So, you’ve seen my speicals and you would like to book one of my Post CV19 Filming Days, but want to know what’s involved….


Can I film masked or unmasked?  For these specials I have no preference, you can film masked.

How long will the filming day last?  I mean, I’m fairly efficient so as I state in the Specials description, it’s approximately 5 hours.  BUT… that’s IF there is more than one filmslave present.  If you are the only filming slave for that day, then expect your attendance to last for between 2-3 hours, depending on the content.  Realistically, there is no way you could last for an entire 5 hours of BDMS activities on your own.  Want to try?  Deposit is £500 and I refund you £400 if you last, but I keep it all if you don’t 😉

Will there be cameraperson or staff?  What, you expect me to do all the production work single handed?  Who’s going to hold the camera, take photo, set everything up, coordinate and help you?  There could be an assistant, and a camera person, or there could just be only me, but that is entirely dependent upon the type of day I have advertised for.

Will other filmslaves be present?  Yes.  Don’t want anyone else present, then book a session and request for the filmed add-on option.  I do occasionally book in solo filming slots.  If this is what you prefer, then you should book one of my CV19 Filming Days, then

What content will I be filming?  I will always film activities within your limits and boundaries, but if you’re expecting ONLY one activity (eg strapon) then book a session instead, and choose the filming add-on, which will ensure we film the activity you want, one-on-one.  My filming days work best for those who have a small reportoire of at least 2 activities, and are willing to work with me to shoot some POV foot worship, humiliation, or other light play.

When can we film?  WHEN WE ARE OUT OF LOCKDOWN and it is legal to do so….

Not happy with any of the above?  Book a session, it’s only £100 more and you get me ALL to yourself 🙂