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If you're considering booking a session, the best way to get to know someone is by reading testimonials written by genuine, previous clientele.  Whilst no two sessions are ever the same, you can get a pretty good feel for how a session with me will be, by reading about others' experiences.  I specialise in many things, in particular strapon, assgasms, spanking, caning, ball busting, CBT, foot worship, corporal punishment, judicial punishment, rope bondage, shibari, prisoner role play and incarceration, tickling, face sitting, chastity keyholding, and so much more (a more extensive list can be found on my INTERESTS page).  It pays to do your research - the success of your session depends entirely on the professionality and connection you have with the provider you choose.

Below is a collection of reviews, testimonials and thank you's I have received, they are genuine, legitimate and fully verifiable.   If you would like to contribute to my testimonials page please let me know via email (if we have had a session together then you will have my email address) or visit http://mistressreview.com/ and officially submit something.  Thank you to each of you who have submitted, you know who you are....…

“I’d fantasised for so many years about having a strap-on experience, but never had the courage to make it happen. I’d seen Goddess Cleo listed in a few places online and was interested straight away as she clearly had a talent for all things strap-on. When I found her website I read about assgasms for the first time and this added a whole new dimension to my expectations. Previously it had all been about the power and control aspect for me, but now I had the mystery of these incredible new types of orgasms and I knew I had to experience a session with her.

Booking was very simple and I was soon on my way, nervous about how it would go. I needn’t have been as Goddess Cleo was so warm and welcoming. We had a good talk first that helped me relax and put my mind at ease; I realised that she was a professional and someone who really cared about those she allows to session with her.

After a quick shower I found myself lying across the bench ready to take the first of her toys. Having never had anything larger than a finger inside me before I braced myself, but I was quickly able to take the first few with apparent ease. It was then time for her to hoist me up in the sling and well and truly pop my cherry with her famous Zebra strap-on. The feeling was really intense, but she was soon working up a faster rhythm and I had my first assgasm as I watched a gorgeous goddess pound away at me. This was an absolute revelation to me as I felt it throughout my entire body. More followed in quick succession, again and again as I relaxed into it and felt wave after wave; building to two huge ones, one after the other, brought on by her calling me her “little butt slut” when I felt like I completely lost control. By this point I was deep into subspace and felt as if I was spinning in the sling when I closed my eyes. Overall, I must’ve had about thirty assgasms.

When I finally thought I could take no more Goddess Cleo said it might be a good time to stop. As it was my first time I didn’t mind the idea of stopping early as I was so overwhelmed, but I actually found we’d gone slightly over the two hours; I’d just lost all sense of time.

Another quick shower and we were sat down again to talk about how it’d gone. I don’t remember too much about that bit as my head was floating at that point but I remember feeling really well looked after and that she really cared about how I was feeling.

I stumbled off into the night with an amazing warm, fuzzy feeling and for most of the journey home I could still feel a sort of echo of an assgasm running through me.

I can say that I will definitely be looking to book another session as soon as I can.”

P, October 2018

" What can I say. I’m a 60 yo frenchy newbie. I wanted to experiment strapon and assgasm. I only wanted to try with Goddess Cleo and I was right. First, she take time to talk, to ask for my expectations, her way of work. I was in confident and peaceful arms. Then, she put my desire, her desire in practice and she knows how to, she knows her job and she likes it, you can feel it very well. So I gave my asshole virginity to her and have no regrets. My main concern is that after an afternoon with Goddess Cleo, you want to meet her again and again. Thank you Goddess Cleo for this wonderfull moment."

D, October 2018

"Just want to say thank you again for the other day.

I'm glad I took the jump and book a session with you, you have opened my eyes (and other things) into more fetishes that i'd like to explore further in the future. You were so warming and profession before, during and after the session which I thought help overall. I hope to be booking another session with you in the future."

R, September 2018

"I have been curious about strapon for a while, have never tried it before and was not sure if I wanted to follow through. Curiosity won and I quickly found Goddess Cleo's website. There was something about the attitude expressed there that said Professional and Trustworthy, both important for me, I didn't feel any need to look any further.

Negotiating an appointment was straightforward and no-nonsense, so within a week I was there and it was no longer a curiosity but real. I was nervous.

I appreciated the thorough discussion beforehand, with the Goddess finding out what made me tick in all things kink before we started and calming my first-timer nerves just by being herself. By the time we started I was calm and ready to trust her with myself.

The session was mind blowing. In no time I was losing my strapon cherry and a few minutes later having my first assgasms. Wow. I had no idea these even existed a week ago, having assumed men only had one type of orgasm available. Yet here I was reduced to a twitching heap, already going into subspace. If you think an assgasm is anything like an orgasm, think again, what I had was a totally different whole body experience. This was an education as well as a treat.

Goddess Cleo then played me skillfully for the two hour session, punctuated by her gleeful laugh every time I became a twitching heap again. Goddess Cleo clearly enjoys her work. She gave me a whole range of different intense sensations from a couple of  different strapons used in different ways, pushing the intensity to my limits so I almost lost the ability to speak, yet building up more intensity each time and finishing me off with an intense multiple assgasm that felt like it would not end.

Again, the care and professionalism was apparent with a debrief and cool down period before I wobbled off up the road stoned on my own endorphins.

So, my first strapon experience, my first assgasm and my first real experience of subspace all in one two hour session! Will I go back? You bet! And I already know that Goddess Cleo has sussed what else I might like, which I find really comforting."

Andy, September 2018

"Overwhelming and exhilarating initiation by a true Goddess

I recently visited Goddess Cleo for the first time for an anal initiation session.  For various reasons, one of the experiences I most desire is to be fingered, entered and probed in the ass by a dominant woman.  It is something I hadn’t experienced for far too long and I had come to the point where I realised that I was compelled to seek it out and submit again.  After only a very short amount of internet searching it became patently clear that one Lady stood out amongst all other Dommes on the London scene when it comes to strap-on sessions: the one and only Goddess Cleo.

Why: well first all you need to do is to take one look at her photos to start to fall under the spell of her beauty and presence.  People always says in testimonials: “and she was even more achingly beautiful in real life than in her pictures”.  In most cases that  cliché may be an exaggeration.  However, I assure you all that it is not in Goddess Cleo’s, especially with her sparkling eyes and ‘trade-mark’ coquettish fringe!

Also, I was fascinated – but perhaps slightly sceptical – about how submissives could hope to experience ‘Assgasms’ at the mercy of her powerful and expert ministrations.  Her eloquent explanation about, and advocacy of, the importance of experiencing first hand, one (or more Assgasms) was new to me.  But still the thought fascinated me…Curious, and with her glowing testimonials ringing in my ears, I decided to make the first step in a chain of many decisions to entrust and submit myself to Goddess Cleo: I applied for a session with her. 

I imagine that Goddess Cleo is always very busy.  So, as an unknown newbie, I was really  delighted that she was so accommodating in finding a mutually convenient date and, in short order, a session was arranged.

When the appointed time eventually arrived, I found myself in a clean, attractive and modern apartment, listening in rapt attention to a Goddess who was even more beautiful than I had imagined she would be. 

More than anything though, as she sat me down for quite a detailed preparatory discussion about what was going to happen, I realised how caring and warm she was.  I strongly felt that this was someone who I could really trust and I would be safe giving myself up to, completely.  At this point, I really want to emphasise the importance two things:

  • Of trusting Goddess Cleo absolutely – she can make you experience incredible transformative sensations.  However, they lie on the other side of some intense and somewhat uncomfortable feelings which you have to let her help you work through.  Believe me; you owe it yourself, but more so to Goddess Cleo, to trust her that all will be in (actually it will be mind-blowingly amazing!) 
  • Of respecting Goddess Cleo – she has rare and special skills.  When she gives you instructions on how to prepare for a strap-on session you owe it to her to be sure you are as clean as possible, both for her comfort and to save your embarrassment (and so embrace the pleasure more strongly).  Moreover, while you are preparing for the session, why not start your submission to her by realising that your thoroughness in cleaning is really your first act of reverence towards her?

First comes trust…

After a quick shower it was time to confront my destiny.  I guess many first timers worry whether they can take the dildoes which Goddess Cleo plans to use on them.  Seeing her extensive array of equipment for the first time could be intimidating.  However, let yourself go and trust her, and any fear quickly turns to excited anticipation.

By the time she tested the smaller sizes on my all I could think of was how much I wanted to open myself as fully as possible to her cocks and, in the blink of an eye, she had discarded her cherry popper in favour of the much more substantial Zebra…but that was just the beginning.

Very soon, she had me suspended in the sling: fully exposed and open to her, so she could work on me properly.  She reminded me that it was really important I trust her and work with her to push through unfamiliar and intense feelings.  She told me that she was really going to work on me but she needed me to work hard for her too.  By this stage all I could think of was how much I want to feel her cock sliding in me, so deeply to the hilt, distending me very wide open.  At that point I made the most important of my many decisions to trust her, really because I so wanted to please her and do what she asked of me.

Until then point been “a before” in my life, but after that began “the after”.  Surprisingly quickly, I had my first Assgasm.  I assure you they are very, very real.  I won’t try and describe it, there’s no point: I just exhort you to experience it for yourself.  All in all, from virgin newbie to my first Assgasm only took about 10 minutes.  But that was just the beginning.

There was point when I really had to work hard for Goddess Cleo where I had experienced maybe 10-20 Assgasms.  By then, part of me almost wanted to stop: I had had the pleasure of quite a few Assgasms and was still new to the intensity you have to go through to get them.  The pleasure and the discomfort almost balanced out…  However, then I remembered that sessioning with a Goddess like Cleo was not really about me and my pleasure: I realised that I really wanted to push myself to gratefully take what she was giving me.  As soon as I grapsed that, I felt that she slowly, but very, very surely began to re-programme me to be her willing and wanton ass slut!  We very quickly passed the 50 Assgasms mark, but still she wanted me to go further and by then I didn’t want to resist – I just wanted to feel her cock moving deep inside me!

Then comes the submission and through that the ecstasy of abandonment… 

What happens next is a blur the Assgasms were now coming in rolling waves, almost continuous rather than periodic, like at the beginning.  I knew that once we got past 80 she wouldn’t want to stop until she had pushed me to have at least 100 Assgasms for her.  What happened between 80 and 101 (or may be 102?) was beyond words: she thrust in me sometimes really slowly and sometimes really hard.  Stopping was out of the question and she continued entirely at her whim just making me ride her cock: shuddering, convulsing and writhing as the tsunami of Assgasms she was giving rained down on me.

At the end it was official: even though I was a newbie for her Goddess Cleo proudly announced I had made it to #SuperMegaSlut status - so happy!

My advice in summary: don’t waste time reading more testimonials – just contact this true Goddess as soon as you can and trust that you will enjoy a little agony and a lot more ecstasy under her care and control."

steve, September 2018

"OOOOOOOOOO GODDESS CLEO that is what I said within the first 5 minutes of our session.
Goddess Cleo touch and experience is second to none. I have been on and off the scene for the past thirty years, no one else I have seen can compete to GODDESS CLEO and her fantastic skills.

Goddess  Cleo is the best Domme I have ever come across. I was a bit nervous when I arrived at her place but within 10 seconds it was like meeting up with a special friend you have not seen for quite awhile. We discussed my past experience and what I am into and my limits and her interests. (A lot I like and some which I had not thought of, but now willing to try for her.) then we discussed what she was going to do with me. The whole process was very easy and settling for me.

We had a 2 hour session, the tricks up her sleeve had me on such a high which I never had before, (I am still recovering from, it has been five days since our appointment.) She pushed me through all my likes and more. All the while she was very professional but always looked out for my needs.

At the end of our 2 hours session I was a new sub which would do anything and would let GODDESS CLEO do anything to me as I trust her with my life. If I had seen Goddess CLEO before my last break from the scene my life would be completely different.

After the session finished I had shower and the we both sat down and we discussed what happened in the session and how we felt about what we did.

GODDESS CLEO has changed me again and now I do very much want to get back into the scene. Hopefully to serve GODDESS CLEO in her every wish and command, I will do anything she wants."

H, September 2018

"Goddess Cleo is first and foremost a professional. She took great care at the start of our encounter to understand my desires, boundaries, experience, etc. and I felt quite comfortable as we began.

Her technique is excellent and my time with her was exhilierating. Indeed the entire experience meant that I departed knowing myself a little better than before I arrived."

Slow-To-Surrender, September 2018

"Goddess  Cleo was amazing,  made me feel so calm and relaxed and opened my mind to so many feelings that need experimenting.  Goddess Cleo's houmor is hilarious,  cracking jokes and cracking my arse hahaha.  Helps to relax me personally and put me at ease .

Had a two hour special strap on session which I was in ore and couldn't believe how I felt after obtaining multiple arsegasams.  Again and again.  So smooth and felt amazing.  Loved it. The whole experience, Goddess Cleo really knows what to know and has great hip movement.  Goddess Cleo was so friendly,  helpful,  fun , and put my mind in state of relaxation that I felt myself wanting more and more .

Will be going back ;)  And nice to be called a mega slut !"

M K, September 2018

"Goddess Cleo is one if the most professionnal persons i've met. She clearly knows her art, and she takes a lot of time at the beginning of the session to get to know you and to provide the best possible service, and make sure you are able to fully enjoy whatever you are into in a safe way.

I booked a strapon session, and if you've never been properly pegged, it's something every man should try. She will make you discover sensations that you never had. After about 10-15min i could sense the intensity building up and experienced the first light assgasm. These kept repeating again and again every couple of minutes getting stronger ans stronger until i was drained and overwhelmed. It can get very intense probably as i am not really used to it.

After getting out of the session. I stayed in that state for several hours. I was litterally radiating heat from everywhere, in a bittersweet mix of slightly uncomfortable euphoria... One of the most special feelings i had.

d, August 2018

"This was my second time session  with Goddess Cleo. Just like the first, I experienced an intense and blissful time with Goddess. Whilst words cannot truly do justice, I will try.

Goddess Cleo is a statuesque beauty, who showed genuine enjoyment in our time together. Beyond her physical beauty, there lies a special personal of rare quality, who mixes intelligence, humour, empathy  and humanity.

As before, Goddess took the time to chat and explain what was about to happen. Then it was time for a shower, and the session started.

The next 90 minutes were a mind blowing, nerve tingling experience of orgasmic bliss. Not from my cock,  but across my entire body. Blindfolded and with headphones on my senses were in overload. A range of sensations were induced through an assortment of tools, including a massage. The feeling as every nerve in my body was tingling is akin to a full body orgasm. I was very quickly in my subspace and spent the entire 90 minutes in a serene state of bliss.

At the end Goddess gently brought me out of my subspace, and back to the real world.

Goddess Cleo is a phenomenal lady, and highly recommended. There is no clock watching, and we had a pleasant chat before it was time for me to leave. Until next time.

steve, August 2018

"I booked a two hour assgasm session with Goddess Cleo as this particular aspect of BDSM combined my kinks: CFNM, being put in a vulnerable session - a large part of the session I spent in stirrups, with legs in the air and so, very exposed - and being pegged by a dominant woman. Thing is, I'd never been pegged before, and also didn't know a great deal about the body's responsiveness and what would happen when getting a lubed up rubber cock pushed in repeatedly, courtesy of Goddess Cleo's hips.

I assumed that it all centred around prostate stimulation, with eventual orgasm, if one was reached, being felt in the cock. I was wrong: Goddess Cleo explained that assgasms can even be felt by men who have had the prostate removed, and could often lead to sensations all over the body. This was covered in the initial 30 minute chat Goddess Cleo provides: a key part of the session. Goddess Cleo asked me about my history, what I have experienced before, and then explained what's going to happen and how I could get the best out of what she was going to do to me. This is what marks Goddess Cleo out as being a professional, and if you're going to be fucked in the arse for two hours with a series of progressively larger rubber cocks, then trust me, you really do want a professional. The chat established trust, and a willingness on my part to relinquish control completely to Goddess Cleo: this aspect of the session, as well as her physical prowess with the strap-on - and believe me, she works very hard! - is what guarantees success.

And the session was a success: Goddess Cleo began gently and ensured that I was physically primed and ready before taking it further. Over the two hours, I discovered things my body could do that I just had no idea were part of the male realm of experience. I had multiple assgasms, which are of quite a different character than the usual cock orgasm, but not only this, felt like I was coming with my whole body: my chest, throat, face and even head all took part in the waves of sensation coming from Goddess Cleo pushing into me. I'm also quite uptight and hate showing any kind of signs of pleasure, discomfort or even emotion, but it wasn't long before Goddess Cleo had me moaning and crying out; reactions I'm still surprised I gave into, but then she is that good. Goddess Cleo makes sure she establishes both a physical and a psychological connection to get the most out of you, has an awesome personality, and is beautiful too. Add to this her professionalism and the things she can make you experience, something all men should experience once, a visit to Goddess Cleo is a must."

G, August 2018

"I have sessioned with a number of mistresses in five different countries over ten years, and Goddess Cleo is simply the best. The way she combines authority with empathy and a genuine desire to create the best session possible for you is nothing short of unique. Goddess Cleo is not someone who simply enjoys hurting people - she is completely devoted to the Art of BDSM and to discover your individual kinks. Over the four years we have now sessioned together, I have learned to trust her completely and to always follow her suggestions when it comes to trying out new activities. In her expert hands I have experienced an endless row of different sensations that I never imagined possible. Goddess Cleo can take complete command over me with a simple command or gesture, she can send me into various depths of subspace within minutes of my arrival, she can tease me into writhing frustration, she can keep me in an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain for extended periods of time, she can induce seemingly endless series of assgasms - and yet, I have the feeling that there is so much more to discover. I don't know where (or if) our journey will end, but I am keenly letting her guide me."

Submissive Belgian slut S, August 2018

I write this on a post- assgasm high. Goddess Cleo is a sensational domme. Her physical beauty is dwarfed by her awsome  personality. Having done thorough research I was well aware oh Goddess Cleo's feedback.  However, Goddess took the time to ensure I was comfortable and relaxed, and to explain how to get the most from the session for both of us.

I have been a sub for over 25 years, but never met a domme with the talent and stamina for an assgasm. This proved to be an extremely intense 2 hours.

She popped my assgasm cherry 10 minutes in, and that started my trigger. If you have never had an assgasm, see Goddess Cleo.  I needed the times she gave me a break. I was groaning like a porn starlet, and certainly earned her hussy description. I was left unable to do anything other than clench my thighs! My groaning, panting, keaning are new sounds to me.

Goddess is caring, has a lovely sense of humour, and clearly enjoys her job.

I Will be going back to see this phenomenal lady time and time again.

steve, August 2018

"Hi “Goddess” I just wanted to tell you that I never thought it’s possible to experience what I’ve experienced with you, having been an advanced ass slut, I must’ve had over 40 assgasms in the hour spent with you and I’m definitely looking forward for our next session

Thank you"

F, August 2018

“I was delighted when Goddess Cleo agreed to see me for a strap on session appointment, even more so as it was just before my birthday making it a rather special ‘birthday bumming’

The instructions given for before the appointment and directions to meet her at her studio were very detailed leaving no chance for mistakes which was reassuring to say the least.

The appointment started with a chat about what I’d done before and what I hoped to get from the session. I’d experienced what I thought to be an assgasm with a previous partner and was keen to experience it again.

Goddess Cleo was very attentive to what I had to say and was great to talk with even about topics not quite associated with the session (she’s of a high intellect), there was hardly any nervousness on my part thanks to her calm, reassuring and overall lovely persona.

The session itself was amazing with me experiencing many assgasms and quite a few multiple asgasms too, Goddess Cleo said she gave up counting after 20 but estimated more than 30, in the end we had to stop as my body couldn’t take much more of that exquisite pleasure.

I felt at all times that Goddess Cleo was enjoying herself as much as I was and that although it was her that was in control that there was plenty of trust both ways and I could stop it all at any time if I needed to.

I would definitely recommend to anybody that loves their butt and the pleasure that can be gained from it”

Paul, July 2018

"Being under the control of a mistress had been in my mind for while. But once I had contacted Goddess Cleo, I didn't doubt and gladly committed to this new experience. It was only once I did it that I realized it would really happen. And I had it in my mind every now and then during the few days before we met. How would I actually handle it ? Was I ready for this ? Would I enjoy it ? I had no more choice but to give it a go and so did I. When the time as come, I was very nervous but managed to get myself there. The Goddess opened the door, my heart rate increases already. I was very warmly welcome but a radiant woman and we sat around a table for an easy introduction talk. Once everything had been explained I was sent to take a shower and came back. Like a shy newbie I came back fully clothed but got gently informed that it was time for the fun begin. I got undressed and was then introduced to the toys as mistress prepared herself in front of me, while smiling and talking to me to help me to relax. As I got in position, excitement started to take place, I realized what was about to happen and decided to embrace it. I had trust into Goddess's experience and surrendered totally to her. She guided me through all the steps, telling me how great I was doing, making sure I was all good. And I quickly found myself discovering a complete new sensation, bent on the bench, in very good hands. Then mistress decided I was ready for more and I got layed down into the sling, legs secured, enjoying this short break to look around and snapshot the moment. I took a deep breath and Goddess gently slided back into me. She had this malicious smile on her face has she was taking my virginity, looking at me in the eyes. I wanted to thank her for pushing my limits but I was already shaking of assgams. I wish it would have never stopped but came a point where we both agreed not to take it too far. After a few minutes resting my mind and my body, I got on my feet and euphorically debriefed this adventure with my mentor. I was told I did great for a first time and it felt like we just shared a very funny moment together. I am so glad I did trust Goddess into this and and I am now willing to push it further in the game. Maybe less mercy ? Deeper under her control, feeling helpless? Looking forward to it ! Thanks a lot !"

v, July 2018

"I discovered Goddess Cleo in 2015 during a period when I was regularly in London for work. Now I mainly travel there just to session with her. I had been exploring the BDSM world for some years, visiting different mistresses without really finding the right mistress for me. From my very first session with Goddess Cleo, I knew it would be her. We started out talking about past experiences, preferences and boundaries. The warm casual setting and the genuine curiosity of Goddess Cleo towards my likes and limitations made this surprisingly easy, despite an initial nervousness on my part. Both then and in each subsequent session Goddess Cleo has shown a keen interest in discovering what would make me tick, writhe and moan, exploring both known and new paths and constantly pushing my limits. After four years she knows me and my body well, but still each session is different, surprising, fresh. To session with Goddess Cleo is to enter a space of unimaginable intensity where only you, her and a multitude of sensations exist. We still have a lot to explore together and I look forward to every future session we will have. I am truly happy to have found her.

