Many men (and even some women) have committed acts of bad behaviour that need to be addressed with a confession and then punishment.  Be assured that when you confess your misdemeanours to me, you will think twice about repeating the offence, for I will administer your punishment in a way that you won’t ever forget.  Depending on your transgression, and your own limits, the beating you’ll receive from me could be mild or severe.

I am adept at all levels and types of corporal punishment, from an old-fashioned OTK spanking to a severe caning.  Being spread and sprawled across my lap, you'll be in heaven coming into contact with my soft thighs; then will come the delicious sting on your arse cheeks as my palm descends powerfully on one and then the other in a relentless rhythm.  If I am feeling kind towards you then I might apply soothing caresses as your cheeks redden; but should I decide that you need to be taught a harsher lesson then I will have you squirming with gritted teeth.

Perhaps it is a flogging that you need. For this I have a range of implements, some that produce a thudding blow, others that smart and sting.  Perhaps I will need to gag or bind you for this?  It depends on whether I want to hear you beg for mercy, whether I want to see you writhe.

Because remember:  I intend to derive pleasure from your pain.

Talking of which, that brings me to the cane:  what an array I have at my disposal, from the light almost playful type to the dreaded dragon.  I might bend you over a piece of furniture or have you on tip-toe with your nose against a wall;  but however you take your caning, you will count each stroke and thank me for it.

You need (or want) punishment but cannot be marked? Not a problem. My skills enable me to give you a thorough punishing that will leave no trace on your flesh.

There is of course more to CP than just the beating itself and I know exactly how to heighten your senses and to sharpen your anticipation as I deliberate over your punishment, holding you in my implacable gaze. Your head will be filled with my fragrance as I circle you or stand over you and you will thrill to the words I will speak quietly in your ear.....

TEXT ME on 077 409 72 449 for all enquiries (Please do not call this number, I am often in a bad service area so you may not be able to get through to speak with me unless you text first)


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