Sadistic Survivial Weekend

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th March 2013

For those that consider themselves masochistic, or would perhaps like to try out the title, why don’t you put your body in the firing line of three elite and powerful Mistresses?

March 2013 will see Mistress Ava Von Medisin join the Dream Team Duo of Miss Kitty Bliss and Myself in North Norfolk, where we will be conscripting those elite sub-missive’s that boast of their tolerance towards physical torment and psychological taunts for a weekend of extreme endurance, B.D.S.M , humiliation and deprivation.

Think “Boot Camp” but without the protection of The Human Rights Act, and you will almost have yourself an insight into what’s to come!  A full training programme will be enforced once recruits have enlisted.

Recruits will be expected to arrive at the training barracks during the evening of Friday 15 March and will be dismissed early evening on Sunday 17 March.  There will be NO LATE ENTRY nor will there be any LEAVE OF ABSENCE or EARLY DISMISSALS.

The barracks are situated within private grounds complete with rural woodland and paddocks (ideal for outside training) in North Norfolk. 

Recruits will need to bring;  Personal wash kit, sleeping bag or bedding and a camping bed roll, trainers, loose fitting clothes (for physical training) and fetish clothing (Parade training).Recruits will also need to bring some smart casual clothing.

Recruits that successfully pass are to be granted rewards; those that fail to complete tasks during training will forfeit and/or be punished accordingly.

Do not sign up if you are faint hearted, under advice for a chronic medical condition, or unable to fully submit to an extreme endurance programme based on bondage, submission, torment, torture, humiliation, deprivation , punishment and domination.

......So!  You think you have what it takes?

Option 1:
Friday Overnighter - £500 check in Friday 7pm, check out Saturday 6pm

Option 2:
Saturday Overnighter - £500 check in Saturday 7pm, check out Sunday 6pm

Option 3:
Daytime Detention - £350 check in Saturday 11am, check out Saturday 6pm

Option 4:
Sunday Service - £350 check in Sunday 11am, check out Sunday 6pm

Option 5:
Complete Package - £750 check in Friday 7pm, check out Sunday 6pm


To apply, fill in the application form HERE.

There is a deadline for applications, so make sure you don't miss this opportunity...