One thing I absolutely love to do is design a session for couples, especially where one partner has submissive desires.

Ladies, perhaps you have a subby hubby or partner and are looking for the ideal gift for their birthday or some other special occasion.  If what your man really wants is to please you, I can show you how to train your adoring gentleman in order to get the best out of him.  Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered by someone who is truly devoted to your pleasures?  Of course, every relationship is a two-way street, and I can show you ways to reward your gent’s good behaviour, that will completely blow both your minds.

Gentlemen Doms, if you have a naughty girl who requires regular correction, I have the facilities to show you various techniques and tips.  But they don’t always require a heavy hand, some girls are very good girls, and all they require is for you to get inside their mind and inspire them.  Let me show you a few tips and tricks so you’re able to master the art of psychological domination.

Non-Binary, Queer, Gay, Bi and any unconventional style of partnerships are also well-catered to.

You may be a Dominant or a Dominant-leaning Switch looking to enjoy a session with your Switchy or subby partner as well as adding a Mistress into the mix… We could both Dominate your partner, or your partner and I could both Dominate you… Or perhaps it could be I who Dominates you both!  The options are endless…

You might even be a sub or sub-leaning Switch, looking for someone to assist with gently guiding your partner to recognise, reveal and become more comfortable within a more Dominant role within your relationship.  I can help you both navigate this transition.

Or for the ultimate in couples enjoyment I can also show you how to perform a Bondassage session with your beloved – sweet, sensual, seductive and sexy as hell!

There are many variations and so much scope for me to create a memorable experience for you both, all it requires is for you to take that first step…


As far as the actual appointments go – I insist on starting with a 90 minute to 2 hour consultation, where I speak with all partners involved.  This can be conducted in-person at my studio, or online via zoom.  Once we’ve had a thorough discussion, established a good connection, I’m happy that all parties are participating enthusiastically, and you’re comfortable enough with me to proceed, we can then look at setting a time and date for our playdate, and to begin your realtime play experience.

In addition to playtime, I offer couples coaching sessions where I show you how to safely use toys and implements to accentuate your experience, as well as teaching you some sexy secrets.  Along with equipping you with health and hygiene advice, and information on how to look after your toys so that they remain in good condition, and last as long as possible.

My tributes for an initial couples consultation is £250 for 90 minutes, £300 for 2 hours, and these are conducted either in person or via Zoom.  ONLY My Regular Rates apply for follow up appointments that include playtime and/or coaching, and the minimum is 2 hours. Any additional people are £100 per hour per person. Only my regular rates are applicable for Couples sessions, and as there are multiple people present, I do not dress up, and there will be no bells and whistles included.  Please drop me an email to enquire about options, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Couples sessions with anyone I am not already familiar with, will always involve a two-part appointment. The first appointment is a Couples Consult of between 90 minutes and 2 hours, either in person or by zoom. There will be a thorough discussion with both partners where I ensure that each are consenting to be involved, and offer an assessment on the direction I believe I can help steer their discoveries.  There will not be any play during this consultation.  The follow up Playdate appointment/s will usually involve playtime, guidance, advice and information sharing.

For an intimate insight into my Couple’s offerings you may like to take a look at the following blog posts written by a lovely couple I met with….



I look forward to helping you develop and deepen your bond in a safe, consensual environment…

To book with me, please visit my ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM – the references are as follows:

Initial Couples Consultation 90 minutes – C90 Consultation
Initial Couples Consultation 2hrs – C120 Consultation

To book your follow up Playdate appointment for playtime and guidance, please use My ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM and choose Regular Rates, the minimum is 2 hours (2hr Reg Appointment), and there is no maximum.

PLEASE NOTE:  Initial Consultations are held either in person at my studio, or via zoom.  These are followed up with a PlayDate which incorproates Playtime and/or Guidance, and these appointments are held at my studio in E1.  The minimum for the first Playdate playime is 2 hours, and thereafter the minimum is 1 hour.  My dress code will be comfortable/casual, and you may dress in any way you please, so if you have some latex or an outfit you’d like to try, please do feel free to bring it along!  You may also bring along any toys from your personal collection for us to use.

OUTCALLS:  Utilising a commercial dungeon is also an option, especially since these days there are so many to choose from.  My outcall rate is different to the tribute when using my own personal studio.  My outcall minimum is 2 hours, and dungeon rental is an additional separate charge, so please message me to discuss this if you wish to explore this option.  After our two initial meetings (the Couples Consultation and a first Playdate) I am also open to visiting you either in your home, or at a (minimum) 4 star hotel.  Please email Me should you wish to explore this option.