Have you been naughty?  Did you misbehave so badly that a corporal punishment just isn’t enough?  Am I going to have to properly punish you for your misdemeanour with a judicial caning?  That doesn’t mean just putting you on the naughty step either!  With a range of implements at my disposal, I will make sure you are pulled into line with a few swift, hard strokes of the cane or whip.  Or maybe I’ll bring out the Tohiti instead, to make sure you never misbehave again.  I’ll send shivers down your body with each decisive stroke, and you will lose yourself in the pleasure that is pain whilst still learning a lesson in the process.

Judicial punishments are of a far greater intensity than corporal punishment, and is delivered in the form of a beating with a number of implements on the body ranging from Caning, Bastinado, Birching, Whipping or Strapping.  Leaving marks in the form of welts and bruising or even perhaps breaking the skin.  Judicial Punishment is for those who feel that a true punishment is in order.  Unlike corporal punishment, judicial punishment is not designed to be kind, it is intended to make a point.  And that point is you’ve done something so bad that you need to be brought into line by only the most painful forms of punishment at my disposal.  A judicial caning is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

FACTS:  Widely used in Singapore, as well as Malaysia and Brunei, a judicial caning is reserved for male convicts under the age of 50, whilst a milder form of caning is used to punish male school students.  As permitted by the government, caning is also utilised as a form of punishment at home by some parents, to correct the bahaviour of their children.

NOTE:  My judicial caning is not on offer to beginners or newbies.  Only experienced CP enthisiasts will be accepted for this session type.

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