Do you have a fantasy where you are serving an elegant and beautiful Lady as her liveried butler or manservant?  I would be more than happy to turn that fantasy into a vivid reality.

My experience in the catering and hospitality industry means that I know a great deal about good service, and I train my staff to exacting standards.  I will show you how to serve me a glass of champagne, or present afternoon tea, or valet my exquisite wardrobe.  There are more menial tasks, of course, to ensure that my household is spotlessly clean and kept at the standard I expect, so you might find the idea of being on all fours with a scrubbing brush an exciting one, especially if I am standing over you flexing my riding crop!

Perhaps your fantasy involves more specialist skills such as chauffeuring or haute cuisine. There’s nothing I like better than to recline in comfort in the back seat of a car with an obedient chauffeur at the wheel; or to be served a delicious meal cooked by a devoted slave.

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