Deadpool Looking back

Not everyone I session with identifies as submissive.  It may surprise you to know that I have quite a few clients who consider themselves either Dominant or Dominant-leaning Switch.  Whilst I don’t personally switch, I also don’t feel the need to dominate every single person who walks through the door of my London playspace.  This is because the thing I enjoy most is playing with people and showing them what their bodies are capable of, regardless of any formal (or informal) dynamic.  Mutually respectful play doesn’t dictate that someone needs to be the dominator.  And being indulged doesn’t necessarily translate to feeling submissive.  This is why I offer sessions to Dominants and Switches, not just to submissives.

So why would a dominant visit a Dominatrix?  Well, I say why not?  Anyone can experience “subspace” with the right partner, so why should it only be submissives who benefit from that?  One of my longest established clients is a male Dom who sessions with me as he feels envious of his female subs.  He sees me simply to be indulged without judgement, and I treat him as an equal, not as a submissive.  We both really enjoy our sessions, he achieves that lovely subspace floatyness that his femsubs regularly experience, and he doesn’t feel as though he needs to justify or excuse himself for it.

My sessions are tailored to my client’s level of experience, as well as taking into account how they feel, and where they identify on the Dom-sub spectrum.  Some just want to be indulged with that lovely floaty subspace but don’t wish to be dominated.  And that’s absolutely fine with me – we can play together without the need for a D/s dynamic.  I don’t have an ego that requires stroking, and I don’t need to one-up someone or employ strict protocols to keep them in their place.

Many of my strapon sessions are with gentlemen who identify as Dominant or Switch, and who simply enjoy playing with their butt (or enjoy having someone else play with it!).  I don’t dominate them, but I do hellp them achieve plenty of assgasms!  Feeling dominant or submissive is an interpretation.  It’s a state of mind.  D/s should always be a pre-agreed dynamic, not an enforcement.  But isn’t that exactly what consent is all about?

You don’t need to put off booking a session with me because you don’t want to be dominated or called all sorts of names that aren’t appropriate to your kink.  I’m happy to hold that space with you….  If you’re new to pegging and strapon, I have a Newbies Pegging Special which offers a gentle introduction and exploration to anal fun.  There are also a variety of Beginner sessions and Taster sessions to choose from.  Experiencing assgasms and subspace is definitely a game changer….

I look forward to playing with you!

Goddess Cleo -X-