Training You To Enjoy Multiple Assgasms…

Do you know what an assgasm is?  My Anal Training, Assgasm Training or Slut Training regime concentrates on developing your ability to have assgasm after assgasm.  With my help, you will be limbered up and ready to receive a sizeable appendage in no time.  Be warned though, it’s not for the faint hearted!  My current record stands at over 600 assgasms in an hour long session.

What if you’ve had your prostate removed?  That’s not a problem, an assgasm isn’t solely related to you having a prostate, so you can still achieve full body assgasms under my expert anal training guidance.  Or perhaps you’d like to double up and be spit roasted by one of my lovely Dominant friends at the same time?   Either way, make sure you take a look at my Testimonials for an insight into what assgasm adn anal training sessions with me is like…

I also have a little clip titled “It’s all in the hips” which can be viewed HERE…  Now there’s only one question left:  Could you handle the ride of your life?

“The many, many, many, MANY assgasms will obviously live long in the memory (not to mention the abs) but I was also deeply affected by the care you took in shepherding me through the whole experience. I never thought I would be able to feel so at ease while being so exposed, and the sense of trust you instilled was as liberating as it was reassuring. This, I feel, is what will stay with me long after the spasms subside!” – Nick, December 2019

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