Step into the supportive and motivational environment created during these specialised Domina Training Parties. No two parties are the same, as they are designed exclusively for FemDoms who wish to learn the various facets of Domination in a safe, respectful and positive environment! You may be a budding FemDom, just beginning to dip your toe in the wonderful world of Domination, and would like to learn activities safely and correctly from the ground up. You may be looking for a way to pracitise some of your newfound skills and gain confidence under the guidance of experienced Dominas. Or perhaps you are an already established Domina who is looking to expand on your current skillset and add some additional activities to your reportoire. There’s always something to learn, in fact we never stop learning!

With a unique understanding of the goals and challenges FemDoms face, our experienced trainers craft and tailor these fabulous parties to cater specifically to the needs of the Dominants and Tops in attendance. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to new skills, improve on your existing talents under expert guidance, or simply enjoy playing in a very fun party atmosphere, Domina Training Parties offer an ideal environment to indulge in a variety of activities that are both effective and enjoyable to learn. And collaborating with us won’t break the bank! Join a community of like-minded FemDoms who are committed to pushing their learning limits and achieving their fetish aspirations together.


My Domina Training Parties provide more than just a fully immersive learning experience though; they offer a sense of camaraderie and sisterhhod that can significantly enhance your Dominatrix journey. Enjoy the energy and encouragement of a group FemDom setting whilst benefiting from the personalized attention of the experienced Pro Dominas in attendance. Each party is designed to challenge and inspire you, helping you reach your goals faster whilst having loads of fun at the same time. There are so many activities to learn, and a variety of ways to perform them that you’ll be able to figure out your own personal style in no time!

Some of the topics and activities you could learn from these parties range from eithical domination, basic negotiation skills, safety and hygiene, an introduction to BDSM first aid, self-care as a Pro Domme, aftercare for both bottom and top, effective communication, and power  exchange dynamics, to physical activities such as (and not limited to) CBT, Impact Play, Bondage/Restraint, Face Slapping, Ball Busting, Strap On, Fisting, Chastity, Keyholding, Humiliation, Tickling/Tickle Torture, Electro Play, Clothed Worship (Ass, Legs, Bum, etc), W/S, Bastinado, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation, Domestic Service, High Protocol, Emasculation, Face Sitting, Encouraged Bi, Nipple Play/Torture, Role Play Scenarios, Slave/Obedience Training, Tie/Tease/Denial, and many, many more. Embrace the power of group dynamics and transform your Dominatrix Training into an inspiring and empowering experience. Join our Award Winning Trainers in a formal dungeon playspace and discover the difference that a Domina Training Party can make in your life.

There are also workshops available that cater to the many variables of turning your passion into profit and setting up as a professional. Some of these include the importance of consent, navigating social media, what makes a website successful, creating effective content, how to market yourself, the value that a support network offers, building your personal brand, figuring out your USP (Unique Selling Point), navigating the laws in various locations when touring, building and maintaining subscription sites, maintaining healthy mental health alongside BDSM, how to build and create your own personal kit/toy collection, exploring your personal kink identity, event and play party etiquette, and so many more (there will be a page dedicated to these workshops coming soon).

There’s just something so incredibly empowering about learning and training alongside your peers, in a supportive group environment…

NEXT PARTY DATE: For a priceless 4 and a half hours of learning, practising and coaching, attendance is only £50 and our next training party will be 6.30pm-11pm on Thursday 20 June in London N15. Trainers at this party are Host Domina Goddess Cleo, Katharina Amara who is visiting from Belgium, and Mistress Veronica Viper. Each of these Dominas specialise in a wide selection of activities. To register your interest in attending this training party, please send an email to: and don’t forget to pop the date/time into your diary.

LOCATIONS:  A commercial London playspace will usually be booked for these parties, unless othewise advised. The space is booked depending on attendance numbers and venue availability. Potential playspaces that may be booked are located in the following postcodes – N1, N15, E1, E2, N7, E9, E17, EC1A, W2. If you have a particular venue you prefer, please book some one-on-one training directly with Goddess Cleo.