Spanking and Caning is one of the easiest ways to experience a deep subspace, especially for a masochist.  You know subspace – that floaty, eurphoric, calm feeling you get when indulging in BDSM activities,  It’s not unlike “runners high”, in fact it’s a similar endorphin rush!  Lucky for you, one of my specialities is Corporal Punishment, and specifically spanking and caning.  I can spank rather hard, and am beginning to garner a bit of a reputation for it.  My cane stripes are deadly accurate using either hand, and I also delight in a lovely bit of role play (you will report for detention at 4pm at the “Boys” door, Head Mistress will collect you from there).

“An accurate caner able to constantly hit the spot Goddess Cleo, had my backside feeling like it was on fire. It will be days before I sit normally again.” – slave s, July 2016

Many men (and even some women) have committed acts of bad behaviour that need to be addressed with a confession and then punishment.  Be assured that when you confess your misdemeanours to me, you will think twice about repeating the offence, for I will administer your punishment in a way that you won’t ever forget.  Depending on your transgression, and your own limits, the beating you’ll receive from me could be mild or severe.

It doesn’t always have to hurt… I am adept at all levels and types of corporal punishment, from an old-fashioned OTK spanking to a severe caning.  Being spread and sprawled across my lap, you’ll be in heaven coming into contact with my soft thighs; then you’l feel the delicious sting on your arse cheeks as my palm descends powerfully on one and then the other in a relentless rhythm.  If I am feeling kind towards you then I might apply soothing caresses as your pink cheeks redden; but should I decide that you need to be taught a harsher lesson then I will have you squirming with gritted teeth.

“For me, corporal punishment is more than simply a masochistic desire.  Pain leads me to emotional places that often help to expose and release unwanted thoughts. This had been an exquisite caning.”  – Joe, June 2018

Perhaps it is a flogging that you need. For this I have a range of implements, some that produce a thudding blow, others that smart and sting.  Perhaps I will need to gag or bind you for this?  It depends on whether I want to hear you beg for mercy, whether I want to see you writhe.


Because remember:  I intend to derive pleasure from your pain.

Talking of which, that brings me to my cane collection:  what an array I have at my disposal, from the light almost playful type to the dreaded dragon and a judicial tohiti.  I might bend you over a piece of furniture or have you on tip-toe with your nose against a wall;  but however you take your caning, you will count each stroke and thank me for it.

“They came again and again, batches of six accurate strokes each slightly harder than the previous.  Some delivered slowly, some fast, different sensations combining to create in me an intense physical and mental state.  I had slipped into subspace; the pain came and went as I went deeper and deeper. I must have received at least sixty strokes when Goddess Cleo told me I was to prepare for the final twelve.  I breathed deeply as they came, hard, spot on target and incredibly painful.”  – Joe, June 2018

You need (or want) punishment but cannot be marked? Not a problem. My skills enable me to give you a thorough punishing that will leave no trace on your flesh.

There is of course more to Corporal Punishment than just the beating itself and I know exactly how to heighten your senses and to sharpen your anticipation as I deliberate over your punishment, holding you in my implacable gaze. Your head will be filled with my fragrance as I circle you or stand over you and you will thrill to the words I will speak quietly in your ear…..

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