Submissive Belgian slut S, June 2018

"I recently attended a double dom session with Goddess Cleo and Mistress Absolute. I had previously done a single session with Goddess Cleo and thought that it would be interesting and adventurous to try as double dom session for a new experience.

On my way to the flat I got overly anxious and nervous and somehow convinced myself that I would be unable to experience an assgasm again. Looking back I can't understand why I thought this way but I did and it made me feel tense.

On arrival I sat down at the kitchen table with the two ladies and Goddess Cleo asked me the date of my previous session. I told her and she produced a book in which she keeps a record of her sessions. She referred to her notes of the previous session and read it out to me. It was very accurate and included mention that during that session I experienced assgasms about 15 times. She explained that if someone had that experience before then it would be relatively easy for them to experience it again. This reassured me and she then expressed a verbal target for her and Mistress Absolute to give me more assgasms in this session than I had in the previous session.  They were both calm and patient and that helped put me at ease and my hopes of assgasm nirvana began to rise.

I was not disappointed, far from it, as during the session I had repeated assgasms over and over again. I don't know the number but it was well more than the 15 or so the first time. But the best thing was not the number of times I (anally) came, but the duration and intensity because each assgasm was longer and more intense than during the previous session.

Goddess Cleo has a purpose-build sling in the flat, which I found really comfortable as it enable me to lie on my back. The two ladies took turns with one shagging me whilst the other stood at my side talking with me. This helped my overcome my anxiety and relax and once I was fully relaxed the assgasms just flowed in one after another like waves at the beach.

I'm extremely grateful to both ladies. They were both chatty and fun which helped hugely in overcoming the anxiety I felt. At the same time I could tell that they were serious about the delivering the assgasms that I had gone there for.

I cant wait to go back for more!"

PP, June 2018

"If caning is your ‘thing’, I cannot recommend Goddess Cleo enough.  For my second session I had asked to be dealt with firmly.  Beautiful, radiant and with a look of intent, Goddess Cleo cuffed and roped me to the spanking bench.  Then two straps encircled and clamped me down securely; I couldn’t move at all and was entirely at her mercy, as I had requested.  I was shown the cane about to be used and felt a few light taps as she took her aim.  There followed six rapid strokes.   The pain seared through me but I was allowed a few seconds to process it, then six more and six more after that.   You may like to know that apart from her excellent technique, Goddess Cleo is ambidextrous!  I was being caned left and right-handed (and so finished up with a very nice set of even stripes and we all like our stripes, don’t we?)

They came again and again, batches of six accurate strokes each slightly harder than the previous.  Some delivered slowly, some fast, different sensations combining to create in me an intense physical and mental state.  I had slipped into subspace; the pain came and went as I went deeper and deeper. I must have received at least sixty strokes when Goddess Cleo told me I was to prepare for the final twelve.  I breathed deeply as they came, hard, spot on target and incredibly painful. 

I was finally released, given a big caring hug and checked over to make sure I was okay; I was!  As ever you can rest assured that Goddess Cleo will take good care of you with your welfare being paramount to her.

For me, corporal punishment is more than simply a masochistic desire.  Pain leads me to emotional places that often help to expose and release unwanted thoughts. This had been an exquisite caning."

Joe, June 2018

"There is so much to recommend in a visit to Goddess Cleo that I hardly know where to start.  I arrived feeling slightly nervous but within a few minutes she put me completely at ease and we enjoyed talking through what we were aiming to achieve in the session.  Goddess Cleo takes a lot interest in the client as a person, checking in with them before, during and after the session.  This, for me, made for a reassuring, trusting and enjoyable experience.

We started with a spanking to get me floating a little and then into the sling (which is a great way to be ass fucked).  I’m not new to strap-on play but, phew, with Goddess Cleo at the helm I didn’t know what had hit me!  To all who are doubtful or nervous about the idea of Assgasms; don’t be.  Within a few minutes I was off my head in subspace having one after the other.  There were big body shaking spasms of pure pleasure, gasping, groaning, wanting more and more.  Then sudden ‘after shocks’ that rippled through my body like an electric pulse.

Eventually, I staggered out of the sling and onto the spanking bench begging for a caning (pain slut!) which Goddess Cleo duly delivered, expertly, fiendishly but deliciously painfully.  After that I was well and truly soaked in endorphins and feeling quite euphoric.

Finally we had a quick chat about everything that had taken place giving two-way feedback.  I left a very happy bunny.

In summary, Goddess Cleo is highly professional, intelligent and very skilled in what she does and palpably enjoys herself, which in turn is enhanced by her client’s enjoyment.  I am already planning when my next visit might be."

Joe, May 2018

"Meeting Goddess Cleo was an absolute delight, my ass still quivers at the though of our session. From our initial chat to the main session, she really knew how to keep my mind at ease and allow myself to trust her. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be able to experience assgasms like she could provide. Having tried anal play at home by myself, I can honestly say its a completely different experience and would highly recommend anyone interested to get in touch! I cannot wait to arrange another session with her."

Ron, May 2018

"Dear Goddess Cleo,

Many, many thanks for yesterday. I am delighted to have had such an enjoyable session. Thanks also for being so considerate and for pushing me up to Big Mac. I never thought I'd get that far. I went home with a big smile on my face - folks on the trains must have thought I was even weirder than I actually am. 

I will definitely be back, assuming you'll have me.

Thanks again and take care"

Will, May 2018

"I was searching an experienced strap on mistress and all the talk about "assgasms" made me curious. So decided to e-mail Goddess Cleo. She's very busy with travels and events, so scheduling has not been easy but when a date was found she's been really responsive.

Now let's talk about session. She's quite different from other mistresses I met. Generally, all of them intend strap on play as a kind of punishment, but Cleo is really focused on your pleasure. Secured to the sling, she recommended me to let my mind flow into sensations and subspace and not to fight it. Then started to work my bottom, first with a smaller dildo to the right size.

And worked it hitting the right spot until sensations grew, and became so strong to drive me crazy. Soon I was not even able to speak, my hands moved in some way without control. I finally had that "assgasm", and although very different from the typical explosion it let me strongless and unable to move for a long time.

I needed half an hour staying on the sling and moving quietly before feeling able again to stay on the ground and remind who I was :)

Overall, a very strong and rewarding experience.

Thanks Goddess Cleo"

F, May 2018

"The agony and the ecstasy - my year with Goddess Cleo

Love letters are usually addressed to the object of affection. But this one is for anyone who’s ever had even a fleeting thought of bdsm or strap-on play.

I can still remember how nervous I was walking the last bit to Goddess Cleo’s flat for the first time. I was very close to turning around and dropping it all. I didn’t and have never looked back.

Any feeling of apprehension was of course completely unnecessary. Once meeting Goddess, I started to feel at ease. After having an open and frank discussion of what I was interested in we got started. Once the first cock slid up my ass, the last bit nervousness just washed away.

In the year since Goddess Cleo has turned me into a bit of a butt slut, which is something I will always be grateful for. If anyone has any doubts, The Strap-on Queen is a well-deserved moniker. With me in the sling, she delivers one assgasm after another until I am worn out. But I am soon back, because I can’t get enough.

It makes me a little sad that not more people have this experience on a regular basis. Hopefully we can all get over the stigma attached to pegging and instead enjoy ourselves.

The biggest reason for booking my first session was to get bummed by a beautiful strong woman. But I had no idea this expansive world of play would also open up. It has opened up because of who Goddess Cleo is. This wonderful person who loves what She does.

If someone asked me to pick between Her feet, hands or hips, I would have a hard time choosing. Because She is equally great with all three; every slap, kick, thrust and hit is administered with exquisite pacing and precision. And again, I can’t get enough. The float I experience when we session is unlike anything else.

In the end, we are all different, my experiences won’t be exactly the same as anyone else’s. However, I have some advice that’s universal. First, if there is anything on Goddess Cleo’s list of interests that sounds interesting, go for it. Put your money, and Goddess’s foot, where your mouth is and book a session.

Once there, if She asks whether you want to do something the answer is always yes. Because chances are amazing things will happen. Finally, treat Her, and anyone She works with, with nothing but respect. They deserve nothing less.

Once during a session I told Goddess I loved her. She said I just love her cock. The truth probably lies somewhere in between." 

buttslut m, April 2017-April 2018

"I cannot recommend Goddess Cleo enough... especially for those who are new to this world and want someone to guide them through it, be patient with them and be thoughtful. I've never met anyone who takes so much time and care into ensuring she understands what the client wants and desires as Cleo does. The discussion before and after the session really helped me get in the zone. She's the total opposite of a clock watcher and really was invested in me having a great experience. She knows when to push your boundaries and when to respect them. She wants to understand what you want from the session and ensures she delivers it. She's very friendly and lovely and I can't recommend her highly enough. She listens - a really important trait in someone who you are looking to trust. And I spent about 2 hours with her and trusted her implicitly by the end to do whatever she wanted. She understands the honour and responsibility (and power!) that trust gives her and she respects it. Honestly, a really wonderful afternoon. I'll be back to play soon! X"

m, April 2018

"Goddess Cleo, hello,

And again, a huge thank you for yesterday.

Where to begin?

First of all, your introduction and initial discussion was very open, honest and beautifully set the atmosphere, and that is one of complete trust and honesty with nothing to hide and nothing to pretend.

Having had a prostatectomy a few years ago, I could not imagine that it was possible to experience such complete abandon and such powerful assgasms. I was too focused on the moment and the intensity of the feelings to count. It took a long time to simmer down, to let subspace dissipate.

Thank you for that amazing experience."

G, April 2018

"Dear Goddess Cleo,

Thank you for an amazing time yesterday!

I loved the passion you put into it, the attention to detail in planning the session and acquiring a deep understanding of the submissive fantasies. That makes all the difference in ensuring that you can create a safe space for the sub and for you to have fun, building trust in a very natural way. In all your actions, you demonstrate that you care about the sub and about creating a great experience, amazing work!

Now, to the Assgasms… I admit I had some reservations about whether I would reach those but when thanks to the art of the Strap-on Queen I got there… Paradise on earth!!! Each time you called me butt slut I could not be happier and prouder to be yours and to loose all control to you. I had never been subspace in such a consistent way through a session, it was the greatest feeling ever- especially the hours after. The feeling of numbness, a sense of elation and relaxation at the same time,  starts in your hands, feet, stomach and face and engulfs your entire body and is truly unique.  The more I gave up control, the better it got.  

I have been with a few mistresses in NY, Berlin, Madrid, London… Goddess Cleo is clearly the best specially if anal/assgasms is your thing, so if you’re looking for a unique experience, a high you’ve never felt before, Goddess Cleo will be your hero!  

Thanks again for a wonderful time."

Gurkan, March 2018

"Incredible!  Amazing!  Mind-blowing!  INTENSE!  Heaven!

These are just a few of the terms I used during my session with Goddess Cleo. I went for the two hour strap-on session, and people, let me say, for me, it was the perfect length, and Goddess Cleo expertly works her cock to make "magic!" The largest one we got to was "black magic." I highly recommend it.

I have had an assgasm a couple times in the past, but nothing like the 6-7 full body ones I experienced today. Goddess Cleo estimated my total count at over 100! 

Goddess Cleo is fun, energenic and will do everything she can to make you feel comfortable. This is the first time in my life, that I can truly say, "I was fucked stupid." If I lived in the area, I would be a regular.

Also, The Goddess is quite stunning! But you knew that already; didn't you?"

-Mr. Bob, February 2018

"It was a wet winter weekend and getting around London had been difficult. Calling from nearby, a truck on a wet road had meant I’d missed hearing half her reply. Not a good start. I called back and was directed to her. She met me with a beautiful knowing smile and silence.

She’d poured me some water and I sat facing her, already becoming transfixed by her gaze. We had a detailed discussion about the session. She was perfect at this. I was returning to BDSM after a break, wanted my boundaries pushed (but not too much!) and was trying to be less tense (than I felt!).

Her space was clean and felt comfortable (except for the session equipment and items in the room!). She went through what the session would involve carefully and was understanding about my requests. I was nodding and agreeing. Reality loomed. I made some weak excuses about a long week and the traffic earlier making me tense. She smiled, but I think she thought I was being a wuss. I was getting absorbed by looking into her eyes, and my excuses for leniency became futile. I kept getting distracted, glimpsing at her beautiful figure.

I was told to go and get ready for her. She collared me and warmed me up with some OTK. It felt exciting already. Goddess Cleo then told me to get on her caning bench. The cane she chose stroked me first and then delivered, repeatedly. After the first batch it stung like crazy. She said she’d reward me with her strap-on and put me in her sling.

There was no doubt now who had taken control. Goddess Cleo has beautiful legs, and whilst she was happy to be complimented about this she was determined to have her way with me. I was being taken to the dark side (about 30 times!!). The endorphins were buzzing inside me. Eventually I ended up back on her bench for more caning (which was excruciating this time).  When she was done she rewarded me with some face-sitting and tickling.

The session ended with me worshipping her gorgeous feet, and then we chatted. I found her to be a very professional mistress with a dark, warming sense of humour. The CP took me further than I’d gone before. A few days later, as her marks disappeared (more quickly than I’d imagined) it felt like I’d dreamt it all."

w, January 2018


It was a great to meet you yesterday.  You were very kind and understanding towards me and I am very grateful for that. During the session I felt safe in your hands and at the thrust of your hips!

I hope you will allow me to visit you  again soon.

Kind regards

Adam, January 2018

""My god, it's full of stars"

The arrangements were made, easy to find and Goddess Cleo makes everything simple and effortless. Don't be scared, you are in safe hands.

My previous experience was very limited, and if you find yourself inquisitive, here is the the right person to guide you through this unique experience. We had a relaxed but thorough chat before, so she can best gauge what you want and can achieve. It is obvious you are talking to someone who knows what they are doing, and enjoys their work. We also talked about state of mind and sub space, which I now know I have ventured into, but not fully until this session.

As a beginner I was treated to a gradual increase in anal intrusion, from finger to cherry popper, up to the right one for the job. This isn't easy, but relax, it is fine. 

Now I understand sub space, at least a little. It is like floating. You're not only helpless, but happy to be and that's how you want to be. It's like talking ecstasy, without the dancing. The floaty feeling after the dancing. It is an ideal space to be in while something is dancing in your arse.

As to assgasms, they were not what I expected. Starting with an odd tingle and goosebumps all over, then gradually a spread of wooshing muscle spasms and intense uncontrolable flood of sensations. If I'm honest I wouldn't say I enjoyed the first one. I was happy it happened, but it was such a confusing sensation it was more of a "what the hell was that!". But then that was kind of how I remember my first ejaculation. Also like then, I wanted to go again, and with Goddess Cleo you don't have to wait…

After several assgasms, and little breaks, they started rolling in one after another. I think I saw stars. Time goes by in an odd way as I floated in sub space.  If I had attempted to do this myself I think I would have stopped after a few. But sub space, and an ever increasing sensation from an expert kept me from stopping. I wasn't in control, in a good way. I believe I could have stopped at any point, but my mind wouldn't let me. I just lay in the sling, spasming like an epileptic Pinocchio, bimbling incoherent nonsense.

Thanks again. You have opened doors, physical and mental.

Advice? Relax, zone out, let it happen. 

"Free your mind and your ass will follow" *L A Story*"

J, December 2017

"My husband and I have been working on a femdom lifestyle and visited Goddess Cleo a year ago. We felt we needed to review where we were at, so visited her again recently.  Goddess Cleo had lots of good advice on how to incorporate a femdom dynamic in our daily lives.  She is great at listening and judging what would work and what wouldn't work for us both.  As before, she made us feel comfortable, welcome and we never felt rushed."

From a married couple, December 2017

"Dear All

I recently attended a 2 hour strap-on session with Goddess Cleo.

I was a bit nervous at first but she helped me get comfortable and relaxed. She sat down with me and asked about my experiences and likes and dislikes. I explained that I had treated strap-on a few times ( half a dozen) but hadn’t been able to get an assagasm and was now concerned that I wouldn’t be able to. 

She assured me that I would, but I would need to relax and trust her. I also had some anxiety over the size of the toys but she explained that if done right then it wouldn’t be a problem. 

After the chat I was reassured and mentally ready. She took it slowly and gently and then it happened.....I had an assagasm. We took a break and when she started again I quickly had another one. Then it was one after another in quick succession. We had another short break and by this stage as I very relaxed and happy that I could have assagasms. When she started agin they came in quick succession.
I don’t know how many I had but she told me that it would have between 15 and 20 which sounds about right. I left feeling elated that I had overcome my fears and was able to experience assagams. I’m sure it will be easier in future. 

I’m grateful to Goddess Cleo for the intuitive and understanding way she achieved this. She could tell that the obstruction was partly mental and she provided the solution, both mental and physical, for me to clear the barrier. It was all done in s friendly and safe environment which helped hugely.

Thank you, Kind regards"

PP, December 2017

"First off I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Goddess Cleo for a truly unforgettable experience.  Her expertise, humour, and authentic approach made our session incredible and I am extremely grateful to her.

I booked an extended overnight session, something I would strongly recommend to anyone.  This afforded me a chance to get to know Goddess Cleo a little bit which greatly improved my enjoyment of our time together.  It also allowed me some extra time to revel in my subspace.

To begin with we had a chat about what I would like to explore.  She asked pointed questions and helped me articulate what I hoped to get out of the session.  We particularly talked about subspace, which I had never experienced before.

When we began she dressed me like a sissy slut getting me to choose what I was to wear.  Following this I was hog tied and left on the floor.

This immediately plunged me into subspace. An immense feeling of pleasure and a floating disconnection, providing me with a heady break from reality.  Goddess Cleo was fantastically helpful, coaching me how to get the most from this feeling. She then began to play with my senses, cutting off my vision and moving me whilst I was completely incapacitated. Time was meaningless and I was totally immersed.

Throughout she talked about how and when she intended to violate me.  Which raised my levels of excitement and anticipation hugely to the point where I was begging for it later.

When the time came I was secured in her swing and soundly fucked with a selection of her toys. The feeling is indescribable. The famous assgasm was mindblowing... and they just kept coming. When I thought one was finished she would continue to fuck me and push more and more of these brain melting assgasms from my already quivering wreck of a body. Even forcing two or three more when I thought I had had enough. It was awesome. I am still getting flash backs.  I can honestly say I didn't want it to end.

I could go on but I'd need to start writing this in chapters.

Goddess Cleo is a special person who deserves our unending gratitude and ultimate respect for the outstanding journey she brings you on. 

Again, thank you so much.

I'm off to look for houses in London..."

Craig, December 2017

"Having met Goddess Cleo at The Facility I wanted to explore my experiences even more so I decided to book a strap on session with Goddess Cleo.

To say it was an amazing experience would be an understatement and something any submissive wanting to explore their strap on desires should try.

Goddess Cleo is just an amazing dominatrix who makes the experience even more special. On your arrival she makes you feel relaxed, ensuring that you are comfortable with the session and she explains to you how to get the most out of the session!

Goddess Cleo makes you feel relaxed, an important factor in the session, and talks you through the session explaining how to get you to a level, certainly to a level I had never been before and ultimately an assgasm!!

During my time, Goddess Cleo believed I achieved around 25-35 assgasms, which honestly words cannot describe the experience!! I have never had an assgasm before but WOW!

The way Goddess Cleo slowly builds the session increasing the size of the strap ons as time goes along to build the intensity is fabulous!

My session was actually out of this world and in the hands of one of the best, probably the best, dominatrix I have ever met it is an experience every submissive interested in strap on play should try. I left there on cloud nine and I am still in the clouds thinking about my time with Goddess Cleo!

You really can put your body and mind in the hands of an amazing woman and one I would trust with my life!

Please don’t hesitate to experience a strap on session just contact Goddess Cleo you will not regret it."

JW, November 2017

“Contacting Goddess Cleo and booking a session will undoubtedly be the best decision you ever make if you are curious about any of the activities she partakes in. Being a submissive man myself that is very much into anal play i had previously had some pleasurable experiences that had left me feeling that something was missing and as soon as I read Goddess Cleo’s writing regarding assgasms I knew I had to see her to see if this was truly something that existed. 

I had to try the strap on special Goddess Cleo has advertised on her wonderful website. After a few easy emails to arrange dates with Goddess I booked my session and eagerly anticipated our meeting.

On arrival I was greeted at the door by the beautiful and stunning Goddess Cleo and welcomed into her studio, from the first minute I was made to feel at ease and relaxed which made it so easy to be open and honest as we talked. We sat at the table and had a preparatory chat about my previous experiences and my fetishes. Goddess Cleo then talked me through how my body would react and how to get the best experience from our session. I then went off for a quick shower and returned ready. 

It was at this point that Goddess introduced me to her wonderful bag of toys ranging from the smallest “Tom Thumb” right up through the sizes explaining that the head of the next size up was equal to the base of the one that preceded it. As this was my first time with Goddess I was started with Tom Thumb but that was withdrawn as Goddess quoted it hadn’t even touched the sides as she slowly inserted it all the way in. I realised quickly that this meant I would soon be feeling the “zebra” she had already been wearing in her harness (an indication that Goddess is an expert and knew exactly the best size for me) I took a couple of deep breaths as I readied myself for Goddess’ strap on and she expertly eased into me all the while talking to me and making sure I was ok with everything, checking that I was comfortable and checking on my responses to her probing as she eased her cock in and out of me.

