So, you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been updating my News page much.  Hi – yes I’m still here, but I seem to be continually dealing with an ever growing number of people who are intent on wasting my time with their impatience and neediness, which means I’m not being left with much spare time to update all you lovely patient gents.. Sorry!  For example – during the past few weeks I’ve spent a week in bed ill, and another week out of the country.  During this time My Diary page clearly stated I was UNAVAILABLE, and yet I still received a barrage of emails, texts and calls, expecting an immediate response.  If I don’t respond to an email because, God forbid I should be busy, they then send another email.  And another… That means I have more than just one email to read and deal with.  Not fair, when I’m already busy, is it?

Why might I be busy?  Whatever in the world might keep a Goddess like me busy?  Why am I not replying straight away, or answering my phone when it rings…?  Well – do you think I might actually be BUSY?  How can I answer my phone if I am in the middle of a session? Or setting up for a session?  Or cleaning up after a session and setting up for the next one?  Or perhaps I’m actually IN a session?  How would you feel if you were paying good money for my attention, and then I sat around on my computer answering emails and taking calls?  You wouldn’t be too happy, now would you – and that’s totally understandable too, I might add…. I’m sure most people would feel the same way.  So why, then, are so many guys so freakin impatient when I don’t reply or respond straight away?

Let’s fill you in on something – I do all my own admin, because let’s face it, nobody does a better job and I’m not paying someone to do it badly….  So c’mon kids, have some patience and use your common sense… If your enquiry is urgent, then do drop me a text and include ALL the relevant information, so for example a “Same Day Appointment” text should include a greeting, ask me if I’m available, suggest a time or a timeslot that you are free, and don’t forget to say thank you….  I shouldn’t even need to point all this out but it seems I do for so many of you…. Rather than making my life more difficult (or risk not hearing back from me at all because I can’t be bothered to reply to texts that only consist of “hello mistress” and yes I receive them all too regularly) how about sending up front ALL the information I might need in order to let you know asap whether or not I am available?

And have some patience…..

Many of you boys seem to forget that, although we are Strong, Independent, Dominant women, Goddesses, Mistresses, Lady’s and Dominas, we are also human.  We get sick, we get busy, we get hurt, we need to sleep and we need to eat, we need to stop and take a break every now and then….. We don’t just sit around reclining on chaise lounges, doing nothing all day whilst being waited on hand and foot.  The few who are much sought after have worked bloody hard to get to where they are, and the hard word doesn’t stop.  Ever.  The higher you fly, the more idiots there are out there trying to get your attention, and selfishly waste your time.  Don’t be one of those idiots, please!  Be one of the few good guys who is polite, considerate, patient, reasonable, and as unselfish as possible.  Be that awesome guy, and what you’ll get in return is worth more than money can buy….

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I hope all you wonderfully patient, considerate, lovely subby gents, and all my amazing regular worshippers, are well, happy and having plenty of fun!  Spring has sprung, and it’s certainly brought out all you naughty perverts!  I’m having a wonderful time playing with so many of you…. Be sure to send a polite message and I’ll be more than happy to book you lucky boys in for some fun!

Kinky regards

Goddess Cleo