Sunshine & Cocktails

Life, busy-ness and covid have all hampered our freedoms these past couple of years, so I’m super excited to be getting out of the UK for a couple weeks of sunshine and cocktails with my wonderful apprentice, the beautiful Miss Annaliese.  She’s studied so diligently these past 9 months, learning and practising her Pro Dominatrix craft, and I’m proud to say she’s graduated from her training with Honours.  She’s naturally talented, a fast learner, and also drop dead gorgeous, what’s not to love?

Sponsorship & Reimbursement Opportunities

Whenever I travel I’ve often been told that, had I made it known I was traveling, some of my favourites would have liked to make a little contribution towards my food, beverages and excursions… So, since we two Dommes will be travelling together, we’ve decided of offer some opportunities to contribute or sponsor a meal, some cocktails, or breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This is only if it’s your thing though, I certainly won’t be making a habit of doing this.

Winners Are Grinners

Something we’ve decided to do is we’ve decided to put contributors names into a draw to be eligible to experience a 1 hour double session with Miss Annaliese and I!  Each £100 means 1 entry, so for example £200 gives you two chances to win.  You’re welcome!

How to contribute – we have online transfer, cashapp, amazon, crytpo or OnlyFans tips, please see some of the options here

Terms & Conditions

*Available to enter only until 10pm BST on Sunday 3 April.
*Redeemable from Monday 5 April as it will be drawn between 10pm-11.30pm on Sunday 3 April.

*Can be redeemed for a one hour in-person double session, a one hour online cam session, or a one hour solo session with either Miss Annaliese or Goddess Cleo.  In-person session to be held at Shadwell E1.  Online would be via Zoom.
*No limit to the number of entries per person.
*Must be redeemed before 11.59pm on 31 December 2022.
*Extra time can be booked, this would be at a light discount on our usual rate.
*Regular BDSM activities only.  These can include any activity/activities that I have listed on my Interests page for which solo one or two hour sessions are offered, and also includes training sessions, workshops, lunch or dinner dates, Introductory session, Taster session, or a Cam session.  Any activities undertaken are within each of our pre-agreed limits and boundaries.  Not included are Bondassage, Subspace Experience, Couples Session, Kidnap Session. If the session request involves activities such as Electrics, Venus 200 and/or Tremblr then this will each incur a £40 surcharge per activity to cover the extras, or for Venus/Tremblr you will be required to procure your own receiver and sleeve.
* In the case of the booking request being for Social Time, or a lunch or dinner date, you will also pick up the tab (Location is London UK, within a one hour train ride of Shadwell or Limehouse stations by general public transport, unless travel and time is sufficiently compensated).  Kent will also be considered.
* Discretion is assured. Our session will not be filmed or recorded, and no photos will be taken without your explicit knowledge and prior consent.
* Our usual limits and boundaries apply, no question.
* Everything is ultimately at our discretion.