Submissive Miss Teena

Petite, curvy, and very adventurous, Teena’s curiosity about the human body has gained her some deeply kinky experience as a lifestyle submissive and as a result she really doesn’t have a single dominant bone in her body! 

Equally comfortable shackled to a St Andrew’s Cross, bent over a spanking bench, waiting patiently on her knees, or at One’s feet, Teena can fulfil many roles:  a playful kitten, an obedient submissive, a sexy slave, a useful accessory, or simply Goddess Cleo’s subordinate assistant, in whatever capacity I instruct her.

Teena genuinely loves to please;  she has very few boundaries and will always says ‘yes’ to her Masters and Mistresses, doing exactly what she is told, even when this involves doing terribly cruel things to other submissives.  She truly enjoys submitting and her favourite activities are service, bondage, exhibitionism, CP, and group M/s dynamics, and she also gets very excited about trying new things.  She is a delight to play with, and is a sweet, innocent and delicious addition to any session.

Get in touch respectfully if you wish to explore a delightfully devious session that also includes my little minx Miss Teena...