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Thursday 11 October 2018

Subspace!  What's all the fuss about?

Sure, you’ve heard of subspace, especially if you’ve been in the BDSM scene for any length of time.

Firstly – dear reader and fellow kinkster, do you actually know what SubSpace is?  Perhaps you've experienced it, so maybe you do, but possibly you don’t….  If you do, and you have experienced it before, yay!  If not, I shall explain….

For those who don’t know or aren’t quite sure - Basically it’s your own body giving you the equivalent of a drug high… Yep, kinksters are a bunch of junkies – we chase that feeling of subspace, and topspace too.  We chase that natural high…

Scientifically speaking, your body reacts to sensations, whether they be gentle (like a caress) or traumatic (like a punch, for example).  What that means is, certain activities, especially BDSM activities, can have quite an impact on your body (pardon the pun!).  Explained simply, subspace is where your body releases a cocktail of chemicals which can include, but are not limited to, serotonin, adrenaline and the wonder chemical endorphin, and ultimately this makes you feel great!  Kinksters tap into these wonderful feels through the various activities we indulge in. 

So what does it feel like to be in subspace?  Well, that really depends on how deep you go… If you have ever had a glass of wine or a couple of beers on an empty stomach, you’re getting pretty darn close to knowing what subspace feels like – but that’s not all because along with that floaty, slightly tipsy feeling, you also feel any combination of calm, euphoric, a little dizzy, disconnected and/or happy.  How long the feeling lasts depends on a lot of things, but mostly it depends on how deep you go, and whether you are interrupted or pulled out of it too quickly.  Being very psychologically based, you can also put yourself back into a subspace afterwards, simply by remembering and recalling the feelings you experienced whilst playing, or by pushing on any sore parts of your body (in the case of an impact play scenario).

Some lucky people find it very easy to experience subspace.  In my experience, the easiest kinksters to put into a subspace are foot fetishists – with their fetish right there in front of them, and when they are feeling safe and secure in the space they are holding, give them a few minutes with some lovely feet and they literally melt into subspace.  Rope is another experience that is very conducive to encouraging subspace.  There are any number of activities that enhance subspace, but what works varies from person to person, and what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Topspace is what the Top often experiences, but I plan on writing about that topic separately

Monday 13 August 2018

A Very Quick Update!

Thought I'd better drop in and let you all know I am still here, still very busy, still doing what I've always been doing... I have a lot of things in the pipeline, so there will be some new things launching in the not too distant future. Until then, rest assured that I'm well, happy and having a lot of fun putting people into that lovely place called "subspace"....

Actually, what I've noticed is that not many of you who come to see me actually know what subspace is, or assgasms too - so I've been busy writing some blog posts.  I just need more hours in the day so I can finish them off and post them!

Keep an eye on my website here, I'll be posting them soon!

Stay kinky!
Goddess Cleo x

Saturday 11 November 2017

Birmingham Tour – Sessions, Strap On Parties, Forced Bi event, Extended Bondage Day and Launching The Facility Prison Role Play Day!

Hello Kinksters, Perverts and all My eager little Sluts!

I’ve been super insanely busy once again, so this is a little late being properly announced, but if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know all about it already…..

I’m going to be in Birmingham next week :-)  Here are the details:

Monday 13 November – Sessions, last space available 6-8pm for two hours, or one hour to start anytime between 6pm and 7pm.
Tuesday 14 November – TWO Strap On Parties!  1pm for 3 hours, and 7pm for 3 hours. £160 to attend, or £300 for both parties.
Tuesday 14 Novmber – Forced Bi Party!  4.30pm for one hour, only £60 to take part.
Wednesday 15 November – Sessions – one-on-one and Double Sessions with Mistress Absolute or The FoXtress or maybe also Dom Strapon if you’re really lucky - email me to enquire about available times.
Thursday 16 November – The Facility Prison Role Play Day from 11am, and Extended Bondage Day from 12pm.

Overnight Sessions available – email me to enquire. 


Activities on offer whilst I’m in Birmingham – StrapOn (of course!), Fisting, Bondage, Rope, Foot Worship, Corporal Punishment, Overnight Sessions, Incarceration, Caging, CBT, Nipple Play, and much more!  Also offering Double Sessions with Mistress Absolute, Double Sessions with switch Mistress The FoXtress, Double Sessions with the Legend Dom Strapon, Triple Sessions with both Mistress Absolute and The FoXtress

My regular tributes apply for solo sessions.  Double sessions start at £250 per hour for Strapon, £300 per hour for General BDSM.

