**Applications ONLY accepted via application form (see link below),  DO NOT text Me, call Me or email Me for slave vacancies. If you do it shows you cannot successfully follow instruction. Sending Me multiple messages via text medium or email will result in getting you BLOCKED and added to the timewaster database.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so don’t fuck it all up by being selfish and impatient.


Interviews will be conducted during the next few months for a small number of prestigious positions I have available in My team:

– personal slave
– domestic / butler / houseboy / housegirl – (chef & cleaner)
– driver
– clubbing slave
– admin assistant
– marketing / social media assistant
– website assistant
– housekeeper / house sitter
– part-time / weekend live-in
– potentially a position with Me could lead on to a 24/7 live-in position – however you must have employment or be financially independent, as it would not be an offer for free accommodation.

It is not too late if you wish to apply, however do not apply unless you are serious – this is not a fantasy for Me, it is part of My lifestyle.  We all have busy lives – I am understanding of your situation and am flexible with regard to your availability, as long as you are serious and don’t waste My time.  I can accommodate if you are available for service anywhere from a few hours per month, or a few days per week, or a week or two per month or anything in between.

If you you are not taken to a different screen after you hit “Send” and given an email address to send a confirmation email and photograph to, then your application has not been submitted and I will not receive it!!


Occasionally a vacancy arises within My team for a personal slave. The role of personal slave differs from a client in that there is much more flexibility and therefore more potential to develop a connection. At the bare minimum of service level, a personal slave runs a few errands or occasionally assists Me with admin and at clubs or in sessions. At the most involved level, a personal slave can be on call 24/7 (live-in or live-out) and be a respected representative. The level of service is agreed upon and is entirely dependent upon the slave’s availability and involvement. This would be discussed at interview, and in greater detail should an applicant be accepted for a probationary period.

Some of the tasks My personal slaves may be expected to undertake are mostly, but not limited to, a mixture of some of the following:

Cleaning, cooking, running errands, driving (own car), accompanying me to club nights, shopping trips, events, etc, assisting me with sessions occasionally, research, admin, and any other support service related to the individual’s skills such as IT, driving, handyman, etc. There are many different role variations a personal slave can take on, I’m not simply looking for a cleaner or someone to accompany Me to events/club nights.

Prerequisites for potentially becoming My personal slave are as follows:

* Must have previously sessioned with me, have a session booked in/confirmed, or be willing to book a session.

* Reliable, Patient, Respectful, Flexible, Responsible, Generous Nature, Conscientious, Considerate, possess Common Sense, Diligence, Loyal, Mentally Stable, Motivation, Intelligence, be Courteous, Honest and able to Communicate Openly and Maturely.

* An understanding of the fact that time spent with Me and any activities undertaken are on My terms, and an acceptance that open communication should always take priority, as should serving Me to the best of your ability.

* Availability, on average, for a couple of hours per week / a few hours each fortnight / from a few hours to a full day or night each month (or more).

* Comfortable with being part of a small, exclusive team, even though you may not actually serve alongside anyone else for the most part.

* Wish to serve only Me (serving other Mistresses does not work for most slaves). After a probationary period you may also occasionally be asked to serve My Mistress friends, or I may loan you to one or two of them, but only once you have proven yourself.

* Be prepared to be punished for mistakes, the form of this punishment is at My discretion and it will not be something you like. You have been warned.…

* Able to comfortably afford a monthly tribute (which is dependent upon your financial situation).

* A vehicle is not necessary, but would obviously be helpful/advantageous.

* I MAY CONSIDER A FULL-TIME 24/7 OR PART-TIME LIVE-IN SLAVE. Applicants for this type of position must realise you will be paying your share for board and lodging.

* Not interested in activities such as queening, oral, anal, rimming, licking pussy, licking ass, kissing ass or anything to do with penetration of me, toilet training, golden showers or scat. There are plenty of lovely ladies offering these activities to clients and slaves, however I am not one of them.  If you are looking for any of these listed, then our interests do not align.

Applications should be sent through the below form, and you should be prepared to send Me a photo of yourself, taken in a non-fetish capacity. I do endeavour to respond to applications either personally or through my Admin Slave. Please realise, I am a busy lady which means I am not sitting in front of my computer just waiting for your email to arrive so I can reply straight away (contrary to what some subbies seem to think). Please show some patience…

** If you are successful, you will be required to send a £50 Amazon gift voucher to confirm your interview.
(The reason I do this is not to earn money from you, but to ensure I spend time on serious applications rather than the many timewasters who seem intent on draining My attention. I receive hundreds of email applications but you know how easy it is to write an email – anyone can do it. I would rather make sure that you are serious and then spend My time with you, so a little more effort on your part will benefit from a lot more attention from Me.)

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