Meet With Me!

The fastest way to book some time with me is to EMAIL me on or– all session inquiries are dealt with by email.

SMS TEXT: Bookings are taken through email. Text me on  077 409 72 449 and you will receive an auto reply instructing you to EMAIL me for session requests.  Do not call, I do not answer – I’m a busy London Dominatrix!  If you wish to book a session by text message the tribute is double.

How to make an enquiry to book a session (because so many of you fail miserably):

I need to know a bit of info from you first…



Sending these few simple bits of information up front will enable me to check my schedule to see if a session is possible for the times you are requesting.  So don’t send me messages with just “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hello”, “Hi Mistress”, or “How are you?” because I will NOT reply.  I am not your mate, I am a professional, who is offering a service you wish to secure.  You are enquiring about an appointment – you wouldn’t send messages like that to a mechanic or a plumber, so why send them to me?  Use a bit of common sense and formality, and you will receive an appropriately polite, respectful response in return…

Want to bring a little something for me, to our session? My favourite wine is Wairau Cove Sauvignon Blanc, available only from Tesco – it’s about £7 for a bottle….

Now… before we get to My Calendar, here are my current Session Tributes (for your info):

General BDSM Sessions
60 mins = £180
90 mins = £270
2 hours  = £350
3 hours  = £450
£100 per hour for extra time
Incl: StrapOn, Corporal Punishment, Caning, Spanking
and more – see My Interests page for more info
Foot Worship only
30 mins = £100
45 mins = £145
60 mins  = £180
2 hours  = £270
3 hours  = £350
£100 per hour for extra time
Incl: Boot Foot Leg Worship, see My Interests page
StrapOn London Sessions – Special Treat
2 hours = £225 (paid in full, in advance)
Overnight Sessions – from £450
Extended Bondage – from £60/hr (min 2 hrs)
Bondassage – see the Bondassage page for details. Double Sessions – from £250/hr
Social Time – Coffee, Dinner and Other Outings
30 mins = £80
60 mins = £120
2 hours  = £200
£100 per hour for extra time


APPOINTMENTS:  The easiest, and most preferable way to arrange a session with me is to send an EMAIL to:   or

If you contact me by SMS TEXT MESSAGE on 077 409 72 449 – you will receive an AUTO REPLY as often text messages get lost due to the sheer volume of them.  I no longer answer phonecalls as I am more often than not unable to answer my phone.  I will respond to texts and emails when I’m not in session / in transit / doing something else.  Once confirmed, you should reconfirm by text or email the day before (24 hours).

WHEN:  Generally I am available for real-time sessions daily between 12pm-11.30pm and then sometimes I jump on cam anytime up to about 2am, although weekends I may not be available until after 2pm or later as I have committed to volunteering as a Dungeon Monitor at many of the Fetish Night Club events.  I may be available outside these times and for overnight sessions by prior appointment, please get in touch to enquire.

WHERE:  I have my own private playspace in Shadwell E1, it is a Luxury Domestic setting with spanking bench, a custom Fetters suspension frame and a multitude of toys, and is situated between Tower Bridge and Shadwell, a 1-2 minute walk from the station.  I may also be available by prior appointment for sessions in various Dungeon locations around London, although I prefer to session from my own playspace as it’s difficult to transport my entire kit.  I am available for travel and sessions by appointment around UK: Kent, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Reading, Leeds, Norfolk, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, as well as throughout Europe, and I also session in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth.  I am available for travel by request.

For sessions, any dungeon fee is paid separately and in addition to my quoted tribute, and for national and international travel my expenses are to be covered as well as a 50% deposit paid in advance (unless I am already in the area).

WEAR:  Comfortable is how I prefer to dress for my sessions, but this does NOT mean I am going to wear sweats and trainers (well, maybe only if that’s what you’re into!).  On the contrary, I am always well-presented – fetish wear, corporate clothing, evening / cocktail attire, a peek of vintage lingerie, or smart casual, depending on what activities are involved and how I feel.  Unlike some, I don’t need to wear a particular style of outfit in order to be Dominant; this is not a persona I put on for your benefit, it IS who I AM.  I often take requests for outfits, as long as they are practical – for example there would be no point my wearing a hobble skirt and tight corset in a session consisting of Shibari rope bondage, I won’t be able to bend down on the floor or move around…  Likewise, requesting full latex or leather on a hot day just doesn’t make sense, does it?  Common sense should prevail, hopefully (come on, impress me!).