Looking forward to playing with all you dirty perverts next week! ;-)

Kinky kisses
Goddess Cleo -xx-

Monday 23 October 2017

Guest of Honour at DomCon in New Orleans!

Hello from across the pond once again!

I’ve been a very busy Domina these past few months…..  So many highlights, where do I start?  June and July screamed by in preparation for August, which was the busiest month of my life, as well as the most lucrative – I totally smashed it and had an absolute blast in doing so!  Birthday month was September, and Domina Parties went back to the Midlands, this time with a highly succesful launch in Birmingham.  Two fully booked StrapOn parties with 5 of my lovely Domina friends, we had a lot of fun violating the boys….

For October so far I’ve spent the entire month overseas, starting with a quick visit to New York before taking up my responsibilities as Guest Of Honour at DomCon in New Orleans!  Yep, after a wonderful trip to LA in May I was invited back to participate and help out.  We had a whole Aussie contingent, with my sister in sin Miss Penelope Dreadful amazing artist Leah from LDH Art, and Kinki Panda.   After DomCon I popped over to Jamaica and spent some time up in the Blue Mountains with a great friend, then wandered north to Runaway Bay for a debaucherous week at the final Domme Trips – I met and caught up with so many wonderful peeps!  I’ll head back to London soon, but for now I’m sitting with the wonderful Ariana Chevalier in her NYC Rubber Studio (this place is amazing!!).  I'll definitely be back to run another of my highly successful Beautifully Destroyed parities on 30 October.  There are only a couple of spaces left - I'm expecting it to book out again.

The DVS events are going way better than we ever imagined, with the addition of a monthly Newbies & Veterans Munch (next one is Wednesday 25 October) and the launch of workshop event we’ve called “Kink Lab”  which starts next month….

So for next month, November is going to be another very busy month with Kink Lab on Sunday 12 November – an educational afternoon/evening of skill sharing with 13 workshops and ending with a play party!   However November actually kicks off with two London Strap On Parties - we know they are your favourites!  Domina Parties also returns to Birmingham for another two StrapOn Parties AND we’re adding a separate Forced Bi hour in between on Tuesday 14th.  But that’s not all – The Facility Prison Role Play Day is also launching on Thursday 16th in Brum! 

Then before we know it, December will be upon us, and the Christmas / New Years Holiday period…. I’m in town for the whole of December, so if you’ve missed out on sessioning with me due to my being so booked up, now’s your chance to get in early to ensure we get to play!  Make sure you take a look at my Calendar on my Diary page for my basic availability – I’ll be updating it all the way through to New Years by the end of this week.

HIGHLIGHT: My gorgeous sister in sin, Miss Penelope Dreadful is visiting from Sydney, Australia from 26 October until 14 November!  We are offering Double Sessions as well as solo sessions so get yourself booked in, we don't have much availability!  Miss Penelope will be attending the Beautifully Destroyed party on 30 October, as well as both London Strap On Parties on 1st November if you fancy an Aussie Invasion.... Of course you do!

That will do for now – there’s a heavy rubber gimp here and I feel like getting up to some mischief with the ladies!  Catch you again soon……

Kinky regards
Goddess Cleo xx

Thursday 18 May 2017

Guest of Honour at DomCon in LA!

Hello from across the pond!

This week I am truly delighted to be attending DomCon in Los Angeles as a Guest of Honour.  We kicked off yesterday with Industry-only workshops and round tables, which were equal parts entertaining and informative, and last night I attended a welcome drinks.   So far I've met some truly amazing people, and I'm only just warming up :) 

So far I've been hanging out with gorgeous My partners in crime - Miss Penelope Dreadful travelled all the way from Sydney, and Mistress Absolute who you should all know from London and the prestigious Domina Parties events.  Check out my Twitter page if you'd like to see some pics and tweets about the events!

Whilst I'm not offering sessions during my trip, I am offering Meet-&-Greets so if you're around LA or attending DomCon this week/weekend then get in touch - My USA number is +1 213 336 3632 and I am accepting text messages through there.  Alternatively I can be contacted through Whatsapp on My UK number.   I'll be wandering around DomCon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, attending workships and all the events, so don't hesitate to approach me to say hello.  I'm also happy to connect on FL (you know where to look).

