Your journey begins as you kneel naked on the floor, a plush leather collar is delicately wrapped around your neck and soft cuffs are placed around your wrists and ankles.  A luxurious blindfold covers your eyes and sensual music, especially selected, can be heard through the headphones over your ears as you are lightly secured to a wonderfully comfortable massage table.  Laying there you enjoy a variety of exquisite sensations including warm massage, tantalising touches, lightly decadent flogging, soft teasing strokes and sensational fingernails.

By simply depriving you of their presence, the absence of sight and sound heightens your remaining senses of touch, smell and taste.  The overload of sensations I elicit to your body then sends you spiralling into a blissfully delicious state of pleasure.  You sink deep into a delightfully mesmerising place, surrendering to the sensations and floating through a sensual, seductive, erotic adventure......  After your Bondassage session you feel refreshed, re-energised, rejuvinated and able to focus much more clearly.

Bondassage is an utterly fantastic introduction for anyone with little or no experience, and at the same time is a decadent journey for the more experienced player wishing to deepen their subspace.  Each session is tailored to suit your needs..


* 90 minutes - £350

* 120 minutes - £450

* Four-handed Bondassage - a luxuriously decadent experience which you will never forget!  Tribute on application.


* 60 minutes - £300 (sorry this option is not available for your first session)


To visit the Bondassage website, CLICK HERE.


TEXT ME on 077 409 72 449 for all enquiries (Please do not call this number, I am often in a bad service area so you may not be able to get through to speak with me unless you text first)