​Are you always the one in charge at work, at home, and in your social circle?  Are you fed up with having to constantly take on a leadership role and simply yearn to take a break from all the responsibilities life dictates?  It's natural that you would occasionally want to surrender yourself to the skilled hands of someone confident and trustworthy, someone able to take control of you, body and mind, someone with the ability to lead you down a wondrous path interspersed with pleasure, frustration, and occasionally a delightful little taste of pain.​

Can you imagine an intoxicating session where you submit yourself to me - an assertive, confident woman who takes full control, exerting authority over your mind and your body, expertly teasing and mercilessly tantalising your every sense.  You may explore your role play fantasies just as you have imagined but perhaps never thought would ever be possible when you place yourself in my care, I can assure you before long you'll be enjoying lashings of pleasure that will leave behind the mundane, just for a while.…​


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