Catch you all again soon, I have some big news to spill!

Kinky kisses,
Goddess Cleo -X-

Sunday 30 April 2017

Why you  may not have had a response from me


Today I will address you all, but I'd like to especially address the masses of potential worshippers, you guys whom send multiple messages because I haven't responded to your enquiry within a set period of time, or your  "deadline". (This is a period of time that is usually set by you, but not communicated to me, so I have no idea you have a deadline!).  Let's just not set deadlines, ok?  Especially deadlines I know nothing about.  I do aim to respond to messages withing 24-48 hours, but if I'm in sessions I'm not doing admin, or if I'm having a day or two off I'm not doing admin.  It's a pretty simple concept...

Now that I've pointed that out, let's get something else straight....  My hours of operation.  Mybusiness Hours.  Or what might be considered my "Office Hours".

As per My Diary page, on weekdays I generally offer sessions between 12pm and 11pm.  On weekends I often have other commitments such as Fetish Club nights and Dungeon Monitor duties at various events, so my hours may vary.  Essentially, for my workday I don't rock up to an office, take off my coat, switch on my computer, grab a coffee and settlie in for the day... NO WAY!  12pm is when I offer to start my first session (not 3 o'clock in the morning, for those who insist on texting me at that time!). 

So kids, let's think about this rationally.... My day starts at 12pm with probably a 2-hour session, so that means between 12pm and 2.45pm I will likely be in that session, or as per an office job I am "in a meeting"  and not perched at my desk reading emails, nor looking at my phone (I like to give my playthings all of my attention during sessions).  My next session or "next meeting"  starts at 3pm which means my client is due to contact me 5 minutes beforehand for directions, so during the 5-10 minutes I usually have between sessions you won't find me sitting at my desk or reading my phone. NO WAY!  That time is spent finishing cleaning up / sterilising equipment, packing up, setting up for my next session, grabbing a drink or something quick to eat, using the bathroom, or just getting off my feet for a moment because there's not a lot of Domination activities can be successfully carried out sitting down.....

Now imagine for a moment, that I'm fully booked, with sessions that are set back-to-back all day from 12pm until 11pm PLUS allow for an informative and connective chat at the start, showers at start and finish, then there's clean up/packing up time.  Reasonably at the end of my workday we're looking at a finish time of between 11.45pm and midnight.

More often than not, the first proper chance I get to check emails and my phone for message may not be until after my last session of the day has finished, which, as has already been pointed out, often ends at midnight.  If I'm fully booked, I can't respond to same day session requests, irrespective of how they are sent.  If I'm fully booked, I cannot answer the phone - which is why I no longer take calls.

It is therefore adviseable to give at least 24 hours notice (preferably more) for session requests, and ideally a week's notice is recommended.  You're welcome to try for a same day session, especially if my diary schedule has the green "Available" tag.  If I don't get back to you, you will know that someone else pipped you to the post, and that I'm already fully booked.  Unless you've managed to fail at contacting me....

As far as making contact goes - you should make contact in the same way as you would with any service provider...

HOW TO SEND A BOOKING ENQUIRY:  To be honest with you, I shouldn't need to point out how to send an enquiry, but given the sheer vollume of one and two word messages I receive, I think it's about time I spelled it out for those who just don't get it..... In a nutshell, let's just get clinical here - be respectful, and include the information required in order that I can ensure you're looking for the service I provide, and so I can check my availability for the proposed dates/times you have sent.

Essentially you are approchaing me because I am a sevice provider, and not only am I a female, but I am a Dominant Female.  I don't always have to Dominate my clients, in fact I hav quite a few Dominant males (and females) who see me because I DON'T automatically treat them as submissive, because I treat them with respect and as an equal, not just some object.  when you contact me though, you should bear in mind the fact that I am a Female as well as a Dominant, and your message should be respectful.  For those down the back who didn't hear that - what I said was "your message should be respectful".   Your message should also contain the relevant information in it that is required in order to check whether I have that time free or not. 

You have no idea the amount of messages I receive from people that are just "Hi", "Hey", "Hi Mistress", "Are you free?", "Hello", "Are you available?" and "Hey Mistress".  What the hell is with that?

