A man’s face is such a satisfying thing to slap.  I can never do it without a wicked smile appearing as I see the tears well in your eyes and the rosy glow to your cheeks.  What I love especially is to watch you wince as you anticipate my next blow.

A clump of your hair is all I need to take complete control of you.  Depending on my whim, I’ll have you on tip-toe or down on your knees.  Either way, you’ll be begging me for mercy, which of course, I’ll refuse….

So you want some rough treatment, do you?

Whether I’m slapping your face or pulling your hair, the humiliation you feel would not be complete, would it, without a volley or six of my spit, just to make it even more clear who is in charge.  If you look suitably humbled, I might even get you to open your mouth wide to receive my sweet saliva.  Yes, boy, I can do what I want with you, can’t I?

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