Goddess decided she wanted me in the sling so I was quickly but expertly taken from the bench and positioned into the sling with my legs secured with ankle cuffs to the chains either side of Goddess’ shoulders. 

Goddess Cleo soon had her cock back inside me and the intensity was building  as she slowly and expertly built towards giving me my first ever assgasm, talking me through the whole process making sure I was relaxed and teaching me how not to fight against those feelings but to embrace them and as she did so I could feel my whole body shake as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through me , my ass spasmed, my legs and torso shook and I tingled all over as my first ever assgasm flowed into a crescendo of 3-4 assgasms all at the same time, my head tingled and spun in a fabulous way and I was truly already in subspace and we could only have been 10-15 minutes into a two hour session. I remember looking up at this point to see Goddess Cleo with the most mischevious smile as she looked down at me and welcomed me to the dark side and called me a butt slut for the first time which I loved. 

I was hooked already and Goddess was quickly back preparing me and building me towards the next set of assgasms that literally felt as though they were on top of me as soon as Goddess started to fuck me with her cock, more assgasms flowed through me one after the other as Goddess expertly changed speeds and depths intuitively to keep me riding the crest of these incredibly intense assgasms. After I’d had my first ten or so Goddess decided I was ready for the next size strap on and introduced me to “black magic” which was slightly larger than zebra but also had a few bobbly bumps on for added pleasure. I worried that the size might make it uncomfortable but Goddess definitely knows best and moments later my new friend was deep inside me and building again towards that wonderfully intense feeling, at this point she slowed and said I think we’ll try to get you to twenty if you’re happy with that, I tried to say I was but I think I may have been incoherent at this point as another wave of intensely erotic assgasms crashed through me each time seemingly more intense than the previous ones. Every assgasm I experienced I was in heaven, laying back in the swing, eyes closed, moaning like a slut as Goddess fucked me so expertly. Goddess was quick to point out that My cock was leaking pre cum so much as she teased her strap on in-and out of my butt. Each assgasm I had made me tense up my legs and try to resist against the chains and to resolve this Goddess unhooked my legs from the chains and had me relax them lower so they were more her waist height but with my legs bent I was more spread out than before and felt even more slutty as Goddess started again. This new position made me even more vulnerable and receptive to Goddesses cock and so I was having more wonderful assgasms while Goddess just stared down at me with that oh so addictive smile. I had no concept of time as each set of assgasms subsided Goddess would slowly start to build up to the next set. After a while I asked if we had managed to get to the twenty we had agreed on and was informed we were getting closer to thirty by now and I think that was probably underestimating it. Goddess then decided to test the robustness of my tiny nipples and placed clamps on them to see if that would enrich the feeling of the next set of assgasms which seemed impossible at the time but literally moments later I was moaning loudly as the most intense of assgasms so far surrounded me, at the end of this set I literally felt as if I was spinning around in the sling which of course I wasn’t and on opening my eyes and smiling up at Goddess she was already starting back at building me up to the next set, slower and deeper this time and by now I was an absolute quivering wreck but Goddess sensed this and just took her time slowly building the feelings inside me again, noticing when I was relaxing again and my breathing was getting controlled before taking me over that precipice again only this time just before I got there she removed the nipple clamps and rubbed each nipple as she thrust into me bringing me over the 40 assgasm point . I was truly spent while Goddess seemed like she could go on like this forever but ever the expert she sensed I was on that edge of going too far and asked if I wanted to stop there, part of me didn’t want it to ever end but deep down I knew this was exactly the right time and not to take it too far and potentially ruin what was the most wonderful session of my life.

In keeping with the rest of the evening so far I was left in the swing until I had regained all my senses and relaxed enough to safely get back onto my feet, sent off for a nice relaxing shower before returning and having another chat with Goddess Cleo. It was here that she explained to me about sub drop and we discussed the best ways to deal with this and again she uses her intuition to be able to tailor this to your own lifestyle and was able to advise me how best to deal with it. 

As I state at the top, meeting with Goddess Cleo was easily the best decision I could have made and if you’ve been intrigued enough to read this far then I advise you to do the same, you really won’t regret it.”

Lee, November 2017

"I first came to Goddess two years ago with an interest in strapon play and a curiosity towards the elusive assgasms. Already in our first session Goddess succeeded in what no mistress had done before and I experienced more than 30 assgasms. In the next session we reached over one hundred. Although strapons continue to play a prominent role in our sessions, Goddess has also guided me into whole new territories of sensations where a combination of restraints, corporal punishment, and submission play an equally large part.

What sets Goddess Cleo apart from the 10+ other mistress I have sessioned with is of course her strapon prowess, but also her ability to read your reactions and constantly adapt the session to them - something that enhances the intensity with each new session. After several sessions with her, I find that she has gradually entered my mind and I now only have to kneel before her to be immediately transported into subspace as I submit myself completely to her. I wholeheartedly recommend taking not just one, but several sessions with Goddess Cleo as each session widens the scope and deepens the intensity of what you'll experience under her control. I am eternally grateful for everything I have experienced with Goddess so far, and achingly hungry for more."

sub s, October 2017

“I met with Goddess Cleo while I was visiting London for a convention, I had some previous experience in BDSM and in pegging but was interested in her adds about what she refers to as an “assgasm”.

I was met by Goddess and was shown to her apartment where I found out that she is a very captivating and very caring person. I felt that her pre session prep was the best I have ever had with her making me feel right at home having a chat before she even got into my experiences in BDSM. Her personality, honesty and bluntness made me feel very safe in her hands.

She asked me to go into my BDSM experience and talked me through what I would be feeling during the session, this was very useful as it meant I wasn’t surprised when my body started doing weird and wonderful things but more on that later.

The session started nice and slow as it should and progressively got better until The Goddess decided that she was going to try and get me to “assgasm” much like a female orgasm there is a lot of build up required but when I finally got to this point my brain didn’t know how to process the sensation I was having and I couldn’t really say I understood what an assgasm felt like until I had about 5 or 6 this didn’t take long however as the Goddess is a master of her craft.

When my brain finally came to terms with what my body was feeling all I can really say is it feels like no other type of orgasm a man can have and is just as pleasurable if not more so. To any men who enjoy anal or pegging I feel like this is something you must experience in your lifetime.

Again all this was heightened by the Goddess who would tease and joke throughout.

By the time the session was finished I was a shaking wreck definably in sub space and loving every minute of it.

Where some Pro Dommes I have met have just finished the session there and not done aftercare that is not Goddess Cleo, she was happy just to chat and allow me to at least be mosly functional before I decied to get transport back to my hotel.

In review this was an amazing experience and I will defiantly be back for more in the future thank you Goddess Cleo.

On a separate note due to problems with flights and rush hour traffic I was not able to meet up with the Goddess on the day I had originally booked, while calling her to explain my problem I was thinking that she would take me for a timewaster and would block me from future appointments thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong, she was very understanding to my situation and we were able to agree to another day and time before I left London.”

M, September 2017

"I have been kink curious for a long time, but had never explored any aspect of BDSM. I had some idea of what I wanted to try, but no idea how or where to start.

I had looked at London based club nights, but was too nervous to attend. However, I noticed that the most interesting clubs had one thing in common: Goddess Cleo. I was taken by the open, newbie friendly tone of her website and the emphasis on a psychologically stimulating, seductive approach to domination. After much deliberation, I booked a session.

Having absolutely no experience to speak of, to say I was nervous would be an understatement. On my walk to the session, I was afraid I might be in over my head. I needn't have worried: in Goddess Cleo, I met someone as engaging as she is beautiful.

We talked at length about my background, my experience (or lack thereof) and my disparate interests. I had never talked to anyone about my kinks and fantasies, but Goddess Cleo's grace and confidence created an atmosphere that was truly open and non-judgemental. I talked freely; all the while, she subtly picked at ideas and pulled on strands of thought, quietly working out what makes me tick.

She then stunned me with suggestions that were beyond my imagining of where the session could go; of scenarios and activities I could be receptive to that I had never considered before. She had listened intently and brought clarity to my ideas, presenting them back to me with an insight that was truly disarming yet utterly cathartic.

Goddess Cleo's intuition brought us to a role play scenario that was exhilarating and which I cannot wait to build upon. To anyone that is even remotely anxious, don't be: there is no finer way to test the waters than at the feet of Goddess Cleo.”

-Valedictorian, September 2017

"Oh my Goddess! :)

Having plenty of dildo experience, but never with a Mistress, it took me a while to book with the Goddess (around 4 months).  I’ve been with various escorts, TS and male, looking for something I had yet to find. I was extremely nervous in the days before meeting, but I need not have worried.

Goddess Cleo is really friendly, has a beautiful, engaging smile and conveys a non-judgemental attitude.  She is a great conversationalist, which helped put me at ease.  The before and after chats really helped in getting settled and building a rapport, which I found important to the success of the session.  She wants to get to know you in a good way and wants this to be a fun experience for you!

Everything is consented and she makes sure you are OK and doing what you want to be doing at all times.  She was also very encouraging in helping me give up the control I so badly needed to leave behind!

In all honesty, I’ve never experienced a high quite like it.

The actual session was a series of ever increasing strap-on dildos across a bench and then in a sling, until I could take no more.

This was my first visit to subspace, and was a better feeling than any drug - especially the hours after.  You can see why it is addictive!

The feeling of numbness, a sense of losing yourself, that starts in your hands, arms, stomach and face and engulfs your entire body is something unique.  The more I gave up control, the better it got.  It’s like a series of waves that take you under if you let them.

I probably had 30-40 assgasms of varying depths, and the best 2 or 3 were sensational.  Total loss of control and a feeling of ecstasy. I was considerably more noisy than I had anticipated as well!  I didn’t always let go as much as I could have, but at least next time I have a better idea of what it’s about and what I can do to make the experience the best it can be.  It was fantastic in any case.

So if you’re looking for a unique experience, a high you’ve never felt before, then Goddess Cleo is the person to see!  Thanks again for a wonderful time, I shall be back:)"

Bluey, August 2017

"I visited Goddess Cleo after much reading of her website and the testimonials of the assgasm. I have some experience in anal fun but I've never experienced the sensations I was reading about.

We made arrangements over email and at the specified time I made my way to the Goddesses quiet, secure residence.

Goddess Cleo spends some time with every visitor getting to know them and their desires, which I found to be really enlightening. It's the first time I've been able to express so openly about what I like sexually.

I had a shower and then the session started. I had booked the 2 hrs strapon special and we started off with me over the bench to get loosened up. I was soon on the receiving end of the zebra strapon, balls deep.

We then moved to the sling. Goddess restrained me and went to work. It only took a few minutes before my first assgasm. Words fail me. It was astronomical. I was moaning like a real slut as Goddess Cleo moved up to the next strapon size. All in all I think I had around 30 assgasms.

At the end of our session I had another shower and we spent some time chatting and debriefing. Goddess had noticed I had entered subspace, a sort of trance like state that happens when your body is flooded with endorphins. We discussed this, and thoughts on a next session. It won't be long before that happens I can tell you now!

Thanks again. Look forward to another session soon."

Matt, August 2017

"I had decided to treat myself to a double session with Goddess Cleo and Mistress Aleera. The idea was to let these two skilled and experienced mistresses take complete control over me and use me as they would see fit for 90 minutes. I have sessioned with Goddess Cleo several times over the past two years, and Mistress Aleera I knew briefly from one of Goddess' strapon parties in March which had left a lasting impression on me.

Having two mistresses present meant more possibilities than in my previous sessions with Goddess Cleo alone and the two expertly exploited this, sometimes taking turns to (ab-)use me, sometimes joining forces to spitroast me or combining i.e. breath control and strapon play. The two are clearly individually experts at what they do - Goddess Cleo being the unsurpassed strapon queen and Mistress Aleera being extremely skilful at nipple play - but they also supplement each other very well in personality and style which gave the session a good atmosphere and flow. As in all my previous sessions with Goddess Cleo, constant attention was given to the "mind" aspect - from the way Goddess Cleo took complete control of me the moment I entered the door to the moments of eye-contact and comments on my reactions from both mistresses throughout the session.

After 90 of the most intense minutes of my life, and with the aftershock of 70+ assgasms racing through my body, I finally had to beg for them to stop. But here again Goddess Cleo showed her unique ability to read and push my boundaries and move the session to a higher level. Goddess Cleo did stop for a moment, but only to inform me that they would continue until SHE decided I had had enough. A further serious strapon pounding followed, making my surrender complete, sending my body into yet another assgasm, and launching me deeper into subspace than I had previously thought possible. Finally, I was more than completely spent and Goddess graciously informed me that I had been a good little slut and had earned to be called a "good girl" in the future.

After a shower and the habitual evaluation - what I had particularly liked, how this or that had felt - and a warm hug from them both, I was out the door and on my way home. A double session is very different from a session with Goddess alone both in terms of flow and content, but Goddess Cleo and Mistress Aleera skilfully used the broad range of possibilities offered by being two to create a unique experience that rests vividly in my mind. I ache to come back for more."

sub s, August 2017

“After experiencing anal play with previous partners (The first experience was great, the second one was not so well...), I decided to find an expert in this field, I thought that during my first experience I had an assgasm, I was actually wrong... So, I came across Goddess Cleo's website and read the testimonials which made me decide, she'd be the mistress I am going to see for the first time.

I was a bit nervous in the beginning, from the minute she let me in her studio, I felt a sense of relief, I had a complete different picture in my mind, I was welcomed by an amazing lady with a smile on her face, she was really friendly and welcoming which helped me relax straight away. We had a chat talking about my previous experiences and what I was interested in, Goddess Cleo was taking notes which amazed me as she pays attention to the smallest details, that helped her understand my limits and my likes. Then, she showed me the toys she thinks she'd use on me, different sizes ranging from the "Cherry Popper" to the "Zebra" (Goddess Cleo has a great sense of humour, again, that helped me a lot as that was my first time and that made me easily trust her and I knew I was within good hands, secure and safe).

I took a shower shortly after that, then we started the fun part, she was explaining everything she was doing and checking if I was OK every now and then, she was surprised that I moved up in sizes very quickly (And so did I, I am sure that it was because she made me really feel relaxed). She tried 3 different dildos up til the "Zebra" that she though would be the biggest she could go with me as a beginner (That was spot on, she knew it, talk about an expert here!). We moved from the bench to the sling, less than a minute later, the assgasms started, I never experienced that feeling before, I could see that she was enjoying it as much as I was, it was putting a smile on her beautiful face everytime I was having one, she kept asking me if I was OK, at some point when it got really intense, I couldn't even speak properly anymore... It kept going on like that, I hit around 40-50 assgasms in our first session!

After that amazing experience, I took a shower, got dressed up, had a debrief to talk about my experience (She's that friendly that she gave me advice regarding things I could do with my partner and we even talked about random stuff in life). I could really see that she was enjoying what she was doing, and when you like what you are doing, you always give the best.

My advice to any person who's still hesitant, pay Goddess Cleo a visit, you will be delighted, she is amazing! She is a real strap-on GODDESS! I will certainly go and see her again.

Thank you Goddess Cleo for that amazing afternoon."

M the buttlsut, August 2017

"Before today I was very inexperienced in anal play. I had only tried one previous session before, with another mistress, but I had been too tight to take a strap on.

I decided to see Goddess Cleo, London's strap on queen, as I hoped that she would be able to train me to take a strap on for the first time. What a good decision that turned out to be.

Goddess Cleo was so good in relaxing me, building my trust in her and gradually introducing me to bigger and bigger toys. At no time did I experience any pain yet after a short while I had progressed onto the size of strap on I could only have dreamed of. By the end of the session I had my first assagasms while taking a sizeable strap on balls deep. I left feeling completely relaxed and having been taken way beyond my expectations.

If you are looking for your first introduction to the delights of strap on training and assagasms, look no further. Goddess Cleo is amazing."

P, August 2017

"So I've been seeing Goddess Cleo for a year now (not as regularly as I'd like but I keep coming back anyway). Every time has been awesome but this was definitely my favourite. I asked for an overnight with her. From the start, she was very welcoming and hospitable. She asked me for my preferences for food, sleep and activities for the hours which I found very caring. We went out for dinner and I must say her dominance even there put me in the right submissive mindset.

The highlight of my night was the 'experiment' we did: Can a woman get assgasms from strapon? Well, the answer is YES! We can have a lot of them, with the right technique . At a point we stopped counting but I believe we levelled off at 80 plus with a few normal orgasms. She also helped me try out a few budding interests, which I loved.  It was an intense and mind blowing experience throughout. She's truly the strapon queen! Her skill, technique, demeanour, generosity, studio and aftercare are all top notch and are worth seeing her for.

On another note, Goddess organises the Club DVS party in London and I can vouch that it's truly one of the best I have ever been to, and I've been to many. So get yourselves down there or go have a session with her or even both. Trust me, you won't be disappointed."

femsub s, August 2017

"If you are thinking of trying strap on play for the first time or have previously experienced strap on play. You must pay a visit to Goddess Cleo. I have had multiple strap on session before that had been enjoyable. So, the reason I am writing this testimonial is my last session with Goddess Cleo was an intense experience. I experienced a full body orgasm which left me extremely sensitive with the slightest movement from Goddess Cleo giving me repeated pleasure. To a point I was unable to continue any further. Something we both found quite amusing. I look forward to my next session. I will hopefully be able to go further and with practice who knows where it will lead.  This may sound a bit extreme and possibly off putting. However, everyone is different and the session was carried out in a very friendly and professional manner. Goddess Cleo is always checking I was ok and slowly builds the session in a comfortable and sensible way. So, if you are interested or a seasoned strap on player book a session now, you won’t regret it."

Steve, August 2017

"Firstly I want to say a huge Thank You to Goddess Cleo, you are truly amazingly awesome if that's even a thing.

Some time ago I came across a twitter videoclip from Goddess Cleo and from that moment on I knew if I ever came to London I had to see her. Now I am here on holiday from Australia.

Goddess Cleo is beautiful, warm, courteous, caring and fucking amazing. Goddess started me off gently until we reached the strapon of pure pleasure. Once we worked up to the size we needed the assgasms begun. Intense, powerful full body assgasms, nothing I have ever experienced before comes close to what I felt. The sounds I was making I have never made before. Nothing has ever come close for me to make them. Moans of pure pleasure. (a regular orgasm pales in comparison) These were the most powerful and intense feelings ever. Over the 2 hour session I had over 20 assgasms, some lasting what felt like easily over a minute. My whole body tingled.

Now I was lucky enough to have a second session two days later and the second session blew the first away. I must have had easily over 40 assgasms, I really can't say I stopped counting I had that many one after the other after the other. I was fully "engaged" now, every thrust literally brought on a new assgasm and each one mind blowing. Goddess Cleo fucked me so much and my assgasms were so powerful I was squirting from my cock. She literally fucked the piss out of me. I only wish I could have a third session before I leave to go back home. Assgasms are all I'm thinking about now. From now on when I close my eyes and masturbate that's what I'm going to be picturing in my mind, a strapon dildo in my ass and having a assgasm.

All I can say now is trust Goddess Cleo, relax and embrace the experience and you will know what's it like to have a assgasms, and you will not look back.

Again Thank You Goddess Cleo."

Richard the bum slut, August 2017

"On arrival I was extremely nervous. It was the first time I'd received a strap-on and also the first time I'd met a dominatrix on her own turf. I find the idea of meeting strangers to do things like this very risky and I like to take precautions; this causes problems with some dominatrices because they also take steps for their own safety. This can often end up in a stalemate and the meeting never happens. Fortunately for me Goddess Cleo did not force me to jump through hoops to get to her and the meeting was in a safe yet private location.

Goddess Cleo came to the door to let me in and I was very pleased to see that she is as beautiful in person as she is in photographs. Everything was discussed up front, which was great for a beginner like me. She keeps notes on all her clients (no identification) about fantasies so I guess that repeat meetings would get straight down to business. Still nervous from my arrival, I found it very difficult to switch off and I really regret not being more open about my fantasies to Goddess (see below). However she was very confident and following a quick shower we were soon down to business.

She started me off bent over a bench and I ended up in the swing. The whole thing was so exciting I was leaking from my cock the entire time. Just like the other sceptics before me I did not think an assgasm existed. It does - Goddess Cleo made me have twenty of them. In the same way that you can massage a penis or clitoris until "something happens" there is a spot in the ass that can be massaged until something happens. That something feels amazing and Goddess Cleo really knows how to take you there.

Goddess Cleo was meticulously sex-safe throughout the session but didn't allow it to get in the way of the fantasy. Even though I arrived late she continued for the whole two hours, much to my enjoyment. She allowed me to shower afterwards and wound down the session with a debriefing (which will come into use next time).

I cannot wait to return for more - if she will have me.

Pro Tip #1: Before meeting make sure that you have a clear idea of your greatest fantasy and are able to confidently vocalise this without holding back.

Pro Tip #2: Leave your nerves and conversational barriers at the front door and put 100% trust into Goddess otherwise you're wasting your time. "

Chris, August 2017

"I have been experimenting with light bondage and anal play for a while and have always been curious about strap on play. During my travels, i have had a few uncomfortable strap on experiences which were a little painful, but two very pleasurable experience and have had repeat sessions with these mistress’s. When i came across Goddess Cleo i just knew i had to have an encounter with the expert.

I tried for three months to arrange a session during my trips to London but unfortunately our diaries didn't coincide, very frustrating . After my fourth trip to London in three months i was able to arrange a meeting with Goddess Cleo after e mailing a week in advance. I immediately made the payment then spent the weekend in anticipation of our Monday meeting .

Following Goddess Cleo’s instructions on how to prepare for the strap on session, which i highly recommend you follow , i was well prepared for a enjoyable session. I fully recommend that you prepare and ensure you are nice and clean, a big plus once you get started and are well into the session .