So here't the thing about contacting someone, anyone, for an appointment, whether it's your dentist, doctor, massage therapist, veterinarian, counsellor, architect, or anyone else that provides a service - you're contacting them to enquire their availability for the service you want.  The best way to think about it is this - say for example you want to book an appointment with your doctor.  You don't send your doctor a text message saying "Hi", or "Hey, are you free?" do you?  No.... So why not apply that same logic to booking a session with a Dominatrix.  I don't understand why there are some who don't do this in the first place, however one look at the multitude of text messages on my phone will prove just how many don't.... I DO NOT RESPOND TO THOSE MESSAGES.  PERIOD!  So perhaps that's one of the reasons you never heard back from me - did you send a stupidly vague, overly familiar message when we have never met before?  I sure hope not.... Because I probably wouldn't have responded.

My emails and text messages are monitored between about 12pm and 9pm, and outside of those hours it's not monitored - it's plugged in charging in the another room.

Emails get priority!  Texts an Whatsapps get lost. 

So now that you know all this, there really is no excuse is there :)

Stay kinky, you dirty perverts!

Goddess Cleo xx

Friday 23 September 2016

Birth Month Special - GC-200! And other fun things.....

Hi My Little Deviants!

I wanted to let you know about about a few things that I've got going on - first up is my birth month special for this month... Between Monday 19 September and Wednesday 12 October I am offering 2-hour sessions for £200 when paid in full in advance and by quoting GC-200 when booking.  Yes, I know it's MY birthday and usually it's the birthday girl who should receive all the treats, but you know what they say - sharing is caring!  You can find out a bit more about this HERE.

Secondly, and my biggest news for this month is - I now have a second private playspace in London!  Yes that's right, this greedy bitch has TWO playspaces..... I've been setting it up this month, and as of next week will be operational and offering sessions from there on Tuesday 27th September.  It's very conveniently located right near the North Circular in N11, closest station is Arnos Grove (Picadilly line - soon to be 24 hours), and as there's plenty of space I'm hoping to also host a couple of Domina Parties there as well, before the end of the year :)  I will announce these once dates are set....

As it's birth month I really am going to be super busy this month - I aim to be attending Club Pedestal, Subversion Noir, London Alternative Market (LAM, and possibly a few other events over and around my birthday), as well as lots of booked sessions!  Obviously this is not an expectation, but if you fancy sending me a little something for my birthday, you can find my wishlist through the menu here on my website, or there's a list on my diary page of the events I'm attending. <-- Just saying cos people keep asking!

A little (or big) heads up - our next double dose of StrapOn Parties is set for Wednesday 5th October.  We have TEN ladies attending, and spaces are booking up, so make sure you don't leave it til the last minute to decide you want to attend!  Also next month on 13 October we see the return of Violate! and this time we are collaborating with Ms Tytania to also bring you concurrently The SBOS!  Ladies in attendance are Me, Mistress Absolute, Mistress Darcy from New York, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Lady Sara Borgia, Ms Tytania and Mistress Theda.  What a stellar line up, eh?  Read all about these events below.....

Hope you all have a smashing month, see you again soon.

Kinky kisses
Goddess Cleo

Thursday 8 September 2016

Quick update!

Hello pets!

August is usually quiet time for most, but I've had another super busy August and start to September.  I got to host My divine Australian sister Ms Penelope's visit, along with Brazilian/Australian/Norwegian gypsy Mistress Kalyss Mercury who is also re-joining us for the October 5th Strapon events.  Ms Penelope has sadly now returned home to Sydney, but Mistress Kalyss will be back during the first week of October, don't miss booking a session with her whilst she's around, or perhaps even a double session with the two of us....! 

