Sure, you’ve heard of subspace, especially if you’ve been in the BDSM scene for any length of time.

Firstly – dear reader and fellow kinkster, do you actually know what SubSpace is?  Perhaps you’ve experienced it, so maybe you do, but possibly you don’t….  If you do, and you have experienced it before, yay!  If not, I shall explain….

For those who don’t know or aren’t quite sure – Basically it’s your own body giving you the equivalent of a drug high… You’ve heard the term “adrenaline junkie” right? Well, kinksters very similarly chase that feeling of subspace, and topspace too.  We chase that natural high…

Scientifically speaking, your body reacts to sensations, whether they be gentle (like a caress) or traumatic (like a punch, for example).  What that means is, certain activities, especially BDSM activities, can have quite an impact on your body (pardon the pun!).  Explained simply, subspace is where your body releases a cocktail of chemicals which can include, but are not limited to, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and the wonder chemical endorphine, and ultimately this makes you feel absolutely wonderful!  Kinksters have figured we can tap into these wonderful feels through the various activities we indulge in.

So what does it feel like to be in subspace?  Well, that really depends on how deep you go… If you have ever had a glass of wine or a couple of beers on an empty stomach, you’re getting pretty darn close to knowing what subspace feels like – but that’s not all, because along with that floaty, slightly tipsy feeling, you also feel any combination of calm, euphoric, a little dizzy, disconnected and/or happy.  How long the feeling lasts depends on a lot of things, but mostly it depends on how deep you go, and whether you are interrupted or pulled out of it too quickly.  Being very psychologically based, you can also put yourself back into this subspace feeling afterwards, simply by remembering and recalling the feelings you experienced whilst playing.  You can also push on any sore parts of your body (in the case of an impact play scenario) and this will trigger that subspace float once again.

Some lucky people find it very easy to experience subspace.  In my experience, the easiest kinksters to put into a subspace are foot fetishists – with their fetish right there in front of them, and when they are feeling safe and secure in the space they are holding, give them a few minutes with some lovely feet and they literally melt right away into their floaty, subspace bliss.  Rope is another experience that is very conducive to encouraging subspace.  There are any number of activities that enhance subspace, but what works varies from person to person.  Also, what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

Topspace is what the Top often experiences, but I plan on writing about that topic separately at some point…

If you’d like to know what subspace feels like, I offer a few Subspace Experience options.  Visit HERE to find out more.