A couple of hours before i was due to meet Goddess Cleo , the anticipation of what to expect felt like i was about to go on my first date, or i was heading to see the headmaster, I arrived slightly early and looked for a pub for a bit of dutch courage, unfortunately i couldn't fine one close by. I called five mins before the appointment , be sure to tell Goddess Cleo exactly which train entrance you are at, as she was a little annoyed when i told her i was outside the entrance as  there are several entrances . She was very intimidating on the phone, and also when she met me at the door. I was now a little apprehensive as she is quite tall and was wearing a long black coat, her authority  and no nonsense attitude was quite obvious  but was  also quite erotic .

Once inside her apartment her intimidation melted away and she instantly made me feel very relaxed, asking me several questions about what experience i had  had and what to expect, making notes, smiling all the time and was not the same person who had met me at the door. I now felt totally at ease but also in anticipation on what was about to happen, glancing over at the bench and sling and the arrangement  of straps, dildos, vibrators and butt plugs  which Goddess Cleo laid out and explained which order she would begin with and how she would gradually build up the different lengths and girths .

A quick shower to really freshen up and then i was asked to bend over the bench where she would start with a little exploration and try a couple of the smaller strapons  to gauge if we could progress onto the sling . After ten minutes of various teaser dido’s and strap on Goddess Cleo said i was ready for the sling . Climbing into the sling and having my legs strapped to the sides was very erotic and i waited in anticipation on what was about to happen. The first time Goddess Cleo entered me, holding onto the chains of the sling and looking directly into my eyes i noticed her naughty smile which is very infectious and i suddenly realised how beautiful Goddess Cleo is. She has amazing eyes and a very beautiful smile, but her skill with the strap on is amazing. She knows exactly when to stop and let you become comfortable before slowly moving back and forth, sometimes using her hips, sometimes holding my hands and swinging me slowly back and forth, sometimes her hands on my chest applying a bit of pressure and sometimes holding the chains and swinging me back and forth.  She seems to know when i was building up for my first asgasam and held the strap on right on the spot, real skill, she would then twitch it slightly, and then move it in and out very slowly, sometimes just a little movement, other times almost all the way out and then slowly back in the full length . The feeling was amazing, other times she would fuck me very quickly bringing me to another asgasam.

Throughout the two hours Goddess Cleo gradually increased the size of the strapons and she never once rushed me into something i was uncomfortable with . But the most pleasing thing of all was that Goddess Cleo seemed to be really enjoying the session as much as what i did, she never stopped smiling and worked up a good sweat, a great work out for her and me also . We counted over 25 asgasams during the two hours, not bad for my first session . Once we had finished, i had a quick shower and in her professional manner, Goddess Cleo then spent five minutes making notes and asking questions about our session, what i liked, what i didn't like, what strapon’s she had used, how many asgasam etc. All very useful information  for our next session .

I will definitely become a regular and am waiting in anticipation for my next session to the point that i now plan my trips to London around Goddess Cleo’s diary to make sure i am there at the same time she has time available for me. Bottom line is, I'm totally hooked with Goddess Cleo, her strapon expertise and being fucked by such a great women who made me feel totally at ease .

Alec  August 17

"My first time with a dominatrix and I'm so glad it was with Goddess Cleo.  I was looking for a professional who knew exactly what they were doing and Goddess Cleo was just that.  She took the time to find out my likes and dislikes and this definitely added to the session but didn't eat into the time that we had together.  It clearly showed me that Goddess Cleo cares about her job and the enjoyment of her clients and that it's not just all about the money.

While we're on the subject of money, I must admit I did have reservations about paying up front. I took the plunge and was glad I did. It's another example of Goddess Cleo's professionalism and just weeds out the time wasters.  I also thought she was very good value.

Regarding the actual session, I had the Strapon special! I was a bit sceptical about the 'assgasm' claims as I thought I was going to be a tough nut to crack so to speak. Almost instantly I was a quivering wreck and putty in her hands. Towards the end of the session I had an experience I'd never had before and had waves of energy pulsing through my whole body. It was amazing. I'm her new biggest fan and can't wait to go back."

Richard, July 2017

I have had the pleasure and honour of having 4 sessions with Goddess Cleo so far this year, the title of Strap on Queen and sadistic, sensual hardly do justice to the absolutely mind blowing experiences I have undergone.

I have sessioned with various mistresses for nearly 15 years, mostly having good experiences and did have some ideas about how good strap on play can be but since joining the dark side I feel like my eyes and bum have been opened to a world I did not know even existed. 

oh yes the ASSGASMS.

I can be rather shy and sensitive, taking some time to get to know a person, feel comfortable enough to open up!

I am still amazed at the ease Goddess Cleo has managed to make me feel secure for this to happen so quickly making such enjoyable sessions for us. As I do get the sense that Goddess is really passionate about her love for opening up bums. Combined with this gentle nature and professional approach there is a drive to push you do your limits for her amusement I believe. 

I lost count of the number of assgasms I received on my first session, around ten I would guess. However it going keeps getting better, Goddess now makes me count, I reached 63 in our last session I was indeed a complete wreck being left like a jelly fish and I was half worrying it might never end and I might die of ecstasy in the sling while secretly hoping that would happen. We agreed to stop at 60, so when Goddess kept going I was really pleased but at the same time thought this might never end...

and I have been having my limits pushed or I should say stretched, when I managed to take most of the 17inchs of python apart from going into shock I have all these lovely feelings of doing my best to give myself completely to Goddess Cleo as she was my lovely holding my hand to check I was ok while having a certain glint of enjoyment in her eyes as she repeatedly drove home python deep inside me.  The best true submissive experience I have had.

I can not recommend visiting Goddess Cleo more strongly, you are missing out on something so wonderful you don;t know even exists.

Take the leap...."

jonnyfish, June 2017

"There is no truer believer than the converted sceptic. I booked the 2 hour strapon session as it piqued my curiosity although I doubted whether I would truly enjoy 2 hours of the same sensation. I have enjoyed sessions with other Mistresses that have involved strapons but never a session purely dedicated to the magnificent beast.

As a sole who rarely lets go, and would reluctantly concede to Goddesses 'control freak' description, I partially doubted I would experience an assgasm let alone the Target of 10. I also had a sneaking suspicion that I would stop the session early if it became monotonous and painful.

I followed all the pre-session instructions and arrived without any problems. We then chatted for nearly an hour which for this natural introvert, is a sign as to how refreshingly open and empathetic Goddess Cleo is even with subs she has not met before. This was no tick-box exercise but a genuine intent to connect so as to deepen the session.

Showered and seemingly ready, I made my way to the harness via a brief warming up on a bench. I will not lie, at first it was difficult not to resist the building intensity throbbing through my body. The connection and related trust built prior to the session along with gentle verbal reminders coerced me to let my body go and dial down my mental resistance. With some gentle coaxing, I was soon a gibbering mess as I shook with intense sensation after intense sensation that is hard to match or describe.

As we continued, my resistance waned and I was propelled into larger and deeper assgasms such that my supplications to pause were momentarily ignored until another couple of assgasms were ripped out of me. I soon lost all sense of time and the 2 hours truly sped by.

Every change of angle, every nipple tweak, every varying stroke rang a different note from my body until it felt it would explode. With every part of my body tingling as one, I would close my eyes and every time I re-opened them I would see this stunningly attractive and elegant Goddess grinning mischievously. I am not one to ordinarily lavish praise but I cannot recommend Goddess Cleo enough.

After 40-50 assgasms I was truly butt-fucked into an adoring believer of this beautiful and consummately skilled Goddess.

I will be back and my next step is to avoid addiction to this magnificent Goddess."

Plode, June 2017

"Having not visited Goddess Cleo before, I booked an SO-200 session as it really appealed to my interests of anal strap on play, and I was not disappointed at all.

Approaching the time of the appointment I was a little nervous, but very excited, as is to be expected in these circumstances, even though I had seen other mistresses previously, stage fright is part of the fun. On arrival, meeting strikingly beautiful Goddess Cleo immediately put me at ease, I was offered a drink and asked some questions on my experience, which was exactly what was needed, it's comforting to talk to someone openly about such a taboo subject.

After our chat, I showered and readied myself, then made my way back to Goddess Cleo, and I was informed there was a brand new suspension swing installed. Seeing the swing up close and naked made me really excited that I was about to be properly fucked in the behind by a true professional.

I thought I had some idea of what an 'Assgasm' was from playing on my own, alas I obviously had no idea whatsoever.

After a gradual start with smaller toys, Goddess confidently switched to a larger harnessed purple cock. Which really quite quickly hit a spot that I cannot describe in words well enough. It felt like I was being orgasmically electrocuted, this started in my ass, and hooked up through my entire body and sent my brain somewhere I had no idea existed. This happened over, and over again.

 As my bottom relaxed more, Goddess started to pump a harder and switched to an even bigger neon pink toy, which stretched me a little wider but also sent me into an almost unexplainable state of pleasure. Goddess knew exactly when to slow, stop, start, and go harder to keep in a state of absolute immeasurable pleasure.

I cannot recommend visiting Goddess Cleo highly enough as an experience, it exceeded all exceptions. We counted that I had more than 30 of these incredible Assgasms. It felt like I'd been to another world.

I cant thank Goddess Cleo enough for sharing her expertise and playing with me. I genuinely hope to visit again for another session soon."

Plaything G, May 2017

“when i first met you i was extremely nervous mainly because I'm new to the fetish scene and all but the moment i met you i was instantly calmed by you're beautiful voice and the cute Australian ascent. when we first sat down to talk about what my fantasies were and what i was looking for in the sessions i didn't know what to say luckily tho you can read people quite well and suggested a couple of things that i might like what followed was the best experience of my life i have never felt like that before. i look forward seeing you again soon."

L, April 2017

"She had me at three little words "My little slut!". I'll never forget her smiling down at me with amusement, playfully calling me names as she melted my boundaries away.

I had the pleasure of an evening with the magnificent Goddess Cleo, a real life beauty, full of life and laughter! In true Dominant fashion she swept me off my feet.

To begin with I felt myself a little anxious meeting her for the first time in her studio. By contrast she embodied an aura of warmth and confidence. The kind that really helped me to trust in myself and let go.. We sat and engaged in an open conversation to make the whole experience better for us both. If like me sharing intimate details doesn't come easy, please be assured it's much easier when the person you're opening up to really does care.

Following a lovely shower and a change of music, I was at her mercy. She began by teasing me with her most audacious strap-ons. Being a generous Goddess she introduced me to 'The Zebra!", and soon enough proceeded to break me in for good! hehe I love it!

I now have a new happy place to go to - Suspended mid-air, torso belted down in her sling, Wrists cuffed behind my back, and Hips wide open. It. was. intense! The music was equally as intense (more intense than Wu-tang clan). I was on a natural high and our Strap-on Queen was in fine form. We journeyed to subspace and back - and there and back many more times - Mmm subspace. In true submissive fashion, we pushed past the pain and were rewarded with intense pleasure.

At her mercy, my body swelled with warm rushing sensations pulsating head to toe! With a wicked smile, Goddess welcomed me to the dark side.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking me on an incredible journey. You're an artist with a loving soul. My lady has eyes to melt hearts, it's insatiable.."

Sub M, March 2017

"As a veteran pegging aficionado with more than twenty years of taking the business end of a strapon, I thought I knew just about all there was to know and feel. Boy, was I wrong. When I heard about Goddess Cleo and her talent for producing "assgasms" in her subs, I was skeptical. I thought this was probably just a term for something I'd felt before. Wrong again. 

I also thought, since I'd been pegged so many times before, that if assgasms did exist, I was probably incapable of having them. Wrong yet again!

Goddess Cleo patiently explained to me that I was going to be feeling something different, that there would be pressure but not pain, and how she wanted me to relax and work through it. She then showed me her extensive equipment, and informed me that I'd be positioned in a sling so that she could penetrate me at just the right angle.

Then she got to work on me. Within minutes, I knew that this was indeed something different. Frankly, I still don't know what she was doing. The dildo looked like any other dildo, and she wasn't pounding harder or deeper. But Jesus Christ, she was doing something to me that caused me to shiver and convulse at times. Once I began to relax, there was no doubt that I was having assgasms.

Eventually, we counted ten of them. The pegging was so intense that I begged her to stop. I just couldn't take anymore of these powerful sensations. I had a feeling that Goddess Cleo was enjoying it and wanted to keep going, but I was too overwhelmed. I'm certain, now that I know what to expect, I could probably last a little longer and achieve many more assgasms with her. So that is something to look forward to.

Also, Goddess Cleo is really the perfect Domme to experience this with. She's good natured, patient, honest, and even funny. She enabled me to relax throughout my time with her, and you can't ask for better pegging Sherpa to help you summit Mt. Assgasm."

G, March 2017

"Once again I find myself in Goddess Cleo's playspace in Shadwell, seated across from Goddess who looks at me with a mixture of curiosity, amusement and authority. She has done me before, as she says, but still we take the time to go over past experiences, preferences and expectations before we start. As always, it is clear from her demeanor that empathy and understanding are more important to her than looking at the clock.

Back from the shower, I kneel and kiss her feet as a first sign of my surrender to her. She gently places a collar around my neck and commands me to stand so she can firmly tie my genitals. She leads me to the white leather bench where I obediently position myself on my hands and knees while Goddess secures my hands with rope. I am instantly in subspace, this state of intense calm where time and space cease to exist and I am keenly aware of my every physical sensation. Goddess spanks my bottom, first testingly with her hands to get the blood flowing, then with a flogger which she sometimes pauses to draws caressingly along the length of my back. Vibrating clamps are attached to my nipples and then Goddess starts flogging me in earnest alternating between hard and soft blows, and sometimes pausing to draw a fingernail along my spine or a massage spider through my hair which makes me shiver all over. Goddess constantly reads and adapts to my reactions, adjusting the force of each blow so that some surprise by their immediate sting while others gradually build up tension spreading a warm itching tingle which I find lingering even the next day. In the end, Goddess administers some harder blows with a wooden paddle, testing my limits and leaving me gasping, moaning and completely in her control.

Goddess pauses and moves away to put on the first of the series of strapons she intends to fuck me with. The second, slightly larger and with bumps, is put on the bench in front of me so I know what is in store. We start out thin, but deep, and as soon as Goddess enters me my body starts having those pre-assgasm shivers that Goddess first introduced me to about a year ago. Sure enough, a series of light assgasms soon follow, small and quick in rapid succession, with promises that more is to come. Goddess changes to the bigger strapon and fucks me harder, sometimes pushing the full length of the strapon into me and staying there to let me enjoy the very intense feeling of her teasing my second sphincter. Even as Goddess pulls out of me to change position, a series of post-assgasm convulsions continue to shake my body.

Goddess now moves me to the swing for a better angle and eye contact. The rope around my wrists is replaced by leather cuffs which Goddess link together behind my neck while my feet are cuffed to the top of the chains holding the swing. Goddess comments on what a good little slut I am and how she has new ideas for me today. At first she fucks me some more with a slightly larger dildo, and the combination of the thicker strapon and the angle of the swing brings a new series of assgasms in growing intensity, some gradually building to a climax, some a quick flash of sudden pleasure taking me completely by surprise, and some where Goddess' continued thrusting maintains the high for literally minutes on end, her strapon moving inside me, her eyes locked on mine, her smile mischievous and encouraging, the feeling unbelievable. Now comes the time for Goddess' new idea: She changes the strapon up one size and reaches for her vibrating wand which she applies to the base of the strapon as she thrusts it deep inside me, and assgasm after assgasm rolls over me until I am thoroughly spent, my head spinning, my hole aching, and even my abs cramping up from the 105 (!) assgasms I have experienced in this 2 hour session.

I shower again, we chat a bit, and after a warm hug I am out the door, finding my way to the station on wobbly legs. As I do not live in London, I have to travel far to meet with Goddess, but when our sessions are consistently this good, how can I resist coming back for more?"

sub s, February 2017

"Having been unable to book Goddess Cleo at 2-3 days’ notice recently, I planned ahead and made a trip especially to see her.  I’ve enjoyed her website, social media and her idea of a party.

I had a fabulous and remarkable session with Goddess Cleo.  I have played fairly casually with various kinks, and I felt that visiting Goddess Cleo was a step up – I expected an experience more intense and more serious.  As it turned out I also got to enjoy her rich sense of humour, attentiveness, depth of knowledge and understanding.

It was our first session together, and I appreciated the time taken to run through our session (strap-on) and also to learn about my interests for future sessions.  It gave me time to settle down, and I think Goddess Cleo got a good read on me at the same time, which she used to inform our session.

I was keen to experience an assgasm, and Goddess Cleo took the time to explain more about what would happen and the path to potentially getting there, with the warning that there was no guarantee that it would happen for me.  There is a need for the sub to release as part of that process.  Generally I’m pretty tightly wound, but Goddess Cleo was skilled in building rapport and trust, allied to enough stamina to well and truly fuck me to assgasm.  The combination of physical and mental release was incredibly heady; absolutely brilliant.

She’s definitely not for the faint hearted.  I still ached somewhat for the next couple of days, but as a light player I’m grateful for her skills and attentiveness in guiding me to what was a terrific experience.  Goddess Cleo is an expert and an artist.  My expectations were high, but she surpassed them by far.  For others in my position, or any other come to think of it, I can’t recommend Goddess Cleo highly enough."

Malcolm, February 2017

I met a Goddess! Yes a real life Goddess!

I'm was new to this, having visited only one Mistress before and the best way to describe the experience is just WOW!. That pretty much sums it up. For a few days after my session I could feel a lot of something still rushing around my body. Turns out there's this thing called subspace and Goddess Cleo took me there quickly and kept me there for the whole session.

I really appreciated the genuine honest talk at the beginning, really taking the time to understand my experience and where I want to go and she had taken the time to plan the session. Disarmingly down to earth, Goddess Cleo put me at ease straight away, to be honest I could have just sat and talked to her for the whole session. Being a newbie everything was taken at a nice comfortable pace. To begin she instructed me to get on the floor and kiss my Goddess' boots. Only one kiss on each boot though.

I was strapped down to a spanking frame very securely but not too tight. A bit of wiggle room with my hips and ankles but otherwise vulnerable and at the her mercy.

The spanking was a sublime and hypnotic experience, starting light and tender, slowly building in rhythm and intensity. With soft caressing interludes of stroking, teasing and testing my senses. The ball gag was a first time for me and I really got off on having my mouth forced open, unable to speak, unable to control my dribbling, cruelly only allowed to aim for a target on the floor.

Throughout she was making regular checks on me to see how I was doing, how I was feeling.

From time to time Goddess Cleo would stop spanking and engage The head 'scratcher'. It blew my mind, each time it engaged with my scalp all my nerves were thrown into spasm. The contrast from the full spanking slaps on my now rosy red tender arse to everything intensely flowing to my head. The rush caused me what I can only describe as a whole body orgasmic fit, I had no control - I just had to ride the wave. With the ball gag stopping any real audible exclamation all I could do was enter heaven dribbling everywhere.

Next into the swing, a little light headed being in the in subspace, Goddess Cleo carefully got me up into the sling, I was now locked into a supremely comfortable position, legs up and hands securely locked behind and under the sling. Again I was completely vulnerable and this time blind folded. A very very pleasurable 'torture' using multiple vibrators sending me floating deeper and deeper into the subspace. At the end it was difficult coming around, my eye lids just wouldnt do as I old them and speaking was a little tricky and the shaking ... all told an unforgettable experience. She was very comforting afterwards with an amazing hug to reinforce that I was in a safe place.

Her professionalism and attention detail caring for my wellbeing before, during and after the session was inspires an awful lot of trust.

Thank you"

Liam, February 2017

I was lucky enough to be in London on business just after Xmas and had promised myself I would start 2017 with a bang with a long overdue visit to see Goddess Cleo at her lovely apartment in Shadwell.

I first saw Goddess back in early 2015 when, as a somewhat jaded anal loving submissive, I read some of her previous reviews and wondered what all the talk of "assgasms" was. I'd certainly seen a few mistresses by this point - had I had an anal orgasm and it not registered? Or was this some great experience which I had so far missed out on? Desperate to find out I had arranged to see Goddess and within 20 minutes of opening up to her charms, my entire body was experiencing an intense build-up, and with Cleo's encouragement to "relax and let it happen" I had my first assgasm.

And what is an assgasm? Well its hard to describe. Intense - absolutely, like a normal cock orgasm but 10 times more intense and not just focussed in your genitals but building up in your whole body. Rather than a "toe curler" this is a whole body curler.!! While each assgasm is incredible, the best bet is still to come - in that unlike your cock, your ass just keeps going and you can have 5, 10, 20 of these assgasms all within a relatively short period of time.

So here I was, back with Goddess and it had been a while since someone had given me an assgasm (the last was at a strapon party in October) and I was desperate for that stretched and full feeling along with the intense pleasure. Cleo slowly progressed me through a number of toys, each getting larger and delivering more intense feelings of pleasure leading to assgasms. This session she decided to break out two new toys; one long and thin, the second a good length but soft and with a huge head. This second toy delivered unbelievable pleasure as Goddess skillfully delivered even more intense assgasms via the second sphincter - probably the most intense 20 minutes of pleasure I have ever experienced, as mistress continually pushed my buttons leaving just enough time to catch my breath before delivering the next thunderous wave of joy.

Laying there in a well earned rest period I wasnt sure there was anything else I could desire - but having discussed electrics beforehand with Goddess, she wanted to use a metal strapon to deliver electrics internally - a totally new experience for me. I can only say that while not as intense as earlier assgasms, the electrics delivered multiple, small assgasms and had me climbing the frame with pleasure while Goddess looked on, encouraging, and testing different settings. Like Frankenstein's monster, the electricity also seemed to completely re-invigorate not just my anal nerve endings, but also my cock and sexual cravings. By this point we had been going for almost 3 hours and seeking to end on a high, there followed some genuine stretching, with Cockzilla worked fully into my pleasure hole and delivering three incredible assgasms.

Goddess Cleo was wonderful all the way through. Encouraging, educating, and exuding serene calm it is wonderful to look up from laying on your back in orgasmic bliss and see her smiling over you - looking every inch the sexual goddess."

