Goddess Cleo Session Resumption Update

Isn’t that the question of the year….!  I’ve been asked this so many times over the past couple of months, but to be honest it’s not a question I have been able to answer with any specific date in mind.  My Post CV19 Special Offers state they are on offer until the Lockdown eases enough to be able to legally hold sessions again.  At the moment, it’s rumoured that services such as hair dressers and restaurants are looking hopeful for a start date of Saturday 4th July, but that hasn’t been confirmed, so at this point in time we still don’t know what is going to happen.  We all just need to be patient and wait for the announcements.

Expect there to be a few changes once sessions do resume, not only for mine but for everyone’s processes and procedures.  As far as what will change regarding how I run my sessions, I’m currently working on a risk assessment so that I’ll be able to fine tune my infection control measures and apply a strict venue cleaning regime once I figure out which additional equipment I may require.  A screening process will definitely be brought in as well, that is something I can say for certain, along with an outline of procedures to be followed in the lead up to, and during our session.  I’m not overly concerned about catching the virus myself, I suspect I may have already had it back in February, but I do NOT wish to pass it on to anyone, so my responsibility is to keep you, and any subsequent clients, as safe as possible.

For the foreseeable future, if you wish to attend a session with me, the best thing you can do is be aware and look after your own health.  Monitor your health every day by evaluating how you feel, and even take your temperature if possible.  Keep washing your hands often, and use alcohol based hand sanitiser at any time you can’t wash your hands with soap and water.  Wear gloves whenever you leave your home, especially if you’re touching doors, doorbells, buttons, etc.  On Public Transport wear gloves, a mask and do NOT touch your face, be aware of what you’re touching ie don’t put your hands in your pockets or use your phone whilst wearing your gloves. Treat your gloves as though they are covered in poop!  Do not re-use your gloves, throw them away immediately when you take them off!  Carry anti-bacterial wipes with you to use (Dettol or Clinell both kill coronavirus) and throw them away once used.  Wash your hands well for 20 seconds minimum with soap and water, or if soap is unavailable then use hand sanitiser with more than 60% alcohol content (most effective).  Stay 2 metres away (or more) from other people.  Wipe down your mail, deliveries and shopping items with anti-bacterial wipes, and ensure you wash fruit and vegetables and let them dry before packing them away.  These are just a few things you can do to help avoid catching COVID-19, and passing it on to others.

For now, I’ll continue writing some more articles to explain what my processes and procedures will be.  Unfortunately I don’t know for sure when Lockdown will be relaxed enough to allow for in-person sessions to resume – as I mentioned earlier, I am hoping 4 July sees restaurants and various beauty therapies reopen, and I will potentially then begin offering bookings from the following Monday 6 July.  Until then, I remain diligent with my health, and feel blessed that I have so many pre-booked sessions that I look forward to fulfilling!  If you’d also like to have something fun to look forward to, do take a look at my Post CV19 Session Specials, there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy including Double Sessions with my amazing friends Mistress Absolute, and Mistress Sandra!

Until next time, stay kinky, but most of all, stay safe ?

Goddess Cleo -X-