Hello people!

I recently put pen to paper (so to speak) and wrote a little piece on fantasy, reality and submissive’s lack of patience.  If you care to have a read you can find it on Fetlife, you may find it rather revealing…. or not!

The fantasy vs. the reality of being a ‘personal slave’ and more on patience.

Last week Miss Kitty Bliss and I filmed with the gorgeous Mistress Ella Kros at Forbidden Vault.  We had SOOOO much fun with the slaves that day, there was even a slave ‘Tug of War’ or Tug of Balls as we called it… I’m slowly building my Clips4Sale store so in due course all these clips I’ve filmed over the years will be added so you can see me in action.  If you would like to film with Miss Kitty Bliss and I make sure you visit Double-Domme.com for dates and to fill in the application form….

Later this week we are holding our very first “London Lock Up” event.  Miss Kitty Bliss, Madame Asha and I are offering solitary confinement, caging, cuffs and interrogation – if you’re lucky!  For more information please see London Lock Up.

If Strap On and/or Forced Bi is your thing, we are holding another party at the infamous Stunners Studio in Limehouse.  Following on from the success of our last two events, this one promises to be a night to remember!  Great venue, Bar, DJ and up to SEVEN beautiful, talented Dominas and two Bulls!  The Domina line-up is almost ready to be announced, to make sure you check the Domina Parties website for details….

Speaking of Domina Parties, we celebrated our first year last week with a big social event held at Stunners Studios and attended by just over 50 people!  Our first year has been one of great personal growth –  not only did we meet a lot of amazing people and show many nervous newbies that BDSM and Fetish didn’t have to be such a scary thought, but we also encountered a small number of Dommes who had less than complimentary things to say about us behind our backs…  But we’ve come out the other side stronger, smarter, more resilient, we’ve proven our worth to the industry, and we are not going away.  Introducing people to the fetish scene and creating a safe place to play has been our main objective, and one that we all feel we’ve accomplished well in such a short time.  If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, visit our website.  We hold some of the best BDSM parties in London, and soon we’ll be bringing Domina Parties to other cities, both national and international….  To all our supporters, we thank you 🙂


Goddess Cleo