Ewen, January 2017

"Testimonial 13th Dec 1-1 session with Goddess Cleo by Rich

This was my first 1-1 session with Goddess Cleo although not my first meeting as I’d previously met Goddess at a recent Domina party dedicated purely to strap on play, of which I was a complete beginner. Goddess gently introduced me to anal probing and the different sensations before moving up to a proper strap-on opening the doors to an areas of play I’d never experienced before, leaving me staring down the rabbit hole craving even more.

So in pursuit of my ultimate goal, the elusive ‘assgasm’ I made contact with Goddess Cleo and arranged a 2 hour 1-1 session at her studio in East London.  I hadn’t set any expectations, this wasn’t going to be a session where I was expecting to achieve any sort of goals, instead it would be another gentle re introduction and slow build up, which I welcomed, and form a part of my anal play learning curve, in the hands of a very capable teacher.  Its difficult to describe the sensations if you’ve never done anal play or prostate massage, a sort of intensity or pressure wave builds up inside you, almost like trying to climb a wall that you can’t reach the top of, you can feel its there, but just not reach it.

These sessions are more about trial and feedback instead of dominance and submission, something would start to work well or feel good, and Goddess would adjust accordingly to keep that sensation going for as long as I could stand it, with her goal being getting me over that line.  I didn’t achieve the ‘assgasm’ in the end, though I came very close a couple of times and found myself shaking quiet violently at one point. Having showered, cleaned up and de briefed I left Goddess Cleo’s feeling completely drained out and with that ‘happy with the world’ feeling an endorphin rush brings on, Goddess has set me some home work to do which involves some research and home play before our next session, I’m determined now to ‘assgasm’ and it will be with Goddess Cleo.

If your reading this and wondering if anal play is for you then I’d urge you to give it a go and more specifically with Goddess Cleo, her approach, equipment, knowledge and hygiene are all quintessential elements needed to make an anal experience safe and enjoyable, as well as being an extremely stunning lady, Goddess was easy to talk and converse with, put me ease and eagerly listened and read my body language as we played, don’t waste your money on a hooker with an Anne Summers strap-on, see a professional and experience the wonderful world of anal and strap on play properly.

Rich, December 2016

"My experience with Goddess Cleo over five sessions so far is one of a mistress who is genuinely interested in understanding my desires, and who is constantly reading my reactions and learning from them during the session so she can adapt and intensify the experience. I almost feel she knows more about me than I do myself, and I can only recommend to trust in her suggestions and submit oneself to her intuition and skills."

sub s, November 2016

"We were both nervous about our session with Goddess Cleo but we needn’t have worried as she instantly put us at ease. We were interested in having a workshop type session where we could both learn how to develop our relationship within a fem dom context. Goddess Cleo understood where we were coming from and knew what would excite the submissive husband and what would worry the Goddess Wife. We spent a long time talking about the life style and ways we could incorporate it into our real life- subjects such as household chores, punishments, chastity and cuckoldry were all broached as well as the idea of a written list (of chores and treats) to be presented to the Goddess each week for her approval."

"I agree that Goddess Cleo made us feel at ease. I can reiterate that I was feeling very apprehensive and didn't know what to expect or how I should behave.  There was no need to worry at all! In fact Goddess Cleo was adamant that anything and everything we did must be something with which I was comfortable. I had previously explained to her in an email that I very much wanted to feel relaxed and for this to be something we were able to share in and enjoy together. Goddess Cleo was so intuitive and was able to confidently say which things I wouldn't like or that wouldn't suit me. She was always right! As well as that, I was pleased she was able to suggest things that would work for us both that we could incorporate and share. I am very happy with the idea of a List to be presented to me each week and to tick off what I wanted (and was willing to indulge my husband with!) She made other suggestions which would be able to satisfy both our wishes and feelings. It was a really positive experience and I know it will only help to improve our relationship."

From a married couple, November 2016

I had a three hour session with Goddess Cleo at her Shadwell chambers. Goddess Cleo took some time to put me at ease and to discuss my experience, preferences and limits and after a shower, the session commenced. Having requested the session to centre around bondage, she soon began securing me in rope. Suffice it to say she is very skilled at rope bondage and shibari and there was no way I was going to escape. After several different ties, I was bound to a bench and gently introduced to dildos of increasing size, before experiencing a strap-on initiation while bound in a sling. It was a real overload of sensations! And I look forward to going all the way to assgasms next time. We finished with more bondage combined with some CBT and teasing. Will I visit again? Absolutely! Goddess Cleo is professional, practised with high standards of hygiene, is a good communicator and is highly skilled with rope."

Slave D, November 2016

"dear Goddess Cleo

thank You for a wonderful session last week, it was lovely once again to relax in Your comfortable sling and surrender my arse to You. We have been working for a while on me getting used to the anal feelings You call "assgasms", and I have often struggled with the intensity of them, sometimes getting too tense and calling a halt to the thrusting early on. This time though I really felt I was able to stay with it for significantly longer, and I found myself enjoying the sensations and wanting more, which hasn't quite happened before. (That big black strap-on cock was a great help and a perfect fit!) This is a gradual learning process for me, rather than a sudden revelation, it takes time I suppose to get to know the potential of one's own body. I look forward to more fabulous and unexpected sensations in future sessions! You are an amazing guide to an extreme area of sexuality, and anyone with an interest in anal submission would be well advised to explore it with You. Thank You Goddess!"

sub d, November 2016

"I had my first session with Goddess Cleo a few days ago and WOW!  I don't know how else to describe it. 

I was naturally nervous but from the moment she greeted me I was blown away by her natural and friendly manner putting me instantly at ease. My main interest is in foot worship with a bit of humiliation thrown in and so this is what we did. But I could feel myself wanting to try and push myself and try other things as for the first time in my life it all felt completely natural.

It may be an old chicle but Goddess made my feel like I have never felt with anybody before and as an old cynic I never thought you would hear me say that.

I could ramble on forever but will just say Goddess Cleo is a truly remarkable woman and if you get the chance please don't miss out on seeing her. I know I can't wait to worship her once again"

Slave A, October 2016

"Dear Goddess Cleo,

Just wanted to thank You again for  an absolutely fantastic and sensational session on Friday. I enjoyed every moment of it and had such a great time - definitely left feeling incredible! You made me feel safe and at ease throughout, and I really appreciated the chance to have a chat with You both before and after the session.

I've thought of almost nothing else ever since! I loved all the fun stuff that we did, but it was my first ever time doing CP and I just can't believe what an intense, amazing experience You gave me.

Thanks You once more, and I hope You'd be willing to session with me again in the future - would be great to explore further:)

Yours Respectfully,"

Alex, October 2016

"I've been sessioning with Goddess Cleo for a few months now and am honestly struck every single time by how glad I am to have taken the leap to see her. She's given me such a great introduction to so many BDSM things - the latest session included a taster of bastinado and cunt kicking - but it's always done naturally and with plenty of care and attention, so you don't feel like you're just ticking off boxes.

I don't think I've found anything she's not good at, kink-wise, but I especially enjoy her approach to humiliation - I don't doubt she can be as intense as the situation requires but I've really enjoyed how playfully humiliating she can be, whether it's resting her feet on you, covering your head with a blanket or laughing at you as she draws pictures on you with a marker.

A session with Goddess Cleo is a perfect place to admit all the things you're a bit embarrassed about liking - she won't judge or make you feel bad about it (and chances are she'll get that awesome little smirk which means she's thought of an extra surprise to add to the session). It's always a really liberating experience sessioning with her and she's made me so much happier and more confident about exploring kink in general."

Femsub Kate, September 2016

"dear Goddess,

thank You for another amazing session, back at the beginning of September, apologies for the delay in writing. The session climaxed for me with the most intense sub-space feeling I have ever had, I felt I was floating on a natural high, it was so beautiful. I don't know exactly why or how this happened, but it must be to do with the fact that in submission to You I feel safety, trust, acceptance, which when combined with intense perversity, makes for a fabulous cocktail!

Thank You once again for working on my arse with Your strap-on, You seem to be on a divine mission to bring the joy of "assgasms" to anally receptive males. I feel I've never quite "got it" because usually I seem to give up and call for a stop once the feelings become too intense, almost unbearable .. but this time You encouraged me to keep going and I did reach a point at which each thrust of Your strap-on gave me intense pleasure .. I think I did make some kind of breakthrough there, thanks to You. I will see You again soon, and we will work on this some more, I am sure. Thank You Goddess."

sub d, September 2016

"Every session with Goddess Cleo is a discovery of new sensations I wouldn't have believed possible until I first sessioned with her just over a year ago. First it was the assgasms - I had experienced one or two before with other mistresses, but with Goddess I had about 40 in the first session alone. The next sessions gradually increased their number until we hit a mind-bending 102 (yes, one houndred and two!) in our most recent session. The quick and intense ones I quickly came to know and expect. Then came the ones that gradually build to a climax and then recede. Then, in our last two sessions these latter have increased both in duration and intensity - some lasting well over one minute and some building to an extended peak only to go from there to an even higher stage of high and staying there, leaving me thrashing and moaning and gasping in disbelief over what I am experiencing. I have stopped trying to gauge what still lies in store for me to discover in Goddess' experienced hands, but will certainly be back for more."

sub s, September 2016

"Second time sessioning with Goddess in 3 months and I can only describe it as AMAZING!!!! She's an expert at introducing you to new fetishes. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, she'll take you on a journey you've definitely never experienced before. She takes you to the edge of your limits and makes it soo pleasurable you want to tip over and push yourself to please her. I will definitely always recommend her to all, especially those into CP and humiliation. Although, she is not limited to those and excels in all she does.The aftercare period with her is superb as she'll ensure that you're great, no matter the length of the session. She's one in a million. People!! You're missing out if you haven't booked yet."

Femsub S, September 2016

"Dear Goddess Cleo,

I wanted to thank You personally for Your patience, kindness and attention at the recent InteRim Strapon Party on the 31st August.

As someone who had not engaged in real-time BDSM play for several years, not ever played in a group setting nor engaged in strap-on play before I was very nervous beforehand. On more than one occasion, especially in the minutes waiting in the park nearby for the time to call there were thoughts along the lines of 'WTF are you doing, going into a room full of strangers to have your ass fucked!!' and the thought of turning around crossed my mind more than once.

Strap-on play was always something I held a curiosity about and this was a means of not just dipping my toe in but diving right in the deep-end and leaving the shackles behind.

Your introductions were great and it was good You spend that time beforehand to clarify things, especially as so many of us were new to group play and/or strap-on play too. I very much enjoyed my play time with the other Dommes present, but felt that You went out of Your way, once the initial demands on all Dommes had placated to really challenge me and I am so thankful for that. You encouraged me beyond what I would have thought I could take in my ass, which a couple of the Ladies remarked on as being very tight. Well, not quite so much anymore :)

It was particularly enjoyable when You got me in the sling. The vulnerability it offers and the opportunity to be face to face with a Lady so stunning with that twinkle in Your eye as You had Your way with me.... magic. On a couple of occasions I felt something build and its so hard to define if its a nice sensation when its accompanied by a growing urge to urinate. While I might not have got to achieving an assgasm yet, I am sure that I will and I'd bet that You will be the Lady to make it happen.

I had a great time and provided You will have me back I will definitely be back to the parties in London in 2017. Thank You for a wonderful experience .


sub e, August 2016

"Goddess Cleo has the perfect mix of being professional, dominant and fun. This was my first session and there was the inevitable pre-session nerves, but as soon as I was welcomed in by the stunning Goddess Cleo and we started chatting about my fantasies and how the session would unfold I knew I was in safe but dangerous hands!

What followed was two hours of incredible strapon play which took my enjoyment of it to new heights with my introduction to the infamous assgasm. Amazing!

Thank you so much Goddess Cleo, I will be seeing you again. X"

N, August 2016

"Miss Hayley and Goddess Cleo - quite simply perfection. Two beautiful, intelligent and charming Dominants. But don't let the beauty fool you, for these two will chew you up and spit you out, literally. From the moment I met them I was under their hypnotic spell and without over exaggerating there is nothing I wouldn't have agreed to do for them. I was their bitch.  I cannot recommend highly enough and as the time came to leave all I was thinking was 'when can I come back?'. Thank you ladies."

bitch, August 2016

"Thank you, Goddess Cleo, for an amazing session,  Your effortless natural superiority and stunning beauty are an ideal combination.  I appreciated the significant time you spent before the session getting to know your slave and the scenario of having to perform tasks for a reward (eg nipple play) and at risk of a penalty (eg face slapping) was very exciting - I never thought that I could be incentivised to crawl so far while hogtied to suck cock.  I was also pleased that I took the full caning as the reward of having you sit on my face was wonderful and finally when I knelt at your feet to worship them while wearing my collar and dog lead I felt that I was truly owned by you.  It was the perfect end to a great session and I look forward to serving you further."

Slave Polly, August 2016

"Goddess Cleo

I just wanted to say a big thank you for my perfect session. You are beautiful skilled with perfect feet to kiss and massage. This was my first session seeing you and you made me feel at relaxed and calm can't wait to see you again soon.

Many thanks"

Dean, August 2016

"Thank you for the session today, you were amazing!

When discussing the session I wasn't really sure what I was after, but I found GC to be really creative and imaginative so made a number of suggestions. What was great was that she then took time to took time to explain what she thought the session could look like, explaining how it could make me feel and gave me the encouragement to discover new and exciting fetishes. It was evident that she has extensive experience in bdsm.

The session was perfect. She was able to read me and conducted the session both professionally and respectfully with my welfare a top priority. You can see that she enjoys what she does and that reflects into the session. I trusted her implicitly.

I must add though whilst GC was supportive of me during the session she carries herself with an air of authority and it is clear that being dominant is who she is.

At the end I left having experienced feelings I have never felt before and i am eager to return to explore more. The whole experience was simply amazing.

Hope to see you again soon and thanks again"

Steve, August 2016

"Dear Goddess Cleo

Thank you again for a wonderful session. You played with me beautifully and intuitively. It was good to take time to get to know each other and establish my limits, boundaries and the activities I like before the session. The session flowed beautifully and thank you for encouraging me to achieve my first (and second) assgasm. Your flogging skills are excellent and I really enjoyed the building intensity and was transported to sub space as you could tell by the smile on my face. I was deliciously light headed after the session as I floated home. I am really looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes"

slave m, August 2016

"After the first session with Goddess Cleo I knew I found an expert, careful, and caring person to explore further my kinks, so I booked a second one. I’m still somehow surprised how she makes everything so easy and simple.

This time I wanted to prepare for my first time at Club Pedestal, so we discussed a bit how the night usually goes, and given I was going to role play as a cat, she suggested and made me try a few things I could be doing there. I was very glad I did because it made me a bit more comfortable during the night, a few days later.

Among the things we tried this session there was also breath play. I wasn’t sure about it, but I wanted to experience it. She was very careful, explained to me what was going to happen, how safe it was and how quickly I would be able to get out of it. While I found in the end pure breath play being neither exciting nor scary for me, I was glad I managed to experience it and get a better understanding of myself.

The peak of the session was pegging, an art that Goddess Cleo masters to impressive heights, combined with additional blindfolds, light CBT, and nipple play. As per the previous session I expected multiple assgasms, but what I didn’t expect was having a 2-3 minutes long one. It was an incredible experience, the words come short in trying to describe it.

We had a few more things planned for the day, but after that we had to wrap up. We were both really spent. The rest will be for the next session..."

Kaoru, July 2016

"Hello Goddess Cleo this is Li. Just wanted to say thankyou for the party this evening, you were very nice and welcoming to myself and I got a really good vibe from you. nice to meet you and interact with what we did, hope the rest of your week is good and hopefully catch you again soon - thankyou :-)"

sub Li, July 2016

"In the three sessions I have had with Goddess Cleo so far, I have had more new experiences than I ever thought possible. Goddess has both experience and expertise of course, but what really sets her apart is her unique ability to read your reactions and push you over the top again and again. I came to her with some years of experience from other mistresses and clear ideas about what I liked, but Goddess has not only shown me a whole new range of sensations, she has opened new and higher dimensions of pleasure to me. I cannot praise her enough."

sub s. July 2016

"Where to start? I was impressed by the attention to detail from Goddess Cleo, the note taking cross referenced with my original detail and the subtle way Goddess Cleo sought to clarify if I knew what a hard caning was like.

In session we soon gelled and the time soon floated by as Goddess Cleo gradually introduced herself to my various body parts.

An accurate caner able to constantly hit the spot Goddess Cleo, had my backside feeling like it was on fire. It will be days before I sit normally again. We combined needle play with electrics for some amazing sensations. Then after it was all over after care given we hugged and spoke of how we had enjoyed the session.

The last point I find important as it’s great to session with someone that loves what they do which Goddess Cleo certainly does!"

slave s, July 2016

"I took my little girl to a beating to Goddess Cleo's dungeon and was extremely impressed with the  accuracy of her cain strokes. She was able able to hit the same spot repeatedly which let to some fine and memorable results"

Master R & babygirl, July 2016

“I've been very lucky to session with Goddess Cleo and Divine Domino together recently and am honestly already counting the days until I get to do it again. They're both incredibly warm and friendly with a great sense of humour and I really loved how that mischievous side of them carried over into the session itself. (Also they both give such great hugs.)

That's not to say they go easy on their slaves though - Divine Domino had me yelping from her very first spank and Goddess Cleo was cruelly creative in her use of vibrating clamps - but any nervousness or doubts I had about a multi-mistress/double domme session were very short-lived. They played off each other perfectly, with Goddess Cleo whispering humiliating things in my ear and ordering me to repeat them loud enough for Divine Domino to hear, and I was reduced to a contented little puddle in no time.

I've sessioned with Goddess Cleo before and am always impressed by her ability to make me feel totally safe and secure, even while I'm being thoroughly humiliated in front of a room full of people. She's full of inventive ideas (especially for things I never would've considered but ended up loving!) and her intuitive approach to sessions ensures that every time is a great new experience.

I'd only met Divine Domino once before but wouldn't hesitate to session with her again, either solo or with another mistress. Her professionalism put me completely at ease and I could surrender easily to her very fun types of torture (including making me pick violet wand attachments without knowing what they did and tickling me until I squealed...)

The two of them work really well together, switching smoothly between ruthless and playful. Being tied up, teased and humiliated by both of them was one of the most intense and enjoyable experience I've ever had - I definitely recommend seeing them both if you get chance!

Femsub Kate, July 2016

"Having sessioned with a fair amount of mistresses, I can tell you that Goddess Cleo is the most genuine I have ever met. Her easy going spirit just lights up the room and makes the session very comfortable, even when you have her large strapon deep in your bottom or facing the humiliation of an enema. She helped me achieve soo many new things in just one session.

She's amazing at reading her clients and ensuring that they are well before, during and after. You're guaranteed to have the most mind blowing experience. I'm definitely going back and if after reading this, you still haven't booked to see her, I don't know what the hell you're waiting for!!!!!"s

Femsub s, July 2016


I would just like to thank you for my session last Sunday afternoon, I was impressed by your attention to detail and I was very surprised that you let the session run over time, that is very rare in my experience.

Not sure what the highlight was but I did enjoy being taught how to get the best out of poppers, that did take me to a new high.

Hope to see you in the not too distant future."

slave james, July 2016

"I did have a ball kicking session with Goddess Cleo. I am no novice and she booted my balls in like no woman has done before. This woman is a wonderful with real integrity 'more then what we deserve' but can she kick!!  I think for me, it was time to get them really kicked in, not just a slap but really kick the shit out of em and Goddess Cleo has the expertise to really go for it, without a medical emergency.

She is powerful,my nuts by the end had doubled in size and were black and blue.  I can tell you, she  is so hot and with a set of 'knockers to die for' but believe me she ain't going to show a bunch of perverts her assets....so don't even think about it. In fact you can foot worship but that's it. I tried to get some lower leg action with my busted balls but I was rebuked. I had to settle with flopping them against her boots.

I personally would keep going back until I ended up a nut less nothing, she is that good!! Viva this Dom and balls to the wall!!"

small dick perv, July 2016

"It’s hard to overstate how professional, caring and attentive Goddess Cleo is. Following the advice of a trusted common friend, I met her the first time for a talk-only session, because as a beginner I didn’t feel comfortable to jump straight into play and I wanted to know her a bit and ask a series of questions. From the very first moment for the whole length of our discussion she demonstrated clear professionalism, caring, deep knowledge and most importantly the ability to make myself feel at ease. While for me all of this was entirely new and confusing, for her it’s like second nature and her confidence was incredibly reassuring and able to make me ask questions I felt uneasy with. When she showed me the collection of strap-ons describing them like anyone else would talk about their collection of stamps was a moment that represented clearly how normal and acceptable all of this could be.

The first play session happened a few weeks later, and I felt anxious about it the closer the appointment was getting. However, the memory of her confidence and answers helped me: I was able to reassure myself that she surely knew how to deal with anything that I could have done (or said, or wanted). It was surely trust well deserved: the session started with her asking a few questions, outlining and agreeing with me what would have happened in the next couple of hours.

All the thoughts I was having during the quick shower until I walked in naked almost vanished once Goddess Cleo put the collar on me. I just followed her orders. I enjoyed every single moment of it, between various kinds of bondage, rope, gags, whips, soft teasing and giggles -- especially when the first penetration happened at the same time of a thunder, one can just laugh at such coincidence. She was perfectly in tune with my reactions, and she asked just the right amount of times to make sure everything was good for me. The session ended with multiple assgasms, and it took a while for me to come back from it: even putting a sentence in the right order was a bit difficult.

She took time to ease me out at the end of the session with some light chat and discussing what I liked (everything, some things even more than expected) and didn’t like (nothing). The euphoric sensation lasted for days after the session."

