London Subspace Experience

Experience the Ultimate Floaty Subspace with Me!

Do you know what subspace is?  Perhaps you know what it is but haven’t properly experienced it to the extent where you literally cannot speak…  Do you want to know what a full, earth shattering, trembling, body-melting, floaty subspace feels like?  Well now you can experience it for yourself at my London playspace.  If you’re still not sure what subspace is, you should read all about it in my blog post!  You can also read a brief, basic description of subspace and the importance of aftercare HERE.

During the past few years I’ve spent a great deal of time experimenting and perfecting a set of experiences that focus entirely on triggering and maximising that lovely floaty subspace feeling.  I’m delighted to say that I am now fully equipped, well practised and ready to launch you way into outer subspace!  In fact, I’ve become so good at it, and can send you so deep, you’ll most likely not be able to put two words together, let alone think straight enough to speak in sentences…  And all with no marks!  So good, so addictive, so amazing, it probably needs a warning label!  You can see what a very deep subspace looks like HERE.

“There came a time when I went so deep that I was unable to utter any words. That was far deeper than my previous experience.  It took me some considerable time to regain my composure once the session was over.” – R

Here are your options……

Option 1 – Basic Subspace Experience £500 (SE50)

Up to three unrushed hours to allow you to fully appreciate how amazing (and therapeutic) a deep subspace can be, but without all the bells and whistles.  Incorporating a fully tailored, relatively gentle impact play session, coupled with some light yet secure bondage/restraint.  If you are unable to be marked, then this type of session is perfect as there won’t be any marks left behind, aside of a rosy pink posterior.  Masochists who fancy their impact play a little harder, that’s definitely not a problem – I can most certainly accommodate.  I can even cater to those who love to admire their marks afterwards!  You only need to request this, which means the choice of marks or no marks is enterily up to you.  The most important factor in all this is that pain doesn’t necessarily need to play any part in helping you achieve the deepest subspace possible, unless you want it to!  For CBT lovers, or those who are just curious about it, I can also combine some mild CBT with a shorter impact play segment.   At only £500 this is the no frills option, which means there are no bells and whistles, and no fancy extras.  Please quote SE50 when you make your booking.  If you’re seeking a more upmarket and/or indulgent experience, you should look at my other offerings which are below…

Option 2 – Ultimate Subspace Experience £700 (SE70)

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, this is where it’s at!  Why not spoil yourself?  A huge step up from the no frills basic version, the Ultimate Subspace Experience includes everything described in Option 1 but is so much fancier.  Imagine being greeted with a welcome drink, then we sit and have a really good, thoroughly connective chat.  This enables me to create the ultimate bespoke experience for you.  Soon enough you’ll be slipping into a luxuriously soft bathrobe after indulging in one of the best showers in London.  Incorporating beautiful mood lighting, calming music, weighted recovery comforter, and all the aftercare time you’ll need, there are also some post-session refreshments.  The Ultimate Subspace Experience lasts up to four hours, so if you’re looking for a more indulgent experience, then this is the ideal option.  Please quote SE70 when you make your booking.

Option 3 – VIP Subspace Indulgence £900 (VIP90)

The only way this experience could be enhanced any further would be to top it off with a lovely meal, right?  Well aren’t you lucky – with the VIP Subspace Indulgence you have the choice of either going out for a meal, or ordering in if you prefer not to venture out.  Now visualise not having to get up and leave straight afterwards, simply being able to indulge in your lovely floaty subspace for another couple of hours over a lovely meal and perhaps also a little wine…  Sounds like heaven, right?  An entire half day (or evening) in my captivating company, experiencing subspace at my capable hands…  Pure indulgence that is guaranteed to tickle the fancy of the most discerning hedonist.  When booking, please quote VIP90.

Sessions like these generally require advance booking…  Make sure you view my availability HERE and then get in touch with me to book the experience of a lifetime!

*Please note – these sessions may not be suitable for someone brand new to BDSM.  At the very least you should probably have had an introductory session that incorporated impact play, and also light/mild CBT if that is to be included in the Subpsace Experience.  You can find more info on the Newbie Intro or Taster sesssions that I offer HERE.