You probably use some sort of social media, yes? Maybe Twitter? And you probably just use your Twitter account for fun, rather than for work, right? Your twitter account is a personal account and you jump on there to scroll and view posts and tweet, probably when you’re not working, or when you’re supposed to be working but need a break/distraction – how am I doing so far…? You mostly, if not fully, use twitter to play…

So you’re playing on Twitter and you see me being active one of my twitter accounts – on my WORK twitter accounts, to be precise. So I’m on Twitter WORKING, not playing. You follow my WORK twitter account, and I am WORKING. I am being active on Twitter because I’m marketing, I have to be active on Twitter in order to keep building my following and create exposure, so people see me and book me for my services.

You might also use OnlyFans or another subscription service – for fun, yes? I use Onlyfans and a few other social media apps, for WORK. They each make up a partial source of my income earnings. I am not on there simply for fun or to play around.

My use of social media is a rather stark contrast compared to your use of social media etc, isn’t it?

Me – for work
You – to play

I can also do a bit of Twitter or OnlyFans activity (albeit rather restricted) whilst I’m in session, since I can multi task – and because I’m talented like that. What I can’t do when I’m in session is be on my laptop, which is where I do the bulk of my admin.

Why do I do the bulk of my admin on my laptop? Because I have very bad RSI in my hands and I keep phone use to a minimum, and when I do use my phone for something, I do it very carefully so as not to trigger a very painful RSI flare up. But basically – what I do and why I do it is actually none of your fucking business tho, really – is it?

Do you see where this is going?


Let me spell it out for you…

I am certainly not sitting around with my thumb up my bum, waiting for you to message me! I am busy… Believe it. Acknowledge it. Accept it.

*I do NOT answer emails from my phone. I use my phone to view messages, not to send them. I send emails and message from my laptop. Why? Because of painful RSI.
*I do NOT book sessions in using my phone. I do NOT create and book in Zoom appointments using my phone. These are also done on my laptop. Why? Because of painful RSI.
*Some of my Tweets are scheduled tweets, which means I’ve spent the time to create them, and scheduled them in the future – for marketing purposes.
*Some of my subscription posts are scheduled, which means I’ve spent time to create them and scheduled them in the future – so that my content goes out even when I’m BUSY (or taking some rare time off).
*I do try to acknowledge Twitter and subscription site replies with a “like”, which is one of the limited things I can do from my phone.
*I sometimes retweet interesting things on Twitter, this is to keep my WORK Twitters active and building interest/activity on my account <- this is WORK for me. I’m not playing, I’m WORKING. I can also do this on my phone as it’s not taxing on my hands.

So, if you see me on Twitter or OF, or some other social media app as Goddess Cleo, then I’m on my WORK accounts, because I am WORKING. That’s not an invitation for you think I’m on there for funsies and email me to “hurry me up” about something, or “remind me” to send you something, that I will likely send to you when I get out of my sessions, or if I’m out and about – then I’ll send it when I get back home and open up my laptop. If you’re going to be that selfish and impatient, then I’ll send you an invoice for projecting that in my direction and attempting to taking up my time. My time is rather valuable, after all…

Are we on the same page now?

I genuinely cannot believe how impatient and self absorbed people have become… Please don’t be one of those people 🙂

Goddess Cleo -xx-