Spending my formative years wearing riding boots, top boots, wellies on the farm, or flip flops and sandals on the beach, has most certainly had a positive influence on my feet – they are small for my height, flexible, smooth, strong and well-formed.  In fact, as far as feet go they are actually quite pretty.  I delight in teasing you with my feet, holding them above your face, just out of reach of your mouth, spreading my evenly spaced toes to reveal the soft pinkness in between which is so inviting for your tongue to explore.  And did you know, I am able to use my toes to grab your nose?  Oh yes…

Every foot fetishists dream, my feet are a delicious UK size 6 / EU 39 with soft skin, high arches, no bumps, no bunions and are very well looked-after.  They can fit into your mouth; having my feet kissed, licked, my toes sucked and my heels rubbed sends a shiver through me every time – in fact, I firmly believe there is a direct link between my feet and my girly bits, I enjoy it that much!   I adore everything – bare feet, stockings, tights, toe sucking, foot smothering and, professing to be a mild shoe fetishist myself, I have a very nice and ever-expanding collection of shoes, low heels, high heels, platforms, boots, stockings, pantyhose, tights and my favourite Louboutins that I love to wear.  Among other things I enjoy are foot baths, foot rubs, massages, pedicures, leg worship all the way up to mid-thigh and for the slightly more hardcore foot fetishist I am an expert at trampling, kicking, stomping and jumping.  Whilst my feet usually smell nice, I am able to accommodate a smelly foot fetish as well – given enough notice.  Please visit my Add-Ons page to request the smelly feet Add-On.

You can be sure that when I look deeply into your eyes as you kiss, caress, lick, suck and worship my beautiful, sweet smelling feet, a calmness will overcome you and you will realise you’ve finally found your rightful place.  For a fetishist, foot worship session with me truly is an indulgence….  You may read my many testimonials HERE.

Not into foot worship?  I hate to say it but I’ve heard it all before – many a man (and woman) have claimed to not enjoy feet, until they met mine… They are, quite literally, perfect to worship!

My Foot Worship fees are extremely reasonable and are a direct reflection on how much I love to have my feet pampered.

30 minutes – £100
45 minutes – £150
60 minutes – £200
90 minutes – £275 (can include a foot spa, pamper or mini pedicure, or maybe even a milk bath)
£60 – 20 minutes sitting in the corner sniffing my shoe collection (only available when I can accommodate).

NOTE:  Bookings are confirmed once full payment is received, this is not negotiable.  Why not book a session and indulge your fetish, as well as mine….

EMAIL ME on to enquire, or fill in my Online Appointment Scheduling to book yourself directly into my diary.

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