Super successful recent events include the Beautifully Destroyed party of 30th August, hostessed by Yours Truly along with Ms Penelope and Mistress Kalyss, which was fully booked and attended by a really great fun group of masochists.  The next Beautifully Destroyed party is a DOUBLE BIRTHDAY SPECIAL for the gorgeous Goddess Anastaxia and Moi and also including My beautiful protege Miss Hayley Bond, and will be starting at 7pm on Wednesday 28th September in E1, details are on the Domina Parties website, or My Diary page.  Straight after Beautifully Destroyed in August we had the return of Tootsies our Foot Worship event, introducing Miss Hayley Bond, along with Ms Penelope and Mistress Kalyss, and attended by another great group of fetishists.  The following day we had yet another sold out event - the InteRim StrapOn Party, which was a great success, albeit a little on the warm side with this humid London weather, but we all had a buttload of fun, (which you can read about on the testimonials page of the Domina Parties website). Finally for the third day in a row we had a CFNM party, which was also great fun and was a wonderful first event for Domina Parties debutante Miss Bettie Von Sade, who is equally lovely as she is sadistic.  She will be attending both the Strapon Parties on 5th October.

Another event that was held during the first week of September was our Prison/Asylum day appropriately named The Facility, London - attended by quite a few lucky inmates, and monitored by the three sensational Duty Wardens Ms Hayley Bond, Goddess Ariel and Moi!  What a great time we had in an amazing new venue, there are already five testimonials up for the event (on the Domina Parties website) if you'd like to take a read, all the boys had a great day!  The next Facility event is set for Monday 3rd October, which is already filling up, so if you fancy being incarcerated by 3 gorgeous Goddesses (Goddess Anastaxia, Goddess Ariel and Me - Goddess Cleo) then you had better get a wriggle on and book your place, or risk missing out...

Ciao ciao!

Goddess Cleo xx

Thursday 2 June 2016

June Special - Jun-200!

Ok so I had so much fun with all the sessions I had over the past 2 weekends that I've only gone and done another Special Session offer for June - Read all about it HERE!

My availability is quite limited for the next few months, so make sure you don't miss out - lots of fun awaits you :)

Come play!

Perversely yours,
Goddess Cleo xx

Thursday 19 May 2016

May is Very Special Indeed!

This has been a great year so far.  So many awesome things happening, I'm feeling rather excited about life in general, and also very generous at the moment.  Plus I really like playing...  A lot!  So these upcoming weekends (21st & 22nd May and Bank Holiday weekend 28th, 29th AND 30th May) I have a special offering for just a lucky few - those of you who book and pay for a session up front will get to session with me for £100 for an hour (minimum of two hours).  No, this is not a typo - £100 per hour for two whole hours, paid up front. 

Yes, Goddess is feeling generous again, and why not - spread the love.  And maybe also some assgasms! 

(Disclaimer:  This does not apply to same-day bookings.  May book more than two hours, is held in a domestic setting, excludes Bondassage, Sploshing, Double sessions or Judicial Punishment, and is ultimately at my discretion). 

Please quote MAY-200 when making your booking.  My basic availability can be found on My Diary page here on my website.  Those of you who have signed up to receive my newsletters have already seen this offer, there are only a few spaces available!

Catch you later!

Goddess Cleo x

Thursday 24 March 2016

Impatience is Not a Virtue

So, you've probably noticed I've not been updating my News page much.  Hi - yes I'm still here, but I seem to be continually dealing with an ever growing number of people who are intent on wasting my time with their impatience and neediness, which means I'm not being left with much spare time to update all you lovely patient gents.. Sorry!  For example - during the past few weeks I've spent a week in bed ill, and another week out of the country.  During this time My Diary page clearly stated I was UNAVAILABLE, and yet I still received a barrage of emails, texts and calls, expecting an immediate response.  If I don't respond to an email because, God forbid I should be busy, they then send another email.  And another... That means I have more than just one email to read and deal with.  Not fair, when I'm already busy, is it?

Why might I be busy?  Whatever in the world might keep a Goddess like me busy?  Why am I not replying straight away, or answering my phone when it rings...?  Well - do you think I might actually be BUSY?  How can I answer my phone if I am in the middle of a session? Or setting up for a session?  Or cleaning up after a session and setting up for the next one?  Or perhaps I'm actually IN a session?  How would you feel if you were paying good money for my attention, and then I sat around on my computer answering emails and taking calls?  You wouldn't be too happy, now would you - and that's totally understandable too, I might add.... I'm sure most people would feel the same way.  So why, then, are so many guys so freakin impatient when I don't reply or respond straight away?

