CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male

For me, the true essence of Female Domination begins with CFNM.  You are completely naked, kneeling in front of me, feeling self-conscious, slightly embarrassed, exposed, and perhaps feeling more than just a little bit vulnerable due to your nudity, which is enhanced by the fact that I don’t remove any of mine.  As a very specific fetish, there’s something deeply satisfying about your nakedness in comparison to me being fully clothed.  With CFNM, I hold all the power, whilst you have none.  And that power is truly intoxicating….

Most of my sessions are conducted as CFNM, or a variation of the CFNM scenario.  I enjoy being in control of your nudity, and in certain scenario’s it helps emphasise your vulnerability and enhance your submission to me.  When you’re naked, stripped bare and used whilst I remain fully clothed and controlling the situation, our dynamic is evident, which I find super-hot!

How it all began:

Goddess Cleo CFNM

The seed for My interest in CFNM was sown many years ago, whilst attending Ladies Nights at My local Night Club on the Gold Coast in Australia.  Granted, they weren’t quite true CFNM, but they were as close as you can get to the real thing in a mainstream setting.  On Ladies Nights there were free cocktails for the Ladies, buff topless waiters, and a troupe of male strippers who not only performed, but also roamed among the ladies chatting and flirting.  You can probably already guess this, but pretty soon I had figured out which of the performers and waiters had a foot fetish, which ones were submissive to beautiful women, and I loved ordering the performers and the buff topless waiters to fetch my group of girlfriends drinks or massage our feet.

During the years since, I’ve particularly enjoyed having my partners and playthings cook and clean for me naked, or just have them fully naked whilst I remain clothed and order them to do various activities.  It wasn’t until I moved to London and joined the fetish scene that I realised what I was indulging in has a name – CFNM.  I now indulge my love of CFNM almost every time I have a session or run a Domina Party.  If you haven’t yet experienced being naked in front of a truly powerful, fully clothed woman, then what are you waiting for?  We can start with a gentle introduction if you’re a newbie, or if you have experience then you know what to expect.

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