Have you been naughty. Done something so terrible, so bad that Corporal Punishment is to light of a punishment for your crimes? Is Judicial Punishment the only resort? With each strike Hitting your soft supple skin I will punish you and push you to your limits in a way to make you wish you had never been bad in the first place! With the pain only intensifying with each stroke, there will be no respite until i deem the punishment is fit for your Sins.

Judicial Punishments is a far greater intensity than Corporal Punishment and is given in the form of a beating with a number of implements on the body ranging from Caning, Bastinado, Birching, Whipping or Strapping. Leaving marks in the form of welts and bruising or even perhaps breaking the skin. Judicial Punishment is for those who feel that a true punishment is in order. unlike Corporal Punishment, Judicial Punishment is not designed to be kind, it is to make a point and the point is you’ve done something so bad that you need to be brought into line by only the most painful forms of punishment at my disposal.

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