So you’ve known for a long time that you’re a little bit kinky.  You’ve fantasised for a while about indulging in activities that perhaps your partner, family or friends wouldn’t quite understand or accept.  Still, you know you would like to experience something, you just aren’t sure where to start.  There are plenty of fetish events but, unless you can take a friend, attending a fetish event for the first time on your own is a decidedly intimidating thought.  Perhaps booking a one-on-one session with a Professional Dominant is a better option – but then, how do you know when you make a booking that you’re going to choose the right Dominant for you, aren’t Dominatrices meant to be beautiful, sadistic, untouchable?

If you’d like to read about the journey of a newbie who has been in almost your exact position, they wrote an article about their experiences from the very start.  I am the Pro Domme they visited…. Read all about their experiences HERE.

My advice to newbies:  Reasearch, research, research!  The more you know about the person you book with, the easier it will be to override the temptation to turn and run, and instead actually take that first step.  Nerves often play an important role for newbies, and not necessarily all positive!  I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone has almost bottled it right before a session.  Usually those brave enough to go through with it, never regret it.  If you can avoid your nerves undermining the potentially amazing session you’ve booked, you’re already halfway there.  As I said, do your research.  Ensure the person you wish to book with knows exactly what they are doing.  Your research should confirm they have solid connections and friends within the scene – this is important to verify they are legit and not out to rip you off or do damage due to inexperience or lack of skill.  Do they have a long enough history that is traceable and verifiable?  Are they skilled and knowledgeable in the activities you are seeking?  Obviously looks count for something, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because someone is attractive, that they really know what they are doing.  Thorough research will help you figure all that out.

Let’s say you’re curious to try anal play, but haven’t yet found a partner who is interested in indulging you.  Virgins and beginners need a gentle introduction with someone who knows exactly what they are doing, despite the fantasy of wanting it hard and fast.  The butt is a very delicate area, and delicate areas initially require a gentle approach in order to maximise a positive experience.  Strapon and Pegging are exceptionally popular, and my Newbie Pegging Special is perfect for anyone curious to try butt stuff for the first (or second) time, or to rewrite a negative or not-so-good first time experience.  We have three hours so there’s definitely no rush, and you need to know a few bits of information before we can begin.  Once you’re been fully armed with all the infomration you need, I start small, slow, gentle.  Butts are suprisingly stretchy, but they need a lot of encouragement to ensure it’s an amazingly positive experience rather than a negative one.  Anal play isn’t the only activity I offer for newbies though….

Maybe you’ve wanted to try a spanking but you aren’t sure whether you will enjoy it or not.  Or perhaps you’ve been naughty and deserve a good dose of discipline…  My Taster Sessions involve a quick overview of one activity for about 30 minutes – Spanking, Caning, Foot Worship, Tie & Tease, Shock Electrics, Bondage, CBT and so much more – see my INTERESTS page for details.

“I can still remember how nervous I was walking the last bit to Goddess Cleo’s flat for the first time. I was very close to turning around and dropping it all. I didn’t and have never looked back.  Any feeling of apprehension was of course completely unnecessary. Once meeting Goddess, I started to feel at ease. After having an open and frank discussion of what I was interested in we got started.” – buttslut m, April 2017-April 2018

One of my passions is introducing newbies to the the delights of the BDSM world.  An Introductory Session with me is a gentle primer, set up to build your confidence by allowing you to try a few different activities in an un-scripted, unhurried and non-judgemental atmosphere.  There are no check-lists, it’s not a case of ticking boxes and hurrying through a session in order to try as many things as possible – for half an hour (or longer) the focus is more on giving you an experience, and building your confidence to go ahead and book another session sometime in the future – regardless of whether it is with me or with someone else.

Taster Session – 30 minute Foot Worship £100 (ONLY available on certain dates, and will only ever be pre-advertised to be booked through the online booking system)

Taster Session – 30 minute BDSM £100 (not available for same-day or next-day appointments) (ONLY available on certain dates, and will only ever be pre-advertised to be booked through the online booking systel)

Newbies Introductory Session – 60 minutes £150, each extra hour is £100 (10-15 mins per activity, with there being 4-6 separate activities in a one-hour session, no strapon/pegging though sorry, please book a Newbies Pegging Special for a thorough intro to Strapon/Pegging)

Newbies Pegging Special – 3 hours £300

PLEASE NOTE: Payment required in advance, venue is a domestic setting with small, dedicated playspace unless otherwise arranged.  Activities not included are Electrics, Venus 2000, Shibari / rope suspension, Bondassage, Strapon (except during the Newbie Pegging Speical), Subspace Experience, Role Play, and any other activity that is more complex or involves additional costs/disposable equipment.

Please check my DIARY page for my basic availability then book yourself in using the Online Booking System – Choose either the 1hr Introductory Session, or 2hr Introductory Session options.