Let's fill you in on something - I do all my own admin, because let's face it, nobody does a better job and I'm not paying someone to do it badly....  So c'mon kids, have some patience and use your common sense... If your enquiry is urgent, then do drop me a text and include ALL the relevant information, so for example a "Same Day Appointment" text should include a greeting, ask me if I'm available, suggest a time or a timeslot that you are free, and don't forget to say thank you....  I shouldn't even need to point all this out but it seems I do for so many of you.... Rather than making my life more difficult (or risk not hearing back from me at all because I can't be bothered to reply to texts that only consist of "hello mistress" and yes I receive them all too regularly) how about sending up front ALL the information I might need in order to let you know asap whether or not I am available?

And have some patience.....

Many of you boys seem to forget that, although we are Strong, Independent, Dominant women, Goddesses, Mistresses, Lady's and Dominas, we are also human.  We get sick, we get busy, we get hurt, we need to sleep and we need to eat, we need to stop and take a break every now and then..... We don't just sit around reclining on chaise lounges, doing nothing all day whilst being waited on hand and foot.  The few who are much sought after have worked bloody hard to get to where they are, and the hard word doesn't stop.  Ever.  The higher you fly, the more idiots there are out there trying to get your attention, and selfishly waste your time.  Don't be one of those idiots, please!  Be one of the few good guys who is polite, considerate, patient, reasonable, and as unselfish as possible.  Be that awesome guy, and what you'll get in return is worth more than money can buy....

Now that I've got that off my chest, I hope all you wonderfully patient, considerate, lovely subby gents, and all my amazing regular worshippers, are well, happy and having plenty of fun!  Spring has sprung, and it's certainly brought out all you naughty perverts!  I'm having a wonderful time playing with so many of you.... Be sure to send a polite message and I'll be more than happy to book you lucky boys in for some fun!

Kinky regards

Goddess Cleo

Thursday 3 September 2015

Birthday Month!

Hello pervs!

As many of you would already know, September is the month of my birthday.  It might not be until the end of the month, but I tend to celebrate for about two whole weeks leading up to it!  I'm also doing quite a bit of travelling this month, so my availability is going to be quite restricted for the entire month.... Better get in quick so you don't miss out.

If you would like to send me a little something for my birthday, that would be lovely!  Amazon gift vouchers are always graciously received.  My wishlist is available if you prefer to send something directly to me, or you may make a purchase and bring it to one of the events I'm attending to hand it directly to me - either way is very much appreciated, of course! My wishlist can be found HERE...

To kick off celebrations for this month, I'm going to be very generous - the first EIGHT of you who book and pay for a session up front will get to session with me for £100 for an hour (minimum of two hours).  No, this is not a typo - £100 per hour for two whole hours, paid up front.  Goddess is feeling generous again, and why not - spread the love.....  (This does not apply to same-day bookings. May book more than two hours, is held in a domestic setting, excludes Bondassage, Sploshing, Double sessions or Judicial Punishment, and is ultimately at my discretion).  Please quote SEP-200 when making your booking.  My basic availability can be found on My Diary page on my website.  Those of you who have signed up to receive my newsletters have already seen this offer, so there are only a couple of spaces left!

Overnight and Extended Bondage or Incarceration sessions are becoming quite popular.  How long would you like to be locked in my cage?  Or hogtied on the floor?  Bound and possibly gagged, or restrained and left to your own devices..... My overnight sessions aren't restricted to bondage or incarceration - other play can be incorporated into the time you spend with me.  You can really get into the right headspace, my Overnight sessions start from £400 and Extended Bondage or Incarceration is just £50 per hour.

Tomorrow night (Friday) I will be at Bound, having recently taken up residency as DJ/MC - pop down and say hello if you fancy a great night out with Shibari performances at The Flying Dutchman in Camberwell, which is a wonderful venue.  The Flying Dutchman is also where we hold Toppers Club, on the second Friday of each month!

That's it for now, kinky kisses!

Goddess Cleo

Thursday 20 August 2015


Next week my fellow Aussie Alpha FemDomme Mistress Penelope Dreadful from Sydney is gracing London with her superior presence.  How lucky we all are!  During her visit we will be offering a limited number of Double Domme Sessions at my chambers in E1.

Special Double Domme Tribute - £250 per hour (yes, that gets you TWO Aussie Dominators!  Think you can handle two?)

Mistress Penelope is also available for solo sessions whilst she is here, please see her website for activity interests and tribute details, and get booking boys!

That's all for now....

Goddess Cleo x

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