Daytime availability regularly between= 12pm-6pm
Evening availability regularly between= 6pm-11.30pm
WebCam anytime from about 1pm up to 2am, or later, if I have the time…

Outside these hours is possible, by prior arrangement and with the addition of an “inconvenience fee”.

Offering Sessions  – in my diary means I am offering/holding realtime sessions on that day or evening, it does not indicate whether or not I have confirmed sessions booked in.  I sometimes add my available times, if I can get to my computer to update my diary.

Availability Limited  – in my diary means I have something booked in but I have some availability around it, during that period of time.

By Appointment  – indicates that I will only be taking bookings on that day that have been made in advance. No same day bookings.

FULLY BOOKED  – should be pretty self-explanatory.

EVENT: Event Name – I have an event, which will have the event name/link beside it.

UNAVAILABLE– should also be self-explanatory.

DAY OFF – again, self-explanatory.

Advance bookings are advised as I am often unable to do same-day sessions because, let’s face it – I’m busy with sessions.  You wouldn’t want to book a session with someone who isn’t busy, right?  Also, if I have some free time I’m going to go off and do something else rather than sit around wasting a day waiting for same day sessions to come in…. If you EMAIL me I will try to respond as soon as I am able to, please bear in mind you will also receive my auto replies.

*My diary is subject to change, frequently at short notice, so it is always best to check directly with me for times on my available days.

SAME DAY BOOKINGS:  These are sometimes possible, but it pays to be organised so I prefer you to try to make your bookings in advance to avoid the disappointment of me being unavailable.  Please EMAIL me to enquire about a same day appointment and if I am not already busy or in sessions I will attempt to get back to you asap BUT you need to bear in mind the following:

  • ALWAYS take my tributes up front.  No tribute, no session, no exceptions.  Simples… Concerned because you’ve been conned before?  That says more about you than it does about Me.  I’ve been on the London Fetish scene since 2010, sessioning whilst I learnt the craft, and operating as a fully fledged professional since 2011.  You can read my Testimonials, you can see how many high profile Professional Dominants and events I am affiliated with, I also run multiple events in and around London.  If I were ripping people off there would be feedback online about it…. I recommend doing your research before you make a booking, regardless of who you book with.
  • I don’t work 24/7 (contrary to what so many seem to think) so if you send me a message at 6am looking for a session to start at 12pm on that same day, it’s not going to happen.  My hours are 12pm-11.30pm, which means they are the hours I conduct sessions.  I do admin as and when I can, either in between my sessions or after I finish, but I DO NOT do start working (including doing admin) until 12pm and if I have a session starting at 12pm then I won’t be doing admin and/or checking emails at 12pm, will I?  Nope!  I’ll be in session 🙂

Please EMAIL me on or for all enquiries.

(Do not call or text my phone, you will receive an AUTO REPLY as I am now too busy so can’t take calls.  It’s common sense guys, come on – I simply cannot answer the phone when I am in session or in a bad service area – you won’t be able to get through to speak with me so stop calling.  Most of you wont speak to my assistants, and you really don’t want to piss off my PA – she bites…)


And now for – MY DIARY!

21 May FULLY BOOKED Offering Sessions
22 May
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
23 May
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
24 May
25 May
26 May
27 May
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
28 May Offering Sessions By Appointment
29 May
EVENT: Beautifully Destroyed 1pm EVENT: DVS Newbies & Veterans Munch
30 May
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
31 May
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
1 Jun
2 Jun
3 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
4 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
5 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
6 Jun
Offering Sessions UNAVAILABLE
7 Jun
8 Jun
9 Jun
10 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
11 Jun
EVENT: The Facility, London EVENT: The Facility, London
12 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
13 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
14 Jun
Offering Sessions EVENT: DnD Fun-Bunch
15 Jun
By Appointment By Appointment
16 Jun
By Appointment By Appointment
17 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
18 Jun
Offering Sessions UNAVAILABLE
19 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
20 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
21 Jun
Offering Sessions Offering Sessions
22 Jun
By Appointment By Appointment
23 Jun
By Appointment By Appointment