I position my magnificent ass over your face, hovering above your face as you wonder when I will choose to to take my seat, slowly inching closer until you notice the sweet scent of my body.  Your vision obscures as I bear down till you feel the pressure of my curves directly on top of you . I take pleasure in leaning, wriggling and teasing, pausing above your face as you wonder when will choose to take my seat again.  Smothering your nose and mouth with my round soft cheeks creates an tantalising experience you will want to have over and over again, and when I move up and down slightly, slowly inching my body over your face whilst I bare down… it’s heaven!

Ass worship is itself a talent.  For those who aren’t familiar with the techniques, I advise starting off with soft, smooth kisses placed with sensual precision, ensuring your lips are pressed gently but firmly to my ass cheek.  If the whim takes me I may demand a slight lick of my pvc or latex to express your gratification at being allowed the privilege of worshipping me.  No biting though – I will express my displeasure greatly if bitten, that is a definite no no….

TEXT ME on 077 409 72 449 for all enquiries (Please do not call this number, I am often in a bad service area so you may not be able to get through to speak with me unless you text first)