feel a little nervous about venturing into the wonderful world of BDSM?  You’re most welcome to meet with me socially first, to calm any nerves or settle in your own mind that I’m genuine and not some big scary monster.

Newbies or Experienced:  As a Stand Alone booking, some Social Time is a wonderful way to get to spend time with me outside of the playspace and get to know me a little better.  As an Add-On, some social time is a really nice way to begin our session.  Alternatively, maybe you’d like to take your time to really enjoy your playtime afterglow by heading off for a nice meal afterwards.  We can chat about all sorts of topice, re-live our recent experience, or I can even regale you with stories of all the fun I have in sessions.  The options are endless!

Why not combine a Newbies Intro Session with some Social Time beforehand?  What better way to settle your nerves and maximise the enjoyment of the playtime to follow….



Consent is the foundation of BDSM, and I believe that setting limits / boundaries, and sticking within them, promotes respectful, healthy play.

The following is a list of what I do NOT offer:
Nudity / exposure of myself in any form, smoking fetish, human toilet, toilet training, hard sports, water sports, roman showers, fart fetish, ass licking / rimming, penetration of any variety on me, cuckolding, adult baby, blood/knife play or public humiliation.  I don’t engage in intimate body worship, penetration of any part of my body, live sex show, and no I will not wank your cock.  I will not take off my clothes for you, I will not perform for you, and I will not put up with being groped, propositioned, or bartered with.  I do not play with people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so do not turn up drunk or off your head for a session with me, I will keep your session fee and have my minder see you out.

If you disrespect my boundaries, you will find your session is cut short and you will be ejected from the premises.  No respect = no refund.