Hours of operation:  12pm-9pm Weekdays.  Weekends by appointment.

Usually available for sessions on Week Days between 12pm – 11pm, strictly by appointment only.  Enquiries are also taken in advance for weekend sessions, overnight and multi-day or full weekend appointments.  Although I offer some 30 minute sessions I much prefer longer sessions, and generally do not book more than two or three per day.

A respectful approach is always well-received.

You should send an email to enquire about a session, but please ensure you have read my site and checked My Diary page to see whether I am offering sessions on the date you are hoping to see me.  Do not send more than a couple of paragraphs – I have neither the time, nor the desire to read your life story – I stop reading after two paragraphs.  I’d rather find out about you in person, both before and during our session.

Whilst I prefer bookings to be made by email, I will take bookings arranged through text message, however my tribute is doubled for this.

When you make contact to book, you will the below information in order to streamline the booking process, and avoid wasting time for us both… This is done through my online CONTACT FORM.


You can fill in the form to send this information by clicking HERE.

Once tribute is sent, I will confirm it has been received and send address and directions to you.  These also state that you should not call any earlier than 5 minutes before our appoitment start time.  If you call me any more than 5 minutes to, the penalty surcharge is £200 per minute, so if you call 7 minutes before, the penalty surcharge total is £400.  Calling me half an hour before, the penalty surcharge is £5,000.00.  You have been warned…. 🙂

Those in service to, or regularly sessioning with, another Mistress where your Mistress feels you belong to her – you MUST have permission from your Mistress to session with me BEFORE you contact me.  It is not up to me to seek permission for you, and I should not have to check up on you!


To secure your desired appointment time, you are required to send the tribute in full up front, either by online banking or paying cash at a bank branch.  Once the tribute is received, our booking will be confirmed and you will be sent the directions / address and any other instructions.  For confirmed bookings, you should send an email or text the day before, to confirm you are attending, and again on the day at least two hours prior to the session starting.  I recommend allowing an extra half hour to forty five minutes for all sessions as I like to have a thorough chat with you before we play, and you’ll need time to shower before and after.

Cancellations received within 48 hours are non refundable.  Cancellations received with more than 48 hours notice can be changed to another date.  Cancellations received with 72 hours or more notice are eligible for a full refund, except where the slot has been advertised as being “FULLY BOOKED”.  When requesting an appointment, at least 24-48 hours notice is preferable as I am a busy lady and often don’t have time to sit and wait for emails.  Making appointments with two days or more notice are more likely to successfully secure an appointment with me, and booking further in advance increases your chances of booking the date and time you desire.  Occasionally I am able to do same-day bookings, ideally you should give me at least 2 hours notice so that I have time to coordinate everything.

If a dungeon reservation is required, this is an extra expense on top of my regular tribute, otherwise my sessions are conducted in a comfortable, luxurious domestic setting with dedicated playspace.  I also prefer to be able to move freely during sessions so, unless you have a specific outfit request I will generally be dressed comfortably – minimum smart casual, semi-fetish, office wear, cocktail dress or semi-formal.

When you arrive we will discuss your interests, your experience, your boundaries/limits in detail, and your health. You have no need to be embarrassed so speak openly with me about your fantasies; your honest communication in this area will greatly enhance your session experience.  I need to know about any health problems, physical limitations, recent surgeries or injuries you may have, and you will need to let me know if you are unable to be marked.

I DO NOT OFFER PERSONAL INTIMATE SEXUAL SERVICES SO DON’T EMBARRASS YOURSELF BY ASKING!  I may allow you to hand relieve yourself at the end of the session if you’ve earned it (or for my amusement, should it be appropriate to the style of session), but there is no guarantee.  And no, a Bondassage session with me does not involve massage and wank.  If you are looking for hand relief you should look elsewhere, there are other lovely people who offer this service…

My sessions are not conducted either in the nude nor topless/bottomless. I will, however, remove my shoes for foot worship sessions.

There are a few things I do not tolerate: drug or alcohol use or influence during session, bad manners, bad hygiene or bad timing. Be respectful, be on time, don’t be late and don’t arrive earlier than five minutes before the session is due to begin.

I specialise in double, triple, quadruple (and more) sessions.  My friends are available to session with me – Goddess Anastaxia, Mistress Tess, Miss Hayley Bond, Mistress Absolute, Miss Petite, Mistress Katerina, Zara DuRose, Switch Bitch FoXtress, Miss Penelope Dreadful, Miss Ava Black, Mistress Karina, Mistress Sandra, as well as many others. Please contact me for details.

Also on offer – Master and Mistress double sessions with the wonderfully talented Max Long, or the gorgeously sadistic Bull Master Baron (especially if you also fancy some forced-bi), and the suitably devious Mr. Grey.

Gorgeous female submissive Miss Viv is available for non-sexual double sessions with me. Please contact me for more details.

My pretty, flirty submissive girl Allegra is available to tease and seduce you with her seductive gaze and lithe body… She’s a very naughty girl, who particularly enjoys CP, among other things. Contact me for more details.

My sexy, naughty minx Miss Teena is also available for double sessions with me, she adores serving, loves to please and has very few limits.  Perhaps you’d like to see what happens when two of my submissive girls are put together…. Contact me for more details.

Please note, double and triple sessions take time to coordinate, therefore there is little chance that same day appointments are available unless a Double Session Day is advertised.

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