Hello My Lovely Perverts!

You would literally need to have been living under a rock for the past 4 months to not have heard about the current CoronaVirus pandemic and resulting worldwide Physical Distancing & Lockdown.  Who would have thought that a teensy tiny organism could give us all such a right royal rogering? That’s usually my job!!

Speaking of jobs, as you can probably guess, with in-person sessions on hold for the moment, the majority of my income has evaporated.  I’m not alone on this – the same has happened to the incomes of so many of my Domme friends.  In an unprecedented situation like this, it’s becoming more and more difficult NOT to focus on the negatives; what we’re all trying to do instead is remain positive, productive and enthusiastic, but with so much uncertainty, that really is pretty challenging right now.  We have no idea how long we’ll remain locked in, or even how restrictive the lockdown will become…  The government aren’t really looking after self-employed people very well, and if there ever was a period when we ladies needed the support of our loyal customers and fans, now is that time…

So whilst I’ve always dabbled a little in online camming, I was so busy with sessions and events during the last year that I didn’t manage to get online very much at all, apart from an occasional coaching session to help some ladies get their online camming mojo kick-started. Well since we’re on LockDown, I now have more time to cam! Aren’t you lucky! The past year I’ve also dipped my toes back into filming, and have quite a few clips lined up to add to my C4S Clipstore, which you can find HERE. The new clips will be added in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to pop by for a chat, whilst at the same time offering some much needed and very appreciated support, you can find me on AdultWork cam most evenings and sometimes through the day. I regularly pop on AdultWork IM (Instant Messenger) mainly through the daytime as well, which is great if you just want to send messages to chat and is also much cheaper! I Tweet each time I log on, so you can keep an eye on my twitter for my cam times. I can also be booked for Skype, Phone and Text sessions by emailing me directly on worshipcleo@gmail.com. As well as all this, I’m in the process of expanding my online presence with some of the other cam, clips and subscriber sites, but as you can probably guess, it’s a bit of a slow process. Details will be released once I’ve set these up to a standard I’m happy with.

Quite a few of you lovely humans have been reaching out to ask if I’m doing ok, and offer financial assistance.  So far I’ve turned most of you down as I’m a bit stubborn, but I also wanted to see where this virus lockdown would take us, however it seems it’s going to last for quite a while… If you would like to make a contribution towards helping me keep my head above the water, I am accepting Amazon gift cards, as well as cash contributions via CashApp and online bank transfer – please message me for these details though, and any amount is very much appreciated!

For those of you who prefer to make a bit more of an investment into some future fun together, I also have some rather good news – I’ve come up with some CoViD19 Advance Booking Special Offers that will definitely delight and benefit both of us!  There are a few to choose from, and a very long timeframe within which to redeem them, so why not give yourself something to look forward to once LockDown is over, and get some playtime booked in!

Post-CV19 Strapon Special £200 – 2 hours (£100 deposit to secure, the balance is payable the day of our session. £100 per extra hour)

Post-CV19 Caning Special £100 – 1 hour ((£100 paid in advance. £100 per extra hour)

Post-CV19 Regular BDSM Special £300 – 2 hours (£100 deposit to secure, the balance is payable the day of our session. £150 per extra hour)

Post-CV19 Foot Worship £100 – 1 hour (£100 paid in advance. £100 per extra hour)

These specials are only being offered during the time we are officially in LockDown – once the rules are relaxed enough for us to be able to legally indulge in sessions and small gatherings again, this offer expires and my usual Tributes apply.  Sessions can be taken anytime up until the end of the year 2021, so if you have a little spare cash and want to invest in a few for some future fun, that’s definitely okay with me!  So don’t be shy or you’ll miss out! Investing now will really help sustain me during this particularly surreal and stressful time, and will also definitely help me keep doing the job I love once we come through the other end of this.

You can find more information on each offer, and details of the terms and conditions, on the following link:

CoViD19 Advance Booking Special Offers

Thank you in advance, you amazing humans!  I look forward to lots of fun future play sessions with you!

Kinky kisses!
Goddess Cleo x

PS – Much respect and admiration for all the medical professionals, NHS staff, and all essential workers who are bravely continuing to provide the services we require, despite the personal risk involved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Also, sincerest condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one during this traumatic time – my heart goes out to you…