London Assgasm Guarantee – AG-125

Guaranteed Assgasms: In London, £1250!

This Assgasm Guarantee is a strap no special, available only in London, and is suitable for anyone who is new to assgasms, or completely new to strapon and pegging!  Maybe you’ve tried pegging before but not quite got there and you’re now curious to experience what these wonderful assgasms are all about.  Or maybe you’re brand new to strapon and anal play with a woman, and just haven’t quite worked up the courage to ask. Let’s set aside the stigma and have some fun!

Our first session will be 3 hours, equivalent to the Newbies Pegging Special, and if I’m not able to activate you to experience your first assgasms during that session, you can rebook to try again.  And again… And again… Until you are experiencing those wonderful assgasms everyone is talking about!

Let’s set aside the stigma associated with men enjoying anal play, and start exploring this wonderful activity – you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

This offer only applies to bookings made through my ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM, and paid in full in advance.  Given the nature of this offer, there are very strict Terms & Conditions, so please ensure you understand them prior to booking…

Monday-Friday – AG-125 Timeslots available:

Saturday-Sunday – AG-125 Timeslots available:

Terms & Conditions:  As previously stated, this discount only applies to bookings taken through My ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM, and does not apply to same-day bookings, short notice bookings, or bookings requested within 24 hours – short notice bookings are at my Regular Tribute rate (it pays to be organised!).

Our initial first appointment will be 3 hours.  All subsequent appointments are 2 hours, and you are welcome to continue to re-book up until you have been activated for assgasms.  Appointments are restricted to one session per month, the maximum number of appointments is 10, and these expire one year to the day that the first session is conducted, or after you’ve experienced your first assgasms.

These sessions are held ONLY in My London domestic/playspace setting, and activities on offer will include one-on-one strapon play and pegging play ONLY.  Payment is received in full in advance to qualify for this special.

Add-ons are available, eg 30 mins Foot Worship add on is £100.  My specials are not eligible for same day or cash/Amazon voucher payments – regular session rates apply for those.

This is a special offer, and as such I do not take outfit requests – I dress comfortably for these sessions.

All deposits/payments are completely and entirely non-refundable.

Everything is ultimately at my discretion.