I specialise in double, triple, quadruple (and more) sessions.  My friends are available to session with me
(Please note, double and triple sessions take time to coordinate, therefore there is little chance that same day appointments are available unless a Double Session Day is advertised)

Mistress Aleera

Divine Domino

Miss Hayley Bond

Madame Says

Miss Kim

Mistress Absolute

Miss Ava Black

Princess Jessika

Also on offer -

Master and Mistress double sessions with the wonderfully talented Master Dominic, or the gorgeously sadistic Bull Master Baron
(especially if you also fancy some forced-bi), and the suitably devious Mr. Grey.

Gorgeous female submissive Miss Viv is available for non-sexual double sessions with me.

Don’t let Miss Viv’s youthful appearance deceive you – she is a fully qualified kinkster!

As an experienced submissive she genuinely enjoys many aspects of submission, and is especially partial to rope work.

As well as being compliant and well-behaved, she can occasionally display a mischievous nature that requires reining in by a strict, firm yet kind Master or Mistress.

Dominant and confident men, feel free to enquire with me about Miss Viv’s availability to join us in session.

My pretty, flirty submissive girl Allegra is available to tease and seduce you with her seductive gaze and lithe body... She's a very naughty girl, who particularly enjoys CP, among other things. Contact me for more details.

My sexy, naughty minx Miss Teena is also available for double sessions with me, she adores serving, loves to please and has very few limits.  Perhaps you'd like to see what happens when two of my submissive girls are put together.... Contact me for more details.


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