Kaoru, June 2016

"Goddess Cleo is the real deal!  I am a middle aged gent who was looking to try something different.  I went to see her while visiting the UK and found a completely professional, yet dedicated Dom who is highly skilled in the art of BDSM.  It was clear that she has the ability to take you to the level that you are comfortable with and doesn't pass judgment on what you are looking for or what you desire.  She  took me to heights I didn't think I could go without ever making me feel unsafe.  I never felt rushed and she is definitely in control.  We even had a nice chat afterwards where she made some very good suggestions about how to further my curiosity.  A first class lady who I am so glad I got to meet.  Goddess Cleo opened up a new door for me.  You're the best GC."

Stan, June 2016

"It's an hour after my session with Goddess Cleo what can i say i am still shaking . Goddess Cleo beautiful understanding amazing woman .

I booked two hours of strapon play we went thru 4 strapons and her playful hand did not get fisted but was close .Last one did the job she call it BBC For last 10m years i was looking fot that kind of pleasure Assgasm WOW seen the stars fireworks it was perfect if anyone is into strapon please dont look any further Goddess Cleo is THE ONE you should see.

Goddess i will see you soon we need that pretty hand of yours push little bit more 

All the best"

Seb, June 2016

"Thank you for the great session today. Your warm attitude helped me a lot to feel at ease once I arrived, although, I must admit, I was nervous before that. You have very gentle approach for introducing newbies to electro and you respect their limits. I felt comfortable in every way during the whole session. Really a great experience!

Once again thank you"

Harry, June 2016

"After an excellent first session with Goddess Cleo, I apparently couldn't stay away for long and booked in for a second, longer session this past weekend. Since I'm still new to BDSM and keen to experiment, Goddess Cleo asked me to send her a short list of activities I'd like to try which was then used to help plan the session. 

I've praised her diligence and experience before and this was no exception. The session incorporated so many things I enjoyed, including rope bondage, impact play and nipple torture, and the whole thing flowed perfectly, alternating between harder play and allowing moments for me to catch my breath where appropriate.

Her careful and intuitive approach to the session was the perfect combination. My limits were completely respected but I didn't feel at all confined to a certain type of play. Goddess Cleo picked up on my reactions to particular activities and adapted the session accordingly, bringing in some breathplay, breast flogging and face slapping which made the experience even more fun and intense.

Goddess Cleo's approach to humiliation was definitely a highlight. While I have absolutely no doubt that she can be severe and strict when the situation calls for it, she has a great sense of humour and struck the ideal balance for me between making the session fun and also very humiliating. I found myself laughing along with her at times when she wrote on me with a marker but also had no trouble then reaching subspace when sucking her strap-on or licking her floor clean.

The whole session was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. Goddess Cleo is lovely, incredibly talented and so much fun to session with - I can't recommend her highly enough."

FebSub Kate, May 2016

"goddess.  dosnt say enuf about you .without doubt the best experience of my life sunday .3 hrs of pure heaven from goddess cleo so beautiful and so friendly and caring.totally enjoys what she does and the pleasure it brings you.will only now seeand hope to serve goddess cleo as I would love the oppuntunity to prove myself  her and be lucky enough to maybe one day become a full slave to such a devine lady if granted such an honour."

danny, May 2016

"I'm a complete newbie to kink and BDSM, despite having an interest in it for years, but finally decided to take the plunge and book a session with Goddess Cleo. I found her testimonials very reassuring, as well as knowing she has an established presence on the London kink scene, but even so, I was still quite nervous when I showed up at her (very comfortable and easy to locate) play space.

Much to my relief, there was no reason to be nervous at all. Goddess Cleo is incredibly warm and welcoming and took her time in making me feel at ease. As it was my first session, she spent time discussing my likes and dislikes as well as telling me a little more about herself - her rope bondage and needleplay skills are equally impressive! I really appreciated the time she took to build a rapport, even for a short session, which made the experience so much more fun and enjoyable.

Her diligence and thoroughness were wonderful, both from a hygiene/safety perspective and from the care she took in planning out a session which flowed smoothly. I can absolutely understand why she's so sought after as a Domina.

Even in a relatively short first session, she gave me a taster of so many fantastic activities, including foot worship, spanking, and sensation play, plus a couple of things I'd never heard of, let alone tried. She's excellent at reading people - before we started, she correctly predicted exactly what would send me into subspace and when we finished, she'd picked up on one of my kinks that I'd entirely forgotten to mention.

Overall it was an ideal first session. Goddess Cleo is gorgeous, patient, experienced and intuitive - I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to kink and I would definitely go back to her again to explore further."

FemSub Kate, May 2016

"Just had a double dom session today with Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss. INCREDIBLE!  My session incorporated tease and denial, nipple torture and tickle torture followed by one hour in bondage. Finally I was made to have a cold shower before I was ready for the outside world. My limits were respected but pushed and the venue was excellent - very clean and private. The pictures could never do justice to how great Goddess and Mistress look in reality, both have wicked smiles and seem to take great delight in what they do. Well worth the extra money for double trouble!"

Thanks again

Paul, May 2016

"I've been an admirer of Goddess Cleo from afar for some time now but for various reasons I had never managed to visit her for a session until the stars aligned earlier this month and I found myself sitting across the table from her in her fantastic session location whilst she described the various things she was going to do to me.

The Goddess is incredibly intuitive and during our session she read my reactions perfectly. I had asked for a strap on session and she lead me through it step by step until I had my first "assgasm". It was to be the first of many and in the end I had to cry mercy.....there's only so much this sub could take!

I can't recommend the Goddess highly enough. Even after only one session I can tell she is both a newbie and experienced sessioner's dream. I can't wait to be under her spell again."

sub i, May 2016

"I worked up the courage to contact Goddess Cleo, via email, and arranged an introductory call to discuss an appointment.  Once we had our call, I was pleasantly surprised to find a warm, but professional, human being on the other end of the phone.  After a brief conversation, we arranged the particulars for the appointment and all was set.

On the day of the appointment, I was pleased to find that her play space was easy to access, yet discreet and private.  It was also well-appointed with a great range of equipment for play sessions.

After having seen her website and photos, I was still stricken by her physical beauty and warm personality.  As we discussed my experience level, likes and dislikes, we began to know each other, and I was surprised at her patience in trying to determine what would make this a good session for both of us.  But, even more than that, I was most impressed that when we got ready to begin the session, the first thing was to begin with a warm hug, to put me at my ease and to establish the mutual trust and respect necessary for this type of play.  It stunned me, and totally helped me relax and almost immediately transition into "subspace."

I will save the particulars of the session,  But, in what was basically an all-strapon session, lasting about four hours, Goddess Cleo gently turned me inside out, causing me to have close to 25 "assgasms" (as she calls them) and even squirting at one point, hands-free.  It was one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences of my life.  Yet, I left the session feeling amazing, and completely relaxed.

I can't recommend her highly enough.  And, I look forward to my next session."  

D, April 2016

"I had been looking at the Goddess's site for a few weeks and had decided that it was time. I'm not a newbie to BDSM but, at the same time, I have only limited experience with Professional Dominas like Goddess Cleo.

Initial contact was by email and text and was courteous and straightforward. A small delay in her initial response was, it turned out, due to a short period of ill health on her part and, not for the first time, I thought how important it is to remember that Dominas are human beings too!

When the session came around, I made my way to her studio. It's very accessible but, at the same time, secure and discreet. She greeted me warmly and led me inside while we chatted a little about how our respective days had been.

As it was my first session with her, we spoke for over an hour. In theory, it was about my experience and interests and what I hoped to get from the session. In practice, the discussion covered that and much more - everything from human anatomy to psychology and onwards to the role of religions in forming individual morality. Much of the chat flowed naturally although, towards the end, she asked me a series of direct questions about medical and psychological history, reminding me that she takes assessment of risk seriously. It's worth noting how she joined the dots in our conversation - 'Maybe 'hedonist' is a good word for you,' she said at one point. I had to double-take - it's exactly the word I use to describe myself on BDSM sites and the perceptiveness of the observation struck me. It's easy to assume everyone seeing a Domina identifies as a sub or a slave but it's sometimes more complex.

We then began our scene and it was wonderful - a first time for me to play with her and a first time to explore a particular kink in depth. There was some playful almost-humiliation (a very delicate art and perfectly done), some checking-in mid-scene, a little shibari (even her use of rope when not tying limbs is aesthetic) and a well-paced introduction to the famous 'assgasm'. She knew her way around my male body and its responses about as well as some experienced gay men I've played with, which is saying something ... and which is worth bearing in mind if you're considering a visit. You're likely to safely experience sensations you've not had before!

Time flew as it always does in scenes, sadly. When the session ended we sat for another while and talked some more before I had to make my way home. I noticed her make some notes on the scene for her own reference and thought again how seriously she takes her role.

I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

lark5head, Mar 2016

"I asked Goddess Cleo to organise a party with two of her friends where I could be the slave and be humiliated by everyone present. Goddess Cleo calmly organised everything according to my fantasies and we had an epic time with continual play throughout the evening with me taking it in turns to please Goddess Cleo, a female slave and a male slave and sometimes all three together! I was constantly left wondering what was coming next even ending up on a public webcam (with me wearing a mask). In the early hours of the morning, she locked me in her dog cage for the night only releasing me the following morning. Thanks Goddess Cleo for a wonderful time!"

pickle, Mar 2016

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.... I have a new hero!! I can see why you are so highly regarded on the net - you are truly amazing!!

That really was awesome. I never thought it would be so much fun!! I am in awe of you goddess cleo, it was an absolute pleasure to be your seat for a little while and i promise i will be back for more soon. 

Anyhow, take it easy - keep doing the amazing things you do and i will catch you soon."

sub d, January 2016

"I have always wanted to explore my bdsm fantasies but I was always too scared. After coming across Goddess Cleo's website I read a number of her testimonials and it convinced me to book a session. All I can say is Goddess Cleo is amazing at what she does and conducts the session in a very friendly manner. She took the time to explain the different aspects and ensured I felt safe and that all my fantasies were explored. I highly recommend Goddess Cleo especially if you are a beginner. I will definitely be booking another session with Goddess Cleo soon. I will also like to thank Goddess Cleo for helping me finally explore my fantasies."

sub w, August 2015

"Thank You for an amazing session. I learnt so much from You today, especially about myself. You helped me go past boundaries I thought were "impenetrable", and I'm grateful for that."

slave a, August 2015

"I had my first session with Goddess Cleo yesterday, and it was by far the best I ever had with any mistress. Goddess tied me to a bench and within minutes I was in subspace. Goddess then exposed me to a series of sensations I never felt before, the world around me disappeared, and I could only gasp and whimper at what I was experiencing.

Then came the strapons and Goddess is a true master at this, bringing me to a series of consecutive anal orgasms (we counted 20) - some quick and sudden, others slowly building up before exploding. It must have been well over one hour where one orgasm (or "assgasm", as Goddess calls them) took the next in a continuous flow, and I could feel my head and body spinning with endorphines for several hours after I had left Goddess.

It was a truly unique experience which I hope to repeat in the very near future."

sub s. July 2015

"I am a newbie to femdom, so after having considered trying this enticing idea for a while, I jumped in. Goddess Cleo is an amazingly intelligent and understanding person, and is completely awe inspiring and beautiful, and is a naturally dominant women. Perfect for a naturally submissive man. Goddess Cleo appreciates the right way to approach her, so be nice and honest and articulate, if you can manage that in the excitement of meeting her. I found Goddess also kind and generous, so be kind and generous back, it's the only way. In our first few sessions I got spanked, caned, had CBT and anal play, got tied up in ropes and belts, and had her lovely behind all over my grateful submissive face, and obediently and adoringly kissed and stroked her perfect feet. Goddess Cleo is a powerful women, emotionally, intellectually and physically, and sexually. Wow is the feeling a have when I think about our next session. Go on, treat yourself."

slave k, June 2015

"I wanted to write about my time yesterday evening with Goddess Cleo. It was very possibly the most intense, and pleasurable 4 hours of my entire life. Let me tell you why.

Goddess Cleo and I have enjoyed some adventures before on several occasions. She is not phased by anything. I am a cross-dresser, and fortunate enough to be quite convincing and able to go out in public without creating a riot. Goddess Cleo is equally assured and in control whether you go with her via the tube for a girly visit to the market in Camden, put through your paces as her French maid around her apartment, or any other TV treat.

Last night, it was role-play. You may be thinking, as I was, that this seldom works well - it's all too easy to ruin the moment by saying the wrong thing, bursting into giggles, or whatever. It requires pre-planning, good acting skills, and all the participants to take it seriously almost as though it was real. OMG, Goddess Cleo and her young "henchman" Charles, did all that and much more!

The scenario was that I was a lady real estate agent, calling on Goddess Cleo to inspect her apartment, which was rented through my agency. I turned up, all pleasant chat, tight skirt, nylons and heels, ready to carry out the inspection (oddly, as I was to realise too late, at the tenant's request). I arrived to a friendly welcome, a glass of wine, and her brooding young male "friend" Charles, standing nearby saying very little. We had such a lovely chat, all so much into character, that reality was blurred with fantasy. The point where the Goddess suddenly, and oh-so matter of factly, informs me that my wine was drugged, that she runs a very profitable operation abducting sexy women and selling them into slavery with the highest bidder, that she is going to tie me up and I better not resist or her henchman will have to hurt me, OMG I will never forget that moment! She fixes eye contact with me and I live the moment. The delicious indignation of standing up, making my outraged protests, but nonetheless being marched across the room to be tied and gagged will stay with me forever.

Goddess Cleo and Charles kept up the acting superbly for hours, while I was immobilised in various tightly bound positions, while they considered online bids for the merchandise from their international connections. And the sweet humiliation of being "road tested" by the Goddess using her strap-on, well, I actually felt a sensation of finally being broken and surrendering to my fate, of becoming a submissive fucktoy Stepford wife to the Goddess' highest bidder. Even up to the very last moment, when I was led to the door, hands bound behind my back, utterly defeated, to be loaded "into the van" for shipment, was sublime, before we all finally broke out of the spell, and laughed and delighted in what incredible fun it had been.
I don't know what else to say about this incredible evening. You should search your soul for your deepest, most secret fantasy, the very thing that you have always wanted most to do, and tell it to the Goddess who, if anyone can, will make it come to life."

Isabelle, June 2015

"I sessioned with Goddess Cleo yesterday evening and all I can say is 'wow!'.

It was my first ever session with a professional Mistress. Before I met her I was nervous as hell, I didn't know what to expect, or what I was walking in to. Let me say that within the first few minutes of meeting her, I felt quite relaxed and knew that I could place my trust in her.

The appointment started with a long chat about what my fantasies and fetishes were (this did not form part of our session); I was certainly not used to divulging my darkest secrets to a stranger, but she made me feel very comfortable and even coaxed more out of me than I knew myself. During this chat Goddess Cleo mentioned something about 'sub-space' and said she hoped she could get me there before the hour was up. Let me tell you now that it was less than 10 minutes before I was falling into a wonderfully submissive state of mind. This was much quicker than I expected and was purely down to her skill and professionalism at what she does.

She started gently within my stated boundaries, and then slowly pushed my boundaries to stuff I didn't even realise I liked. Her greatest skill was that at times I felt like she was reading my mind, knowing exactly how to push my buttons, quickly dropping elements that weren't such a turn-on and really exploring elements that did turn me on. I am a big fan of spitting; I think she realised this early on and, before long, my face was literally covered in her spit. When the session ended, I looked at my watch thinking she had cut me short, but no, that was simply the quickest hour I have ever experienced. 

At one stage during our appointment, Goddess Cleo gave me some advice about what to look out for if I decided to session with another Mistress; I can safely say that I will not be sessioning with anyone else. Its been 24 hours since our session and I still have a smile on my face! Goddess Cleo is a stunning woman, very attractive with an amazing body. She really does know her trade like a true expert. Clean. Hygienic. Safe. Trustworthy. A consummate professional. Thank you Goddess. I will be back."

sub m, June 2015

"I am a newbie to femdom, so after having considered trying this enticing idea for a while, I jumped in. Goddess Cleo is an amazingly intelligent and understanding person, and is completely awe inspiring and beautiful, and is a naturally dominant women. Perfect for a naturally submissive man. Goddess Cleo appreciates the right way to approach her, so be nice and honest and articulate, if you can manage that in the excitement of meeting her. I found Goddess also kind and generous, so be kind and generous back, it's the only way. In our first few sessions I got spanked, caned, had CBT and anal play, got tied up in ropes and belts, and had her lovely behind all over my grateful submissive face, and obediently and adoringly kissed and stroked her perfect feet. Goddess Cleo is a powerful women, emotionally, intellectually and physically, and sexually. Wow is the feeling a have when I think about our next session. Go on, treat yourself."

slave k, June 2015

"How can I communicate the feelings, the experience, the completeness of my session with Goddess Cleo?  Well I can't do it justice, but I will try and recommend you stop reading here and experience it yourself.

Exhilarating, enlightening, electrifying.  Sensation, built upon sensation.  A layered cocktail of control, power, dominance crafted on a real connection.

The connection was something Goddess took time to build before even beginning the session, and it paid off.  Her ability to control me, but also establishing a bond of trust that heightened the session and deep, real and intense submissive feelings that at times threatened to overwhelm.

A new experience in its depth and clarity, I can only hope to be in Her presence again.  And soon."

slave mt, April 2015

"So as a newbie to the BDSM scene I looked at mistresses in London and Goddess Cleo got my vote based on what others were saying and I wasn't disappointed at all. It was the best experience I could have ever imagined.

When I arrived Goddess Cleo could see that I was nervous but as others have mentioned before starting any session she sits you down and has a very relaxing chat about what you are looking for and what you are interested in so she can then build up a bespoke session for you in her mind. This makes the whole experience even better and puts you in a great frame of mind and importantly relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience.

I opted to go for a tie and tease session which involved any particular experiences and everyone of them was amazing as Goddess Cleo can intuitively tell what works for a particular person.

As you can tell I can't recommend her highly enough and more than anything she is a warm and genuinely lovely person which makes the experience even better. I will definitely be returning for more experiences even though a day later my bottom is still slightly sore."

Sub S, March 2015

"Dear Goddess Cleo

Many many thanks for a great extended bondage session.

It was great meeting you and I enjoyed every aspect and spending that length of time under your control and in those various bondage positions was sublime.

I look forward to doing it again in the New Year, if you will have me.

Have a great Christmas!

yours with respect"

francis, December 2015

"I've never written a testimonial like this before but I must acknowledge and thank Goddess Cleo for an amazing 2 hour session! It was the first time I'd visited a domme in over 3 years, and it was also my first chance to meet Goddess Cleo in person after wanting to for a long time but never getting an opportunity because I live nowhere near London. I therefore had high hopes & expectations - and to be honest they were comfortably exceeded! Every element was simply brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

After such a long break from real-time BDSM I was very nervous and keen to make a good impression. Fortunately Goddess Cleo is a lovely person and immediately put me at ease with a short, friendly interview about my BDSM likes. This also had the effect of helping us to build a rapport and it definitely increased my anticipation for the session itself! This kind of interview was a first for me, I think it's a great illustration of how serious Goddess Cleo is about her art because it really helped me to open up and think about what I wanted from the session.

Having discovered my particular liking for strap-on she came up with an excellent 'slut' scenario to roleplay. It contained some new experiences for me (shibari rope bondage is definitely something I want to try again!) and it was truly a submissive's delight to be directed to worship Goddess' feet before being led to a bench, being told to bend over and then wait for the arrival of her strap-on!

I have always enjoyed strap-on but Goddess Cleo took me to a new level - I've never felt such powerful & intense sensations, or been used for so long - 90 minutes of a 2 hour session! And it wasn't a gentle 90 minutes either lol, Goddess was very energetic and definitely worked up a sweat! It was a thrill to have my limits explored and gradually extended, taking a finger first, then one dildo, then another, while having another one introduced in front of my face at the same time - my first taste of spit-roasting! Goddess also constantly bantered with me and encouraging me to take more for longer and to express my satisfaction with the treatment I was getting - and for such an amazing woman I was happy to play my part! 

I've written a lot already but I'll sum up by saying I'm absolutely delighted that I finally got to meet Goddess Cleo, she's a fantastic and very attractive domme and also a lovely, genuine, fun person, which is just as important. I can't recommend her highly enough & I will definitely try to visit her again next time I am in London!"

slave chris, December 2014

"I visited Goddess Cleo for a second time,  and once  again was bowled over by her homely welcome,  and the playtime.

Couldn't have asked for anything more.

She even made me a coffee... Oh my?! "

matt, December 2014

"I had an amazing session with Goddess Cleo yesterday. This was my first time with a dominatrix and the session was perfect. I wasn't sure what I liked or enjoyed before hand but the Goddess somehow knew and created the best session imaginable. I would definitely recommend any novice who wants to experience this to go to her. She makes you feel safe and secure."

Slave Raj, December 2014

Dear Goddess

Just to say it was a great session on Saturday. I went home, the family were away so had the place to myself, glass of wine, light supper and was so calm and tranquil. Thanks so much."

slave j, November 2014

Thanks Goddess Cleo for a fantastic 90 minute session yesterday evening!

This was my very first time exploring my foot fetish and was feeling very nervous and anxious before my appointment. This soon changed when I was invited in to her flat and was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Goddess Cleo is stunning both in looks(even more so then the pictures do justice) and personality, she was very easy to talk to when we discussed what my likes and interests were so that she could make the session as personal and enjoyable as possible.

Her feet feel, taste and smell great and I was relaxed and enjoying myself so much that the time flew by and left me fantasising about when I could next book another appointment after I left.

What really made the session special and stand out is her approachable and friendly nature which made me feel like I was playing and enjoying myself with a friend rather then paying for a professional service(with the service still being excellent,she is very good at what she does!). The session was personalised and adjusted according to what I enjoyed and my reactions making it a brilliant and unique experience.

Most of all, you can tell that Goddess Cleo really does enjoy what she does which maximised the enjoyment for both of us.

If you are having any doubts about booking a session with a mistress like I previously did, book a session with Goddess Cleo I gurantee you won't regret it."

