PLEASE NOTE – NO SESSIONS UNDER TIER 4 LOCKDOWN:  Sessions will resume once London moves back to Tier 3 or 2.  I have employed a decidedly more strict regime in order to keep you all (and myself) as safe as possible.  If you have any objection to filling in a risk assessment questionnaire, a legal waiver, and adhereing to my CoViD-19 protocols, then please wait until this CoronaVirus pandemic has completely passed us by to request a session.

During the CoronaVirus LockDown I adhered to official advice and did not offer in-person meetings.  In fact, I barely left my space.  I did, and still do provide online services via Cam, text and email, and many lucky individuals managed to obtain my wonderful Post CV19 Session Specials which are no longer on offer, but are definitely redeemable now that we have been released from LockDown.  My Clip Stores are also live, and can be found HERE.

Advance bookings are advised as I am currently unable to do same-day sessions because, let’s face it – I’m busy with pre-booked sessions, as well as keeping us all safe from CoronaVirus.  You wouldn’t want to book a session with someone who doesn’t care about your health, right?  Also, if I have some free time I’m going to go off and do something else rather than sit around wasting a day waiting for same day sessions to come in…. If you EMAIL me I will try to respond as soon as I am able to, please bear in mind you will also receive my auto replies.  Due to the CoVid-19 pandemic, deposits are now non-refundable.  The date is changeable should you feel unwell in the lead up to your pre booked appointment, please get in touch as early as possible in this instance.

Daytime availability regularly between= 12pm-6pm (one session)
Evening availability regularly between= 6pm-11.30pm (one session)
WebCam anytime from about 1pm up to 2am, or later, if I have the time…
I rarely if ever do early mornings, but I may be enticed by triple my regular rates 😉

Outside these hours is possible, by prior arrangement and with the addition of an “inconvenience fee” or triple my regular rates.

Offering Sessions  – in my diary means I am offering/holding realtime sessions on that day or evening, it does not indicate whether or not I have confirmed sessions booked in.  I sometimes add my available times, if I can get to my computer to update my diary.

AVAILABLE  – the same as “Offering Sessions” (above).

CAM – AdultWork – only offering online sessions and chat, and you can also book my CV19 Advance Booking Session Specials.

RESERVED or REQUESTED – someone has requested to session, but not yet confirmed so technically the time is still available.

Availability Limited  – in my diary means I have something booked in but I have some availability around it, during that period of time.

By Appointment  – indicates that I will only be taking bookings on that day that have been made in advance. No same day bookings.

FULL or FULLY BOOKED  – this should be self-explanatory.

EVENT: Event Name – I have an event, which will have the event name/link beside it.

UNAVAILABLE– should also be self-explanatory.

DAY OFF or TIME OFF – again, self-explanatory.

*My diary is subject to change, frequently at short notice, and I often don’t get a chance to update it on my website, so it is always best to check directly with me for times on my available days.


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IN-PERSON SESSION AVAILABILITY:  Due to London being in Tier 4 Lockdown, I am not currently doing in-person sessions.  SORRY, NO SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS EITHER.

To request a session, please CONTACT ME HERE.

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