Today I will address you all, but I’d like to especially address the masses of potential worshippers, you guys whom send multiple messages because I haven’t responded to your enquiry within a set period of time, or your  “deadline”. (This is a period of time that is usually set by you, but not communicated to me, so I have no idea you have a deadline!).  Let’s just not set deadlines, ok?  Especially deadlines I know nothing about.  I do aim to respond to messages withing 24-48 hours, but if I’m in sessions I’m not doing admin, or if I’m having a day or two off I’m not doing admin.  It’s a pretty simple concept…

Now that I’ve pointed that out, let’s get something else straight….  My hours of operation.  Mybusiness Hours.  Or what might be considered my “Office Hours”.

As per My Diary page, on weekdays I generally offer sessions between 12pm and 11pm.  On weekends I often have other commitments such as Fetish Club nights and Dungeon Monitor duties at various events, so my hours may vary.  Essentially, for my workday I don’t rock up to an office, take off my coat, switch on my computer, grab a coffee and settlie in for the day… NO WAY!  12pm is when I offer to start my first session (not 3 o’clock in the morning, for those who insist on texting me at that time!).

So kids, let’s think about this rationally…. My day starts at 12pm with probably a 2-hour session, so that means between 12pm and 2.45pm I will likely be in that session, or as per an office job I am “in a meeting”  and not perched at my desk reading emails, nor looking at my phone (I like to give my playthings all of my attention during sessions).  My next session or “next meeting”  starts at 3pm which means my client is due to contact me 5 minutes beforehand for directions, so during the 5-10 minutes I usually have between sessions you won’t find me sitting at my desk or reading my phone. NO WAY!  That time is spent finishing cleaning up / sterilising equipment, packing up, setting up for my next session, grabbing a drink or something quick to eat, using the bathroom, or just getting off my feet for a moment because there’s not a lot of Domination activities can be successfully carried out sitting down…..

Now imagine for a moment, that I’m fully booked, with sessions that are set back-to-back all day from 12pm until 11pm PLUS allow for an informative and connective chat at the start, showers at start and finish, then there’s clean up/packing up time.  Reasonably at the end of my workday we’re looking at a finish time of between 11.45pm and midnight.

More often than not, the first proper chance I get to check emails and my phone for message may not be until after my last session of the day has finished, which, as has already been pointed out, often ends at midnight.  If I’m fully booked, I can’t respond to same day session requests, irrespective of how they are sent.  If I’m fully booked, I cannot answer the phone – which is why I no longer take calls.

It is therefore adviseable to give at least 24 hours notice (preferably more) for session requests, and ideally a week’s notice is recommended.  You’re welcome to try for a same day session, especially if my diary schedule has the green “Available” tag.  If I don’t get back to you, you will know that someone else pipped you to the post, and that I’m already fully booked.  Unless you’ve managed to fail at contacting me….

As far as making contact goes – you should make contact in the same way as you would with any service provider…

HOW TO SEND A BOOKING ENQUIRY:  To be honest with you, I shouldn’t need to point out how to send an enquiry, but given the sheer vollume of one and two word messages I receive, I think it’s about time I spelled it out for those who just don’t get it….. In a nutshell, let’s just get clinical here – be respectful, and include the information required in order that I can ensure you’re looking for the service I provide, and so I can check my availability for the proposed dates/times you have sent.

Essentially you are approchaing me because I am a sevice provider, and not only am I a female, but I am a Dominant Female.  I don’t always have to Dominate my clients, in fact I hav quite a few Dominant males (and females) who see me because I DON’T automatically treat them as submissive, because I treat them with respect and as an equal, not just some object.  when you contact me though, you should bear in mind the fact that I am a Female as well as a Dominant, and your message should be respectful.  For those down the back who didn’t hear that – what I said was “your message should be respectful”.   Your message should also contain the relevant information in it that is required in order to check whether I have that time free or not.

You have no idea the amount of messages I receive from people that are just “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hi Mistress”, “Are you free?”, “Hello”, “Are you available?” and “Hey Mistress”.  What the hell is with that?

So here’t the thing about contacting someone, anyone, for an appointment, whether it’s your dentist, doctor, massage therapist, veterinarian, counsellor, architect, or anyone else that provides a service – you’re contacting them to enquire their availability for the service you want.  The best way to think about it is this – say for example you want to book an appointment with your doctor.  You don’t send your doctor a text message saying “Hi”, or “Hey, are you free?” do you?  No…. So why not apply that same logic to booking a session with a Dominatrix.  I don’t understand why there are some who don’t do this in the first place, however one look at the multitude of text messages on my phone will prove just how many don’t…. I DO NOT RESPOND TO THOSE MESSAGES.  PERIOD!  So perhaps that’s one of the reasons you never heard back from me – did you send a stupidly vague, overly familiar message when we have never met before?  I sure hope not…. Because I probably wouldn’t have responded.

My emails and text messages are monitored between about 12pm and 9pm, and outside of those hours it’s not monitored – it’s plugged in charging in the another room.

Emails get priority!  Texts an Whatsapps get lost.

So now that you know all this, there really is no excuse is there 🙂

Stay kinky, you dirty perverts!

Goddess Cleo xx