Felipe, October 2014

"I had an amazing overnight bondage session with Goddess Cleo last night.

She is beautiful and attentive. The restraints were very secure, and I felt safe and welcomed. She has certainly raised my interest level in intricate rope bondage!

I'll definitely be back."

Matt, October 2014

"Strap-on play with Miss Kitty Bliss & Goddess Cleo

Before I had the courage to visit a professional dominatrix, the world of erotic hypnosis was my only outlet for the submissive cravings inside me. Among my mp3 files there was one in particular that struck a chord, detailing as it did the unimportance of my own pleasure when compared with the submission of being fucked with a strap-on by a dominant woman.
The real truth of this message has only recently become clear to me.

Before meeting Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty, my experience of strap-on play was almost exclusively centred around the enjoyment of the sensation rather than a connection between the dominant and submissive involved. That started to change earlier this year when I attended a party they'd organised with a small group of dominant women, some well behaved submissive men, and an impressive collection of strap-on dildos of various shapes and sizes.

I left that party with my eyes well and truly opened. For much of the evening I felt like little more than a toy, there purely for the ladies' pleasure with thoughts of my own desires completely put aside. But far from being any less enjoyable it added a new and, quite frankly, attitude-adjusting element.
Since that first meeting, these two divine dommes have continued to adjust my attitude. With every visit I've made, strap-on play has become more and more about submission; and the physical sensation, while still wonderful, has become less important.

Whether on my knees in front of Mistress's thick strap-on cock, awaiting the instruction to worship. Or bent over and spread wide with that strap-on ready and threatening to violate me. Or even the ultimate slutty fantasy and perfect expression of their dominance, being spit-roasted between them. However they want me, I am simply there to please them.
With each thrust their control over me increases and my submission grows deeper. While I get weaker, their strength and power only intensifies until I am mentally, emotionally and physically entranced.

I never want it to end, but of course it must - my mind and body can only take so much exhilaration. And by the time they are finished with me I am subdued, reminded of how weak and submissive I am, but in a state of complete euphoria."

Miss Cassie, August 2014

"Goddess Cleo, thank you for the incredible evening and overnight session this week. You have a wonderful apartment dungeon that both feels like a home but also has fabulous dungeon equipment. Every drawer you opened seemed to have another set of instruments of restraint and torture.

Our session in the evening was brilliant and you were both kind and cruel in equal measure. The variety of worship, bondage and torture activities was perfect and it was the best session I have ever had with a Mistress.

It was also a special treat to be your overnight prisoner locked into your cage waiting for you to release me in the morning.  You provided just the right amount of restraint that gave me some sleep whilst always knowing that I was your prisoner. It was wonderful to be set free in the morning and be able to worship your feet before breakfast."

Peter, August 2014

Thank you goddess for an awesome session.  For a first meeting I really can't believe we connected as well as we did.  I like to think that I'm an experienced sub but you took me to places I have never been before, especially with the bagging and breath control that left me nearly turning blue.  You were also very adept at balancing the punishment with the pleasure which gave for a very intense experience.  All in all probably the best session I have had in the last few years.  Can't wait to come back for more.........your slave"

jasper, July 2014

My session with Goddess Cleo was my first ever session, and it was absolutely amazing and truly enlightening.

When I first met her I was the most nervous I had ever been in my life; being only 22 years old and having no previous experience in BDSM I was sweating bullets and could barely spit out my words. She brought me into her flat (which was extremely nice) and made me feel comfortable as we started to go through my interests and experience.

The first thing I noticed about Goddess Cleo was how beautiful she was; a true stunner. The second thing I recognised was how kind and sincere she was, yet at the same time maintained her dominant demeanour. Thirdly, I noticed how professional she was; her flat is extremely clean and tidy, she has a massive collection of equipment, and she goes through any health concerns and lets you know what is expected during the session. And lastly, I realised how into the lifestyle she was; it was obvious she lived this lifestyle and loves what she does.

After showering, we started the session. She happily put up with my obvious inexperience, and made me feel as safe and relaxed as I could have possibly been. She took her time to guide me through the session and always made sure I felt comfortable (which I now know for a first-timer is essential, especially during anal play - your eyes are bigger than your arse!). Although all that I've written so far is explaining how safe and caring she is, she is wickedly dominant and devilish as well, and I would love to see her play with a more experienced sub! All throughout the session the atmosphere was incredibly natural; it felt as if we had known each other for years, and it was obvious that she was experienced and knew what she was doing.

The experience I had with Goddess Cleo was amazing and incredibly memorable. Not only did she explore my interests, but she also introduced to new things, mainly electrics! Never would I have thought I would be interested in electric play, but after experiencing it with Goddess Cleo it is now high on my list of interests.

After the session, we sat down and talked for a bit. This was the most memorable experience of the session for me, as it was the first time I've ever talked to someone so open and free about the BDSM lifestyle as she is.

Thank you Goddess Cleo for giving me the most amazing and memorable experience!"

A, July 2014

""Never judging before testing", that could be the conclusion of the session I spent with you.

I came to London with a strong opinion of what I want, I came back to my city with a totally new experience and feeling.
I was not interested in electrics: I thought that it was painful. Not at all, it is a very different feeling, that feeling goes through all of your body. Usually, I am quite nervous and anxious, but electrics "relaxes" you, you cannot resist. You manage it very well. Also, you introduce me to a new world of domination. Not psychological, not violent, but more a "feeling" domination. With electrics, you could play with the sensation of your slave. You take the control of all of his body. This is very, very different from the other sessions that I did before.

The sessions that I did before (3 sessions) were more rude and not very natural. I felt the mistresses were forced to do something like they were obliged to do the session. I hate this. I did not feel this with you.

I do not want to talk about your beauty, your kindness...a lot of testimonials did it better than I could do. What I want to highlight is your ability to give an atmosphere of trust. You know, sometimes, you meet someone in a bar, in a plane...and you talk with him for 1-2 hours. You do not know him/her but you do not care, it is like you are good friends and you could talk of anything. I felt this when I was with you. There is no judgment, there is just an exchange of views, of experiences.
I do not know what could be the best English word for the session, but I would probably say "cool"..."very cool". This is your "Australian part", I think.

This is my testimonial. I hope it is easy-to-understand. Anyway, thank you again for the session I spent with you.

Have a nice evening,
Best regards"

C, July 2014

Dear Goddess Cleo

I have just returned from my first Bondassage session with you and second session overall, two hours full of pure sensations. I am still circulating with the planes over Heathrow. Every thing you do is done well and to a high standard and I like that. I felt safe with you, even though I was restrained and blindfolded for the best part of two hours and hadn't a clue what you were doing. I enjoyed the journey. The journey was testing, but I enjoyed every moment, and you never went too far. I am now sitting at home, looking out onto the garden in the rain, not quite believing what I have experienced. Thank you so much. Oh, and don't change you laugh and certainly don't change your eyes, they are both captivating.

Yours James"

James, May 2014

Review from George McCoy - http://www.mccoysguide.com/Goddess-Cleo-Stepney-Spitalfields-E1-10963

"Seeing her slaves both at her flat in Shadwell and at various dungeons around London, Goddess Cleo is definitely a class act, being able to be quite firm yet also being appropriately understanding when needed. A stalwart attender and organiser of Domina Parties, see separate entry, she has had so many reviews all indicating how captivating she can be, that one is bound to come to the conclusion, that this must be one of the most hypnotic dominatrixes currently operating in London. If you feel up to it, she is also now regularly available for two domme sessions with her friend Miss Kitty Bliss, see http://www.double-domme.com."

George McCoy, April 2-14

Excerpt from George McCoy's blog - the original can be found here http://www.mccoysguide.com/blog/tuesday-april-1st-and-wednesday-april-2nd/2014-04-04

"It was now getting a bit late to get to Goddess Cleo on time. So I rung her and she was very accommodating. Eventually I got to where I needed to park the car around 2.10 and then after following her instructions I arrived at her pad, a modern flat in a converted Victorian building. The Goddess is a no nonsense lady, who does not like to be taken for granted and who will soon let you know if you start to take liberties, which I have to admit I am inclined to do. She came up with a fascinating session, which involved roleplay, and which was going very well until I started feeling faint, but Goddess Cleo is a real pro and handled the situation extremely well. This lady is clearly an expert at what she does and her domina parties, must be the events to attend in London these days."

George McCoy, April 2014

“Goddess Cleo – Bondassage, an awesome experience.

This was my first (certainly not my last) visit to Goddess Cleo and thus the initial ten minutes (not part of the session time) were spent exploring my health, likes and dislikes and absolute boundaries all of which were duly respected.  I was sent off for a shower and on return knelt at Goddess Cleo’s feet as she proceeded to cuff, collar and leash me before being conducted to a very comfortable massage couch and ordered to lie face down;  my limbs were firmly but gently attached to the four corners of the couch and earphones were placed on my head.  Sensuous, tantalising differing sensations ensued which culminated, after I had been turned over onto my back, with me writhing in equal measures of pain and pleasure having lost all measure of time. 

A memorable experience which I cannot recommend highly enough."

Jonny, November 2013

"I just had a bondassage session with Goddess Cleo and it was truly amazing, a wonderful mix of bondage, massage, anal play, electrics and sensation play. I'm a reasonably experienced submissive but she introduced me to sensations I never imagined, feeling so warm, safe and totally relaxed while totally at her mercy.

Thank you Goddess for a great session, I can't wait for the next one."

slave andy, November 2013

Dear Goddess Cleo

Just a quick note to say a sincere thank you for yesterday's session. To say I enjoyed it immensely would be an understatement. Something feels particularly right about being your French maid under your control, dressed and made up to look my best, eager to serve and knowing I will be punished if I screw up. I love serving you and sincerely hope to be with you again very soon.

I loved our session. I have been reading some of the testimonials on your website and I don't think I'm expressive enough in my praise. Many people have described your beauty (both physical and personality) better than I did I think, (though I'm not so sure about comparing you with an F-18 strike fighter. I guess you're both devastating but I know which one I'd rather be spanked by :-) ) and I didn't even look properly at your feet! I look forward to when I can make it up to you.

I have ordered some flats so hopefully next time I can come and go en femme :-)

Isabelle x"

Isabelle, October 2013

Goddess Cleo, I was trying to describe your energy to somebody and came up with this:

Goddess Cleo is like an F-18 or Tornado strike fighter sitting in a catapult on a aircraft carrier with engines at full throttle. There is 90,000 pounds of thrust barely constrained by the brakes. The entire frame is shuddering under their power.

The brakes come off and the catapult springs -- Cleo can go from a standstill to 400 mph in 60 feet as she explodes into the air and drags your sorry ass with her. And that is on a day when she is getting over a cold and hungover! Now THAT's horsepower!"

j, September 2013

"From the moment she let me in I knew I'd made a great choice - Goddess Cleo is really striking and captivating in appearance. The location is easy to get to, discreet and very comfortable; as soon as we got inside Goddess Cleo made me feel completely at ease and the nerves vanished. I was especially pleased with how she had obviously read my request carefully beforehand, made sure she understood what I was looking for and had thought the roleplay scenario through in advance.

We had a fun, light hearted session, with her taking on a seductive rather than sadistic persona but I was still completely helpless and at her mercy... she has hypnotic like control and teases with real expertise.

All in all I can't say enough about her... alluring, gorgeous, funny and attentive to what you want... oh and a cute Australian accent too."

Steve, August 2013

"Respected Goddess,

Thank you so much for giving us this holiday and the wonderful privilleges to serve You and Miss Kitty during this period.You emerge so different, a stern and firm Goddess in control of all slaves but still not being rude,being caring to Your pets.

Your firmly shaped, white arched feet continue to be something i would wish to worship over and over and....a never ending saga.You are the Goddess that i crave to worship always and hope i enjoy the privillege under Your Royal feet.

Faithfully Yours"

neel, August 2013

"I have just had my first session with Goddess Cleo and am now craving Bondassage with a twist. I had experimented a few times with erotic massage, anal play and strap-on, but now I have heightened my readiness by submitting to the pleasures of BDSM and Goddess Cleo.  I was in the dark and taken by stealth, completely immersed to all the senses, I cannot describe the sensations, a combination of fear and pleasure which results in a drug-like euphoria – each new sense and sensitivity only surpassed by the thought of what I would experience the next time I am pleasured and pushed by Goddess Cleo. Thank you for showing me the start of my future – I cannot wait to experience the next phase and each new phase – I just hope it never ends… I am ready to live the life….. "

James, August 2013

Sexy alluring, confident, highly intelligent. A total pleasure from start to finish.  Someone who senses your desires with a natural ability."

Peter, August 2013

"First time session for me and went in not knowing what to expect at all.

Goddess Cleo was kind, supportive and open minded to everything. She put me at so much ease that I immediately felt comfortable to talk about whatever I felt like. The nerves just vanished.
So what started out as high heel worshiping turned into foot worshiping. I wasn't a major fan of feet before this, only high heels, but Goddess Cleo really opened my mind and guess what, it turns out I like feet too! Her feet were divine and couldnt get enough of sucking her toes!

After a bit of nipple play and trampling (Turns out I like these too.... who knew!) We chatted for a bit about how it was. She was very accommodating in every way and the environment was wonderful also.

I would recommend Goddess Cleo to make all your shoe and foot fetish dreams come true! Can't wait to see her again!!"

Richard, July 2013

Original at http://mistressreview.com/Mistress-Reviews/Goddess-Cleo~24233.html

"Goddess Cleo

Just a quick note to say than You from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful afternoon in Gravesend. when i tried to book a session at the last minute i never expected to be invited to join four such beautiful Ladies for a slave party. Having been away from the scene for a while it was fantastic and brought back so many great memories.

A particular thank You for popping my cherry in such a sensitive and cruel manner. It has been a long term fantasy and You made it everything i had expected... and more! The three cocks that You chose to use on me were perfect, a blessed trinity. The first put me at ease and i thought to myself there is nothing to this. You then decided to use a larger one which i was able to take. It was better. It sent shivers of pleasure right through my body in a way that took me by surprise - possibly similar to a female orgasm. When You decided to move to a larger one, i was excited. This one hurt me as it had a large head which You had to force in but the pain was pleasurable, particularly as i could see the cruel smile on Your beautiful face in the mirror and You locked your eyes on mine as you thrust away at me, smiling all the time. When You decided to withdraw, i begged for more but i guess i will have to return and prove my devotion to You before You take me further.

Please say thank You to the other mistresses also and i hope to see You again in the near future

humbly Yours"

slave bozo, June 2013

"Dear Goddess Cleo,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful session last night.

I have been attending sessions for about 20 years but this was my first session with Goddess Cleo.
On my arrival I was full of nervous anticipation, however this feeling quickly subsided as we sat and discussed my likes and dislikes.
Goddess Cleo is a stunningly attractive lady but not aloof and unapproachable like some mistresses I've seen before.
The nipple torture was amazing, Goddess controlled the pain and pleasure perfectly, taking me right to the edge, then teasing, then to the edge again and again....

She joked during our initial chat that she was working on her ESP skills; well I think they are spot on, it's like she just knew where my limits where.
I kept forgetting this was the first session with her, she kept me on the edge throughout the entire session.
She then placed a blindfold and earphones on me and proceeded with some CBT using electrics while continuing the nipple torture.

I would urge anyone, either experienced players or someone considering dipping their toes into the BDSM world to visit Goddess Cleo; they will not be disappointed.

Goddess, thanks again for some of the best nipple torture/play I have EVER experienced."

Anthony, April 2013

"Mistress A and Poppy – Our Couples Session

Goddess Cleo epitomises for me everything a superb Domme should be.  She is intelligent, beautiful, classy, sensual, compassionate, playful and extremely wicked!  Our first couples session with Goddess Cleo was a birthday gift to my husband - but in many ways also a gift to myself.  It was an opportunity to watch and learn from someone with incredible insight and experience into the minds and hearts of submissive men.  I was delighted to be an active participant in the session, with expert, nurturing guidance from Cleo, and she deftly managed both my husband's needs and my own throughout the session.  I felt just as worshipped as he did controlled!  We concluded the session on a total high and have already booked a repeat session for a few months' time!"

Mistress A and poppy, April 2013

"Dear Goddess Cleo and Mistress Kitty Bliss

May I take this opportunity to thank you both for the fantastic experience you created for me. I have limited experience of prodomme sessions but nothing anywhere near as mind blowing as serving you two powerful, superior and confident ladies.

The electric humour and obvious vibe between you both heightened the already magic experience of my first double domme session - and way you introduced me to "Mr Luciano" as an additional player in the scene is unforgettable - I will hold the memory dear (and blush about it) for many years to come!

I expected you both to be experienced and talented from the many positive reviews I read before booking the session BUT I doubt anyone could appreciate the humour between you and the great effect it had on the whole experience- a perfect balance of fear, submission and sheer pleasure.

Thank you for pushing my limits so perfectly and giving me the best submissive session I've had yet. Kneeling between you as you laughed at my predicament with a strap on each within inches of my face still stimulates me massively and it is something I am eager to experience again (and again).

The next time I can visit a London Dominatrix I will certainly be calling you two for another femdom session."

Chris, March 2013

"Dear Goddess Cleo.

Thank you for a wonderful session which way outpassed my expectations.

This was my first session with a dominatrix for awhile. Some of my experiences in the past have not been entirely positive. My time with you made me realise what I have been missing out on.
The chat we had before the session really put me at my ease and somehow you then knew all the right buttons to press for me. 

I liked all the sensory sensations and the I really liked the way you stepped up the strap on sizes so that the final size really filled me up. I really liked being spanked by you and I would like to develop this in the next session and include some caning which I know you would find just the right way to administer for someone inexperienced.

I look forward to sessioning with you again soon as I really liked your approach and I feel safe in your hands and keen to continue the journey of discovery of pain and pleasure. You also do have the most wonderful feet just made for worshipping.

I hope to be sessioning with you very soon and thanks again"

sub b, March 2013

Hello Goddess Cleo

Just want to thank you for the most fabulous session earlier today, I have been having sessions on and off for around 20 years and have never quite experienced a session so different as today's.

The mixture of pain and pleasure was wonderful and excruciating at the same time. I have never been kept on the edge for so long I felt that I  orgasmed many times tease and denial at its most potent, yet at the same time felt I was having the most intense CBT session of my life, certainly the skilled sensory depravation helped to highten my reactions.  That combined with the random tickling thrown in which really throws you out, to suddenly be laughing out loud when in a real bondage predicment is again somthing new.

I have read many times about sub space but I think this is only the 3rd time I have truly achieved it. Add to that many times I have ben told that someone is not a clock watcher, well it was only when I left I realised how long we had gone past the agreed time.

So thank you once again for such a wondrous session, I shall return!"

Slave N, March 2013

"Hello Everyone I have just got back from my first session with a Genuine Goddess, Goddess Cleo! Like so many of you I have spent years searching for a genuine lady who lives and breathes the scene and is NOT a spank and wank merchant! I know so many of you are nodding because you know exactly what I am talking about!

Goddess Cleo is the very first Lady who I have ever met who is of course very beautiful, but is also very intelligent, sophisticated, classy, thoughtful, strong and knows how to manage boundaries and NOT beat the living crap out of you like so many wanabee mistresses who have a cane and a mini skirt so therefore must be a mistress right?! With one look I and maybe you (if your lucky) are owned, a beautiful smile that says so much, a presence that you can not help to be in awe of, all I have had is ONE session and I am a 35 year old man who is married, a successful business owner, who has the responsibility of many staff and customers, and can not help but to kneel and give myself to Goddess Cleo, because in every way she is superior to anyone I or you have met and probably will ever meet! Would I recommend serving Goddess Cleo? Well what do you think? If you get to read this Goddess Cleo, one of many reviews you have, I need you to know that you have given me so much happiness, so much to live for and my life is so much richer with you in it, of course me serving you as the Goddess you are I would never assume that you are my Goddess instead I hope to be one of YOUR many slaves. I thank you so much for being you! Sincere Regards"

chris, February 2013

"I have been visiting dommes for the last 10 years and in many locations including London, NY, Hong Kong. Always had it in my mind that I need to find 'the' mistress that I could serve. And looks like I have found her - Goddess Cleo. She is absolutely the coolest mistress ever. I had requested a foot worship session for 30 minutes and it was probably the best session I have ever had. Goddess Cleo has the perfect feet and made arrangenments just as I had requested her. She is very accommodating and her session was very informal. She put me at ease right from the word go. Goddess Cleo is also absolutely stunning, the photographs in the website do not do justice to her beauty and also does not convey her very warm and sexy personality. I know I will be visiting her again and plan on being a regular. Thank you for such a wonderful time Goddess..."

slave r, February 2013

"I'll keep it short and sweet like our session this evening - If you are into worshiping ladies feet then see Goddess Cleo. Not only does she have incredible soles but she is hands down the coolest Goddess I've ever visited. The half hour I spent under Goddess Cleo's feet was relaxed, informal and a great deal of fun; It is clear Goddess Cleo loves having her feet properly looked after and like a true Goddess knows how to get what she wants. I have visited many mistress's - some who claim to be foot fetish specialist's - and none of them made such an impression on me. To be honest I've never left a testimonial before, but was driven to by just how unique and refreshing the session experience was. Goddess Cleo clearly has a deep understanding of foot fetish and is eager to explore your own and introduce new ideas - I imagine a novice would get no better induction and certainly not be disappointed! Thank you very much Goddess Cleo, I look forward to our next session!" 

dave, February 2013

A selfish man wouldn't write these words. He'd keep them secret, forever locked in the memory where only he could access and delight in them. He certainly wouldn't want others to know about Goddess Cleo, a woman who wears her title as comfortably and gracefully as she does her Louboutin shoes. But after meeting her for the first time last night, and revelling in her company, I felt it would be churlish not to spread the word: If foot fetish is your thing, then why on earth would you look elsewhere? This Lady is all your dreams and fantasties rolled into one.

I felt nervous beforehand; the pictures of Goddess Cleo on her website portray a beautiful, statuesque, confident, almost unapproachable figure. Yet I was immediately made to feel at ease by the warmth and charm of her personality. The Goddess greets newcomers with a question and answer session designed to glean ultimate satisfaction from the experience... for both parties. Oh yes, she likes to enjoy herself too! She listened carefully, made notes, and offered suggestions to maximise the scenario. For example, I'd never worn a collar and lead before, but agreed to try it and am delighted to report how much it enhanced the feeling of submission. I could be pulled at the Goddess' whim, then pushed back with the soles of her feet.

Ah yes... her feet! Her beautiful, wonderful, magnificent feet!

I was given the option before arrival of being greeted by her barefoot, or enveloped in stockings and the aforementioned Louboutins. I'm a barefoot man myself but, as our session was quite late in the evening, I summised it would be worthwhile to save the best till last. It felt appropriate to begin by kissing her shoes, soles and all, and I felt powerless to resist when commanded the suck those sleek heels. But the five senses really began to come alive when I was allowed to carefully remove her shoes and smell, for the first time, the wonderful aroma of the Goddesses soles. Alas I cannot properly articulate this moment... all I know is I hungrily filled my lungs with her scent, and the Goddess and I both knew at that moment I was under her spell. I was invited to carefully remove her stockings with my teeth, which were then fed into my mouth. The taste was exquisite, yet the tickle at the back of my throat made me gag and the Goddess showed immediate empathy by removing them and inviting me to lay on the floor.

This was where I felt I truly belonged, and where I was fully able to appreciate the feet of the Goddess.

The first thing that impressed me was the perfect composition of her feet. Many glamorous women-about-town seem to pay the price for their shoe fetish with cramped toes, bunyons and the like, yet Goddess Cleo's feet seemed straight out of the box. Pristine, soft, delectable... truly worthy of worship. The coup de grace for me, however, were the many tiny wrinkles that appeared as the Goddess contorted her feet this way and that above my face. I was in heaven by now, yet the Goddess knows how to turn everything up to 11; carefully introducing me to trampling and foot slapping, increasing my submission and completely exerting her authority in a way that was both fitting and strangely moving.

It is at times like this that one feels truly alive; sharing an intimate experience with a woman one suspects would ordinarily be out of reach. If I were a cop I'd place those plastic tapes around Goddess Cleo and repeat that well worn line: "Nothing to see here!"

But I'm not. And, believe me, there is!"

roy, February 2013

"Feeling greedy/brave I booked a 2 hour double domme sesion with Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite . I can only say it turned out to be one of my better ideas . Both ladies were breathtaking in their rubber and pvc fetishwear , all I could think was WOW !!! They then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours happily subjugating , abusing , debasing and humiliating me ! I was tied up , strapped down , caned and tongue lashed . Occasionally given a moment to compose myself before the onslaught continued with Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty keeping me so dazed and confused i could barely get their titles right half the time , which just gave them more reason to punish/reward me further . The sheer terror of suffocating is genuine but what better way to do it than under Miss Kittys derriere !! Then being violated by Goddess Cleo and her strapon while helplessly immobilised was heaven !! Superb , 2 fantastic mistresses I know I'll be back to see but fear they could be addictive ! I couldn't recommend them enough"

randy, November 2012

"I have seen several professional Dommes  over the last 6 years, some calling themselves Goddess, some Mistress and some Miss; there are only 2 that I submitted to for a long period of time, out of preference, for their qualities, their skill and for who I understood them to be. As Goddess Cleo stated tonight beauty is in the eye of the beholder; well there are other important qualities to behold in one’s eye and indeed all of the senses when understanding and feeling an exquisite experience with a gifted lady. My main fetish is and always has been quite a simple one: over the knee spanking, but it is not enough to strike to produce the experience; the ritual itself can be quite empty and devoid of experience; not so with Goddess Cleo. Notwithstanding her sheer beauty, She exudes energy and power and an air of self-assured confidence that is only reinforced by the very evident skill She displays in Her Art; this Divine Lady knows what She is doing and it was a privilege to submit to Her. Granted I have felt energy and power from a few (and I mean a few) Dommes before; the session was charged with the electricity that can only come from one whose nature it is to dominate; which in turn puts you (as the submissive) in a good state of mind and a comfortable position to be on the receiving end (so to speak). I cannot speak highly enough of Her, it was a very welcome return to the realm of D/s and a spanking session that set more than my bottom on fire."

andrew, November 2012


It was a great pleasure to meet You, and to kneel at Your feet. You know this well, of course, but it bears repeating: it's wonderful for a slut (like, say, myself) to find recognition by a beautiful woman (like, say, Yourself) who knows how to pull the strings, but never confuses domination (and exacting standards) with condescension. I look forward to Your and my next meeting, and hope that I might be of some use and/or entertainment for You."

jen, October 2012

"My second time with the fabulous Goddess Cleo following my newbie booking a week ago (a heady cocktail of foot worship, electrics and bondage) and I had decided to try out Bondassage, of which she is a trained practitioner. I did wonder if it might seem a bit mild after my previous visit but I thought it was worth a try and, despite being a bit pricey, life is all about new experiences so I made a two-hour booking.

After being greeted by the beautiful Goddess at her cosy home, I was soon being lightly bound to a very comfy massage table. Without giving too much away, in the hours that followed Goddess Cleo used all kinds of implements on me to tease, massage and surprise, whilst my blindfold and headphones left me unable to know where she was or what was coming next. Despite that I felt totally safe, respected and indulged, as i drifted away into an incredibly relaxed state. The Goddess had incorporated some of the things she knew I liked into the session which made them two of the most enjoyable hours of my life. And when it was (sadly) all over, she eased me back into the real world, always making sure I was okay and never making me feel that her next client mattered more than my recovery from the mind-blowing session i'd just had with her.

If you've never seen a mistress before, take my advice and go and see Goddess Cleo - and if you aren't sure what you want or how much you can take, Bondassage is a great way to feel new things in a relaxed and soothing environment, with a mistress who brings both care and experience to bear during your time with her. Yes, it's an expensive indulgence, but you REALLY get your money's worth, trust me!"

Anonymous, September 2012

Original at http://mistressreview.com/Mistress-Reviews/Goddess-Cleo~24233.html

"My first time visiting a mistress today, and after literally years of looking, i finally plucked up the courage to visit the enticing Goddess Cleo. After some excellent communication with her, i found myself at her door in London. Her building is easy to get to but very secure, and public transport to her area is very easy.
Anyway, all of my earlier fears soon vanished after talking to the Goddess for a while - she was very organized and had taken great care to note my various health issues and what i wanted to try out with her. She was very easy to talk to and amazing to look at - her photos really don't do her justice. And she has a fab accent!
I had only booked an hour (my advice to anyone reading this is to book longer!), so we had a few things to cram in.

We started with some foot worship which was great because Goddess Cleo has an amazing pair of feet, and then we moved more onto the BDSM side of things. As this was my first time doing anything like this, i let the goddess try a few things out on me to see what i did and didn't like, which was very interesting for me and very reassuring, as she was quite happy to take a bit of time over this to see that i was happy with what we were doing. We eventually settled for some electrics and bondage, which i found to be quite unbelievable. Even though the Goddess was really giving me a good zapping, she was super-careful with me to make sure i was comfortable at all times. I really got the impression she was enjoying it as much as i was, which made the whole experience better for me - i would hate to think that i was putting my well-being in the hands of a domme who didn't really care for her work much. Goddess Cleo clearly DOES care and I was always given her full attention, despite the fact that her time is obviously much in demand - never once did i feel that things were being rushed or that she was preoccupied.
After finishing off with a hogtie and a bit more fun with her fab feet, my all-too-short hour was up. In truth i was a bit shell-shocked after all that had just happened, but again, Goddess Cleo gave me all the time i needed to get my head straight, which was greatly appreciated. We chatted a bit more about what we had just done, and then i was on my way, back to reality but still tingling from the previous hour.

To anyone thinking of visiting a mistress, i doubt there is anyone better for your first time than Goddess Cleo. When i made the booking official, i started wondering what on earth i was doing - after the booking, i was just kicking myself for not having done it sooner (and for longer!). If Goddess Cleo's excellent website offers the things you enjoy or want to try for the first time, don't put it off - book an appointment. You won't regret it."

Anonymous, September 2012

Original at http://mistressreview.com/Mistress-Reviews/Goddess-Cleo~24233.html

Goddess Cleo is an amazing London Dominatrix - not only stunningly beautiful but supremely self-assured with a wicked streak that I found delightful. My amazing submissive session with Goddess Cleo was based on a role play I requested (strict female boss humiliating me) and was carried out perfectly. At no point did the session feel scripted and there was NO doubt who was in charge. I was stripped naked and made to kneel before her as she stood confidently in business attire as she lightly interrogated me about my internet use in works time. The whole CFNM thing has always been a favourite of mine and after this experience I want more. Goddess Cleo spanked me more than I’ve ever been spanked before and interspersing light tickles with sound spanks had me twitching and moaning throughout. I don’t think there is a limit to Goddess Cleo’s skills but I can HIGHLY recommend a strap on experience with her – regardless of your previous experience."

chris, August 2012

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"Have you ever felt so relaxed you feel like you're floating? Been able to completely clear your mind and focus only on the sensations your body is experiencing? That is what a bondassage session is like.

I have been lucky enough to experience two bondassage session with the wonderfully talented (not to mention breathtakingly beautiful) Goddess Cleo.

During my first session I found it a little difficult to turn my mind off because I kept thinking about what was causing the various sensations on my body (not knowing due to being blindfolded) and found myself wondering what would be coming next. Fortunately, towards the end of the session I managed to clear my mind and reach a wonderful place of serenity.

My second session was a few weeks later and because I knew what to expect (mostly - although there were still a few surprises) I was able to relax into the session much quicker and really get the most out of it. And believe me, Goddess Cleo has a wonderful ability to read your body & reactions incredibly well, creating a great connection and a wonderful session.

Both times I have spent the day after feeling refreshed in both body and mind. I wish I could feel like that all the time, although that would detract from the special occasion so mabye not.

If you are interested in the mental side of domination, I would highly recommend a bondassage session as an assault on your senses.

I, for one, will definitely be back for more.

Thank you Goddess Cleo. x"

anonymous, July 2012

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I can not praise or recommend Goddess Cleo enough for anyone looking for a session with an experienced, beautiful London Mistress.

Goddess Cleo's approach is friendly and welcoming so new or simply nervous submissive men can arrange a session and feel confiedent they will have a superb experience.

Behind the well polished and extremely attractive exterior there is an intelligent, powerful and simply superior lady who has a rare skill of always being in control - exactly what I've been looking for!

There is no doubt that i'll be back and i would encourage anyone else who wants their submissive fetish boundaries to be pushed by an expert to contact Goddess Cloe through her website."

chris, July 2012

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"From the first telephone conversation it was clear that this Goddess prided herself on her art and cared about those that respectfully wanted to session with her.
So with me coming from a 5 year break from any type of play, we discussed what I thought I knew I wanted… blunt, harsh pain, vulnerability and strict submission.
And Goddess Cleo can and will deliver that.
But what happened was a much more interesting, delicious and elegant journey taking me diving into sub-space. She played with me, hurt me, and I loved every minute finishing happily sore, on my knees, with my forehead reverently bowed to her thighs.
Thank you Goddess."

smiling jay, May 2012

"My session with Goddess Cleo was amazing,Mistress is so understanding as i was a novice,i was made to feel comfortable and treated like an individual ,rather than a production line . Mistress listened and delivered a fantastic session for me. If any novice or general subs are looking for a gorgeous understanding and caring Goddess i would highly recommend a visit to Mistress Cleo.

stocking slave, April 2012

"I recently had a double Domme footworship session with Goddess Cleo and Madame Says. Both are stunningly beautiful and immediately brought me to my knees to worship their pretty feet and sexy high heels. I was trampled both with and without heels by both of these wonderful women and enjoyed every minute that I spent serving at their feet. I have to say that I was impressed with the balance of Madame Says who didn't need any support whilst trampling (apart from when she started to giggle). I was restrained and made to beg for more foot/heel worship whilst the Ladies exchanged shoes and teased me by making me decide which were my favourite. I was also forced (yeah right, as if I didn't love it) to sniff Madame Says' beautiful behind while Goddess Cleo humiliated me and threatened to trample my cock and balls. It was a wonderful session and I cannot wait for the next time because I will definitiely be going back for more".

footslave mark, April 2012

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"I have known Goddess Cleo for just over a year. Goddess Cleo is very unique as She is very caring but also very assertive if needs to be. Photos never do Goddess Cleo justice as she is far prettier in real life, Though a very strking beauty as she enters a room, its like time stands still when Goddess enters a club or room. Defiantly a lover of fetish wear and have seen Goddess Cleo in different types of Corsets and heels. Goddess has given me earth moving toppings, which i know i can not find anywhere else. As i made the mistake of asking to leave, as i did serve Goddess for 9 months in 2011. If you get a chance to session with Goddess Cleo, you will leave with a very happy time spent, as Goddess also is very easy to get on with, if you treat Her with respect as She deserves. I have seen Goddess Cleo deal with the naughty types. A true Goddess who i am ever so grateful i spent time serving, Before i met Goddess i had tried many other Mistresses etc, filming etc. Goddess Cleo is able to make you relax and enjoy time spent in her company but leave you a reminder of time spent serving if you are naughty"

gary, March 2012

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"I had my first experience of Goddess Cleo at her lovely private apartment in London. She is beautiful, warm, friendly and considerate. She takes great care before and after the session to ensure the client is relaxed but she is keen to find out what the client's interests are and where his limits may be. She suggests alternatives and variants to provide even more spice.

She is very willing and accommodating and avoids any sense of  being in a hurry.

She has a very attractive and fit body, shapely legs and pretty feet which are well looked after. She also has a range of high quality shoes including three pairs of Louboutin's! Her many photos on Woman Worship show off her assets.

All in all, the whole experience could not be better." 

anon, March 2012

"I had another, longer session with Goddess Cleo today. Just like the previous session that I was lucky enough to have with her, it started off relaxed and unhurried. We chatted for a while and then I was told to strip. I spent what seemed to be a long time, naked and worshiping her, again feeling those deep feelings of security and adoration for her as I kissed her feet and hands. She stroked the back of my head and I was in heaven. Gazing up at her beautiful face while she pins you to the floor with her bare foot over your face may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I felt like I was in paradise!!

Then Goddess tied me, spread eagle, to her bed. Her bed that is, in her bedroom. Not some cold piece of apparatus in a fake dungeon, but her actual bed. She skilfully restrained me by the wrists and ankles and suggested that I try some sensory deprivation with a special blindfold and some earphones. At first I was a little reluctant because, for me at least she is so completely gorgeous that I just want to look at her all the time!! However I trust her and so I went for it. So there I am, blindfolded, earphones, naked and bound to Goddess Cleo’s bed while she does things that I shan’t mention here to my exposed body. So far my day was going excellently well!!

I was right to trust her because the fact that I had a blindfold on made the experience just unbelievably good as I could not anticipate what was going to happen next. Rest assured it was completely amazing. Three hours after the session and the adrenalin is still in my system making me feel high as a kite.

After a long while, (in fact time seemed to go into warp mode while I was tied up, it seemed like a very long time) she released me and allowed me to lay on the floor and worship her feet some more.

The whole time I was with her I felt safe, relaxed, comfortable and in safe hands. In my opinion Goddess Cleo is visually stunning, she is caring and kind with a naturally dominant and slightly sadistic nature.

Everyone is different. If you like a real woman with a real personality (and as I mentioned absolutely gorgeous to look at) to dominate you in a real setting then Goddess Cleo is perfect. If you like the more stereotype male fantasy dominatrix, the screaming bitch in a dungeon, then she might not be your cup of tea. For me she is perfect and spending time with her is something that I enjoy thinking about long after the session has ended....a session with Goddess Cleo is something you will not forget."

sub missive, March 2012

"review: Clean and safe playspace which was welcoming and made me feel at ease. A Naturally beautiful woman, very slender and shapely indeed Goddess Cleo is something to behold and far more attractive in the flesh which is a bonus! Goddess Cleo went through the medical questions properly and made sure I was confortable as we discussed the session to follow. Once I was relaxed enough I fetched a pair of gorgeous boots and slipped them on for her and began my boot worship session followed by a Trample. I was not a great lover of Trampling until Goddess Cleo strutted her stuff, she both pushed me and subbed me out equally with the perfection of an artist at work, her voice was controlling and commanding which in turn helped me to drift into a mindset of submission, I was her rug and proud of it! The time passed by quite quickly as I was deep in a wonderful headspace that not many Dommes have ever achieved, I feel this was accomplished because Goddess Cleo is a true professional and simply adores what she does which comes through very easily. A mixture of beauty, attraction, power and intelligence. I would not usually go to a Pro-Domme but cannot wait to see her again, still buzzing and thinking about what we did, HIGHLY recommended."

d, March 2012

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 I have the honour of being under consideration as a personal slave to Goddess Cleo. I have served a number of Dommes before and have never felt such a connection before. Goddess Cleo is very perceptive and her ability to read a situation and understand how the sub/slave is feeling is very impressive. Goddess Cleo is strict and demanding when she needs to be, but also caring and supportive of those who serve her. She is very fair and as long as you are respectful I guarantee you will have a wonderful time in her company. I have been searching for a Domme to serve for a long time and I'm so glad to have found Goddess Cleo, it really makes the wait worthwhile."

Respectfully, footslave mark, March 2012

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 "If your thing is a dark dungeon with the stereotypical thigh booted, strutting, sneering mistress who refers to you as a loser or a snivelling worm, then Goddess Cleo is perhaps not for you. If, like me, you would rather spend your time at the feet of a strikingly beautiful and genuinely dominant Goddess who makes you feel protected and even loved as you worship her beautiful feet, then you will, as I did, adore spending time with her. Don't mis understand, if you need a good beating or some tight bondage then Goddess will enjoy taking you to your limits. If you enjoy the sensual side of real Female Domination, where you can experience for some very unhurried time what it might be like to be the husband or boyfriend of not just a Mistress but a real, glowing Goddess, whose genuine inner power and dominance glows through her every pore, in an extremely comfortable and domestic setting, then It is impossible to find anyone better than Goddess Cleo. Goddess Cleo is a natural in every way. Naturally powerful, naturally dominant with a natural beauty that radiates. She has the looks of a model. I can not recommend her highly enough. I feel incredibly lucky to have spent time with her and it was an experience I will never forget."

sub missive, February 2012

"I had a day to remember in the care of the beautiful Goddess Cleo and anyone who is thinking of trying out a Mistress here couldn't do better than the Goddess. it's an unforgettable expeience"

gabriel, February 2012

Original at http://mistressreview.com/Mistress-Reviews/Goddess-Cleo~24233.html

  The first time I laid eyes on the divine Goddess Cleo I was mesmerised by her incredible beauty and alluring power. I knew at that moment I needed her to take me to heaven. Eager to enter another world, but not wanting to annoy her magnificent self I had to use every ounce of strength I possessed to succeed. Having never played together before her approach tantalised my nerve endings, warming me up via various stages of spanking, tickling and paddles making my now glowing pink bottom scream for more.

As my mind drifted to relms of the unknown my body begged and pleaded for her to continue on and on, and Goddess Cleo delivered, challenging my mind and body in ways that have never been done. She read my needs like no other Pro... teasing and satisfying every inch of me. Not only did she deliver more than I could have dreamt of she made me feel secure in her beautiful blows, and canes and whips. Just thinking about it now I get delightful shivers over my body, my heart starts racing and my breathing matches it... Erratic and deep. She has unleashed a pain slut that is waiting in anticipation for the fun to continue. Goddess Cleo.... Thank you, a thousand times for making my world float for over 24hrs and making my head spin whenever I think about how you took me to my serotonin filled head space."

Gemma, February 2012

Unsure I followed her into her rooms.  My Goddess was diligent and careful in taking notes of my fairly extensive history; many likes and few dislikes.  Hungry for pain and pleasure I grew impatient and longed to be kneeling before her - kissing her feet.  Slowly and with method she prepared the tools of her trade until everything was ready and my balls were firmly under the control of her humbler
I love to kiss her feet and toes ...but no slobbering please...and then it began.  Professional, sensual, mind bending slowly mounting spanking until my mind was lost on the far side of all known pleasures.  My balls crushed to keep my cock ram rod hard for another..15, 20, 25, 30 minutes and more.  By the time she entered me with her strap on I was almost at collapsing point and finally I had to fall exhausted at her feet saying that I could not continue much longer.
Well past my allotted time she finally allowed my release and I lay wasted and totally totally satisfied
 And why was this one of the best experiences of my life.  Hard to say really - I am experienced as Jimmy Hendrix would say......but I want more, more, more and next time I want Lexi's cock in my mouth to worship and lose my mind to the next dimension
This is true - it happened to me in January 2012
Thank you my Goddess who I worship"

The Count of Montetwisto, January 2012

"my Goddess,
I have had a wonderful time with You, I will never forget it...but..but..You know..my english is so bad that I have very difficult to write.
Every moment had been so beautiful with You that I was very sad to leave You...I would like to serve my Goddess every day...but it is impossible, I am faraway and sometime only I can to stay at Your feet.
Sure, next time I come to London I will, thank You Goddess to give me this privilege.
Forgive me for my incompetence to write Goddess, I will accept every punishment for it.
I bow down and kiss Your feet my Goddess and Mistress"

slave pictor, November 2011

"I used to think of Dommes being arrogant, selfish and callous. Of course there are some Dommes that do fall into this category but where Goddess Cleo is concerned, it is the exact opposite. She is a beautiful woman who has everything going for her and with all of this said, she does not let any of these attributes go to her head. She is simply down to earth and treats everyone she meets with respect . Those that are afforded the privildge of being in the company of Goddess should remember that if you respect her, she will respect you. If you step out of line, then don`t be disappointed if she doesn`t want to see you again."

blksublondon, February 2011


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